Thirty Day Anime Challenge – Days Nine & Ten


Before I answer a couple more questions from The Thirty Day Anime Challenge I’d like to take this opportunity to comment on the breaking news regarding Telltale Games. It’s sad to see this company of interactive storytellers go bust. A talented studio dies, due to poor sales, whilst the likes of EA continue to prosper. Maybe instead of buying FIFA packs we gamers should have purchased Telltale episodes instead. So many people moan about greedy micro-transactions, but yet they don’t support the more consumer friendly content creators. We pinched pennies waiting for Telltale stuff to go free on PS Plus and this is the end result.

I wish the two hundred plus staff, who lost their jobs without getting any severance pay, all the best with finding new employment in the industry. Commiserations also go out to anyone who bought The Walking Dead season pass. Looks like the game is deader than a zombie, so those remaining episodes are unlikely to ever get released. A former “Game of the Year” winner deserved a better finale than this. For anyone unacquainted with Telltale I recommend giving their back catalogue a look. Tales from the Borderlands is hilarious and arguably more fun than the mainline Borderlands games. Telltale’s rendition of Batman is excellent too. Puts some of the Caped Crusader’s cartoons to shame.

Okay, enough with the doom and gloom. Let’s answer some anime queries…

DAY NINE: Favourite Anime Villain

I am going to pick Light Yagami, from Death Note, even if it feels weird to brand the protagonist of a series a villain. Like other memorable antagonists, from fiction, Light has a creditable motivation for his actions. By harnessing the Death Note’s power he schemes to rid the world of crime. Fair enough. If I owned a killer tome I too might feel compelled to punish rapists and animal abusers. Murder is however illegal and Light is eventually forced to commit heinous deeds in order to escape arrest. His transgressions only grow worse when he develops a God Complex. A model student eventually transforms into a villain who can even make the act of snacking on potato chips look wicked.

DAY TEN: Favourite Fighter Anime

Back when I was a teenager Dragon Ball Z would have easily secured my nomination for best fighting anime of all time. Now that I’m older and wiser I have however realised that DBZ is more of a yelling show than a fighting one. My pick for this category therefore goes to Kill la Kill. Just like Akira Toriyama’s best-known work, this series is packed with action and even has an arc set in a fighting tournament arena. Another connection worth mentioning is that Kill la Kill features garments called “Goku” uniforms. Kill la Kill is worth watching for the wackiness, intense battles and superb soundtrack. Out of the many fighting cartoons I have seen this Studio Trigger production, about a girl who wields a “scissor” blade, stands out as a “cut” above the rest.

30 thoughts on “Thirty Day Anime Challenge – Days Nine & Ten

  1. Wow, I had not heard the news about Telltale games yet, but that is sad indeed. The original first season of the Walking Dead gameseries was one of the last games that I played before I stopped gaming and it was truly brilliant. Totally agree with what you said here, this really is sad news indeed 😢
    Kill la kill has been on my to watch list for quite a while and I really hope to get to it at some point. Sometimes it’s nice to just watch something completely over the top, and this series certainly seems to fit into that category 😊

    • The Walking Dead is excellent and the game they released after that (Wolf Among Us) was brill too. I hear that a sequel to Wolf Among Us was in the works, but sadly that will never happen now. Shame that they studio shut down so suddenly. Given how popular Telltale are I’m sure they could have found a buyer to bail them out had they held on a bit longer.

      • Yeah, definitely agree. Well who knows, maybe some other studio might still pick up some of the titles and maybe a couple of the employees too. You never know. Keeping my fingers crossed 😊

  2. Dragon Ball Z is like a dumb down version of the martial arts shows I watched as a kid. Despite that, I still enjoyed it. It must have done something right because I always ended up anticipating for the next episode back then.

    • DBZ works when you watch one episode per day, just like I did back when it aired on TV. The writers know how to hype things up, making you wonder what will happen in the following installment. It works less well when you marathon multiple episodes in one session. You then start to notice how much time is wasted with powering up or unimportant filler.

  3. Omg Telltale has gone bust 😮 I love those games. That is really sad news 😦

    Haha… love your choice for Favourite Anime Villain 😀 Light Yagami was a brilliant villain, especially near the end of the series when he went bat crap crazy and done a load of really smart but really messed up sh… 😀

    • I am gutted about Telltale’s demise too. Hopefully their staff get hired elsewhere and transfer their knack for storytelling to their new employers. There aren’t many companies out there that produce what are essentially interactive movies. I will miss their games and the easy trophies Telltale products were known for.

  4. Wow, I missed the news about Telltale Games. I was just looking at a Humble Bundle with a Guardians of the Galaxy Telltale game a couple of days ago and was debating whether I wanted it or not. (Would have been my first Telltale game.) I read that a lot of their games often go on sale for cheap, so I admit to being one of those penny pinchers. But I hate to hear any company shutting down and wish all those people luck. I also hope the people who bought season passes don’t lose out either.

    • Based on what I have read the chances of season pass buyers getting the remaining episodes or a refund are slim. That really sucks, but alas that is the risk of pre-orders. Guardians of the Galaxy is okay. Starts a bit slow and gets better as it goes along. For your first Telltale experience I would recommend something better though. Some of my fave Telltale titles include The Walking Dead, Wolf Among Us, Tales from the Borderlands and Batman. Don’t bother with Game of Thrones, because it ends on a cliffhanger.

  5. Still trying to fathom why you’d pick Kill La Kill over DBZ. I mean just because the former has a girl who can only fight once she gets naked and…oh right… 😉 😛

    • I had a tough time answering that question, as I am not the biggest fan of pure action shows. In defense of Kill la Kill both genders get their kit off. The nudity is more for laughs than titillation and they even manage to incorporate it into the plot.

  6. Light eating crisps and writing might be one of the most intense scenes I’ve seen in anime. Light being a villain is a grey area for me, I can see how he evolved into one but his intention was noble at the same time, then again I don’t think there were any ‘good guys’ in Death Note.

    • Yeah, a lot of Death Note’s cast had issues. Light’s goal of making a crime free society is admirable, but he went about it the wrong way. He trapped himself in a corner where the only escape was to become the thing he originally aspired to destroy.

  7. We’ve already chatted about Telltale, but it always seemed clear to everyone except the company that they were expanding too fast. Every new IP partnership they announced, we’d all say “Why not spend time and effort to growing what you have and also fixing your damn game engine??”

    I’m one of the poor suckers who bought the season pass for TWD so I def feel a bit burned. Going to think twice about ever buying season passes or DLC in advance. But my $20 pales in comparison to the unfortunate employees who got totally screwed over so I’m keeping my complaining to a minimum.

    • I agree that they expand too much. Back when I bought Wolf Among Us it was so frustrating hearing them announce new projects. Finish the current game first, rather than keep people waiting forever for the next episode. whilst you make other stuff.

      Telltale probably felt pressured to strike when the iron was hot. Walking Dead was huge so that made them want to grow, which would require increasing their output. They definitely would have benefited from improving their engine. I think the software was designed for basic point n click games so it struggled with cinematic graphics. Behind the scenes we now know they were feeling the financial pinch so I guess making more games, to sell, took preference over the engine.

      Sorry to hear about the season pass. Maybe you could charge-back the credit card transaction by arguing that you didn’t get what was paid for? Sucks that someone who supported Telltale, with their wallet, is out of pocket. Pre-orders and Kickstarter are so risky. Once someone has your cash you can only have faith that the seller will deliver.

      • Some new developments… looks like Telltale might get some outside funding to finish the season. Link:

        I think it presents an interesting dilemma for ex-employees on whether or not to come back. I could see refusing on principle. Even if they come back, I imagine that being a very strange work environment.

        I’m past the idea of a refund. I’d rather them try to pay their employees. Getting laid off with no notice or severance is pretty awful.

  8. Great picks. Light is an excellent villain – he’s like a metaphor for what can happen when a person or culture becomes possessed by the principle of “justice” or “order” to the exclusion of all else.

    Like you, I also love Kill La Kill. The battle arc is full of rich character development and psychological insight. I’ve watched it several times now and continue to find it enjoyable and inspiring.

    I actually first heard the news about Telltale via your blog! I have a different take, though… I can’t help but feel they had it coming. Here’re my thoughts

  9. Hello The Otaku Judge,

    RIP Telltale Games, I was looking forward to The Wolf Among Us 2 and the next Game Of Thrones video game and the Stranger Things video game.

    Thank you for sharing this post,
    -John Jr

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