The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Red Metal’s extensive coverage of the Zelda series has convinced me to give Breath of the Wild another chance. It will be nice to go on another adventure with Link, after all these years. Back in the day I had a grand time completing Link’s Awakening, Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker. In recent years however I have shunned the series due to its use of clunky stylus/motion controls.

Breath of the Wild is very different to the Zelda titles of yore. It’s a big open world with a big emphasis on survival. Gone are the days when money would literally grow on trees (um bushes.) Foraging is required to make an income and health restorative meals. Wish me luck guys. I don’t have a good track record of finishing open world games. Often I’ll neglect the story in favour of exploration… something I am sure Grand Theft Auto and Skyrim fans can relate to.

Extra Life


Though Skyward Sword was released to a positive reception, certain players voiced their displeasure over the sheer amount of filler present and the hand-holding nature of the game. The latter aspect was especially ironic given the challenging nature of Skyward Sword. Series producer Eiji Aonuma, though mostly satisfied with what he and his team created, ended up agreeing with these reservations. The series’ next installment, A Link Between Worlds, seemed to openly defy the design choices behind Skyward Sword, featuring a terse narrative and a largely non-linear design. In an era when gaming placed a great emphasis on storytelling, A Link Between Worlds would have been a sleeper hit had not been part of a famous franchise. Emboldened by this installment’s success, he and his team sought to “rethink the conventions of Zelda” for the series’ next console installment. He made their intent known at…

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24 thoughts on “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

  1. Oh, awesome! My very first reblog. Thank you very much, I am truly grateful for this. And if I convinced you to give this game another chance and stick with it to the end, I consider that a job well done. Breath of the Wild is a game you have to truly immerse yourself in, but when you do, you’ll be rewarded with one of the richest experiences the medium has to offer.

    • It is an honor to be your first reblog. A lot of people link to other sites, in their posts, but the reblog feature appears to be under utilized in WordPress. I’ll try my best to see the game to its conclusion. Right now I need to ferry a blue flame to a lab for a slate upgrade. The danger with long games is that there’s a chance of something new and shiny coming out to grab my attention during a playthrough. For example this month I am hoping to snap up Valkyria Chronicles 4.

  2. I first came across Red Metal’s reviews for games during last month’s creator showcase. He really writes the most expansive and interesting game reviews that I have ever read 😊 Would almost make me start gaming again lol😂😂

    • His detailed reviews put professional critics so shame. So much information, including development history of the titles he covers. This particular review took me around thirty minutes to read, but I didn’t mind. Says a lot, given that walls of text usually scare me off as I have a short attention span.

    • There was a time when I was the child who would show my dad/uncle how to play games. Now I am the clueless adult haha. No shame in asking for help with this game, as it’s easy to get lost in the huge world. I’ll probably have to consult Youtube for guidance when I inevitably get stuck.

  3. Wow. Incredible article! Glad you’re giving BotW another chance. I’ve beaten the main campaign but still find it fun to jump in and just aimlessly explore the world. I haven’t gotten all the temples yet but am able to stumble upon them more naturally than if I followed a map or guide.

    • A very impressive article indeed. It’s about eighteen times the size of my average reviews. Red Metal puts a lot of effort and research time into his blog. Congrats on completing Breath of the Wild. How long did it take you to beat the story? Unearthing the temples is worth the effort. Aside from the upgrades I like having the option to fast travel to them, as walking is rather slow going.

      • I honestly can’t recall how long it took but I felt like I was pretty leisurely hitting the story missions as I explored the areas. I probably finished about 50-60 temples by the time I faced Ganon, if that’s any kind of benchmark.

  4. I’ve seen so many people talking about how great this game is. Either it’s a good as people say it is or Zelda fans don’t ever take a break when talking about the game. Either way, I might have to follow your lead and play this game.

    • Zelda fans are very passionate about the series. I remember they would cause a lot of drama on the GameFAQs forums whenever Link/Ocarina of Time did not win the annual best character/game contest. On this occasion I have to agree with them. From the little I have played Breath of the Wild is shaping up to be one of the best Switch games.

    • I imagine it is easier to survive in Zelda than Fortnite, as you are battling against NPC monsters rather than real people. From the videos I have seen it’s amazing how quickly people can build structures and attack opponents at the same time.

  5. I have a love/hate relationship with Breath of the Wild. It’s a… decent open world game, but not groundbreaking in my honest opinion. I hope you enjoy it though :).

  6. Hello The Otaku Judge,

    I have never completed a Zelda game, and I only briefly play one or two Zelda games before interestingly.

    I have played and completed Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto IV, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, and Fallout 4.

    Good luck and have fun,
    -John Jr

    • I have completed five Zelda games and three of them happen to be Gameboy titles. Congrats on completing all those huge games. From your list I have only ever managed to complete the story of Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas.

      • Hello The Otaku Judge,

        Wow, well done, and thank you; two out of three Fallout games that I have completed is still a good achievement so well done again.

        Thank you for responding,
        -John Jr

    • I was the same. Perhaps I was not in the mood to tackle a big game, back when I bought it. After reading Red Metal’s review I gave BOTW another chance. I am now enjoying it more, even though I keep getting killed haha. Will have to put it back on the shelf though, as Valkyria Chronicles 4 has just come out.

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