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This write up from Jeffrey Botah reminds me what an excellent series the nineties Berserk was. An exceptional rise and fall tale set in a medieval/fantasy world that should appeal to Game of Thrones fans. Highly recommended to anyone who isn’t squeamish. I would rank Berserk as one of my fave anime of all time, were it not for the inconclusive ending. Back when the movie trilogy came out I was disappointed to learn that it was just an abridged version of this story, rather than a continuation. One of these days I’ll have to check out the new anime. I just need to muster up the willpower to deal with its horrible CGI.

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(Possible spoilers)

Berserk. That shit is messed up and you know what? I’m fully here for (most of) it. It’s an anime that had been on my list for a long time and I finally got around to watching it. If I’m getting this right, there are two Berserk series and I watched the one from the 90’s so I’ll watch the other series at some point. Berserk is a story about a swordsman named Guts who pretty much on sights anything that moves, his supreme inability to control his sword erection earns the interest of a man named Griffith who forcibly recruits him into his group the Band of the Hawk, where the real story begins as they journey to achieve Griffith’s dream.

From the beginning, the anime didn’t even try to hide that it would have a dark tone and it tried even less to hide that it…

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26 thoughts on “Thoughts on Berserk

  1. I don’t think enough creators realize the importance of a good ending. It’s a skill I’ve seen even talented writers lack. If what you’re saying is true, it’s a shame that Berserk’s open ending never received a follow-up of any kind.

    • A new Berserk series came out recently, but given that the manga is still going I suspect that show also concludes with an open ended finale. The writer of comic seems to take lengthy breaks between volumes.

  2. I’m interested in this franchise (in no small part because I understand it is an influence on Hidetaka Miyazaki) but I’m confused about the various releases and continuities. How would you recommend approaching it?

  3. I’m currenlyt watching Berserk (talk about a coincidence) and as it said the post contains possible spoilers, I didn’t click any further. But I have to say that I am really enjoying it so far. It’s a great (albei bloody) series. The story this is pretty good too, and that’s what I love about it 😊

    • Heh. That has happened so many times. I post about something and someone comments that they are in the middle of watching/playing it. The post isn’t too heavy on spoilers, but if you are worried feel free to read it once you are done with the show. I would love to read your review of the series some day.

      • Yeah I will return to it once I have finished the series. It would be a shame to already read about things that I haven’t seen yet, and spoil things 😊
        And once I finish it I totally plan on doing a review for it 😊

    • Hope you enjoy the anime. I’m not well versed in Game of Thrones, but from what I hear both shows share similarities in terms of medieval politics and mature themes. Perhaps I will check out GOT once the series finishes airing.

  4. Hello The Otaku Judge,

    Though the new anime series is not an improvement, I still think that you could watch it, but the CGI will probably hurt you.

    Thank you for sharing this,
    -John Jr

    • I am curious to see what happens next in Berserk, so I will cave in and watch the new series eventually. Bad CGI is a real turn off for me, but if I survived Appleseed XIII’s poor visuals I suppose I can make it through Berserk.

      • Hello The Otaku Judge,

        Be ready to cringe sometimes at that CGI though, and so you may want to do some stretches or something to relax your muscles after cringing. 😀

        I have only seen the first Appleseed movie, but since Berserk is something that you care more about it might be a bit harder to survive; but maybe the action and a few other things will make it somewhat tolerable.

        -John Jr

  5. The CGI of the latest TV series is a bit naff but you soon get used to it. The three films released a couple of year back, I felt did a competent job in furthering the story beyond the TV series but being compressed versions of the saga harmed its impact over all.

    • I watched the first two movies, but never got round to checking out the third. Sometimes I drop off a series when waiting for the next installment. The same thing happened to me with Mardock Scramble and the latest Evangelion. Oh well, at least I spared myself from seeing the Casca scene.

      • It seems like Evangelion 4.4 is struggling to be made for some reason. I wonder if Hideaki Anno has had another breakdown or something? :-/

  6. One of my favorite anime series ever, Akagi, doesn’t have a proper ending – because the manga wasn’t even done when the anime was produced. That’s definitely an annoying thing, but if the show is great otherwise I don’t mind. Berserk is great too.

    • I’ll have to check out Akagi one day. From what I know the series aired in 2005, but the manga only just finished this year so that explains the lack of ending.

      Most of the anime that comes out is based on a popular ongoing manga, hence the lack of resolution. I wish more studios would pick up completed books instead. That worked for Parasyte for example.

  7. This is one that I keep meaning to start but never do. Also this is something that I may read the manga for instead of watching the anime. Not sure, I tend to change my mind every time the wind blows.

    • I generally prefer anime over manga, but in many cases if I like the anime adaptation I’ll seek out the source material to see the remainder of the story. No idea how the later chapters of Berserk hold up. I can however recommend the arc covered in the first series.

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