Thirty Day Anime Challenge – Days Three to Five


The time has come to answer more questions from the Thirty Day Two Year Anime Challenge. If you happen to be a reader who isn’t interested in this type of post, as you are subscribed exclusively for reviews, I recommend that you check out these critiques from other bloggers instead…

Manga Review: Komomo Confiserie
Movie Review: Valley of the White Birds
Video Game Review: The Legend of Zelda – Skyward Sword

Okay, let’s jump to it. In this instalment I will be tackling posers three to five.

DAY THREE: Favourite Male Anime Character

Vash the Stampede is a character that won me over, after a shaky start. My first impression of the Trigun protagonist was that he is an annoying clown. He resembled an Inspector Gadget like buffoon who saves the day through sheer luck. Later on however it’s revealed that Vash’s antics are an act. The humanoid typhoon is a skilled marksman who deserves the sixty billion bounty on his head. Despite his fearsome reputation Vash is actually a pacifist who refuses to kill, no matter how much his targets deserve execution. His merciful creed often places him in perilous situations were he suffers harm, and yet he sticks to his peaceful ways. I respect his steadfast determination… and badass style. That big gun, yellow specs and red coat are so cool that even Alucard ripped off the look.

DAY FOUR: Favourite Female Anime Character

Anime is filled with amazing women. There are ladies who have been born with supermodel bodies; girls who can singlehandedly take down armies and geniuses that put Einstein to shame. My pick for best anime female however goes to someone who possesses none of those prodigious traits – Hana from Wolf Children. She is a prime example of why mothers should be cherished. I especially admire how she faces challenges with a smile. Her partner dies, social services threaten to take her kids and the crops meant to feed her family wither away. None of those hardships are able to crush her spirit. How she is able to remain positive when disaster strikes is beyond me. I’m the sort of person who plummets into a deep depression when an anticipated video game gets delayed!

DAY FIVE: Anime I’m Ashamed I Enjoy

I’m not ashamed of my viewing habits in the slightest. As my embarrassed friends and family will attest to, I have no qualms about broadcasting my love of wacky cartoons on social media. If push comes to shove though, I suppose Burn Up Excess is a show that I wouldn’t admit to liking during a job interview. This futuristic law enforcement series actually played a part in reigniting my passion for anime, back when it aired on the Sci-Fi Channel (I refuse to call it Syfy). Burn Up Excess is a delightful mishmash of cheesy nineties action and funny characters. Why would anyone be ashamed of such a show? Well, the DVD has a feature called “Jiggle Counter” that keeps tally of how often the heroines’ chest bounce. I’m not ashamed, but my progressive friends probably are on my behalf.

26 thoughts on “Thirty Day Anime Challenge – Days Three to Five

  1. Hey, thanks for the shout-out! I’m glad you liked my review that much.

    I have to admit my anime watching experience is limited, so I’m not sure how I’d answer these questions, though I do have a copy of Wolf Children lying around, and I may look into it soon.

    • No problem. Your recent Zelda write up was excellent so I am sure my video game loving readers, who aren’t into anime, will enjoy it.

      Wolf Children is a beautiful movie. It’s the type of film that movie buffs can appreciate, even if animated stuff isn’t their usual cup of tea. Perhaps if it makes an impression on you will feature in an upcoming Reel Life.

      • I know what you mean when you say that. Video game critics, for all of their faults, can at least claim to have a greater diversity to what they choose to give high accolades than their film counterparts. I have a difficult time imagining something like Breath of the Wild ever winning “Picture of the Year”. Either way, when I eventually watch it, I will talk about it in a Reel Life segment – you can count on that.

    • RE: though I do have a copy of Wolf Children lying around

      Stop using it as a coaster, and watch the diddly-doo thing already!
      PS: If possible, watch it with your arm around a girl.

  2. Thanks so much for the shout out 😀

    Hahaha… Vash the Stampede really does resemble an Inspector Gadget like buffoon XD Well spotted 🙂
    I’ve only watched a Trigun movie, but Vash’s character took me by surprise, as well. At first I found him kind of annoying, but he’s won my over with his shooting skills and cool badass-ness, too 🙂

    • I have watched the Trigun series multiple times. The movie on the other hand I’ve only seen once. Perhaps I should review the film to see if it still holds up. Looks like someone uploaded the entire thing to YouTube. It’s weird how reviews, which are fair use, get removed for copyright on that site but they don’t take action on someone who rips an entire DVD.

      • Sounds like a great plan 🙂 I’d love to hear what you make of it 🙂
        There’s quite a few entire anime films on YouTube 🙂 I really don’t know how they get away with it, either.
        Maybe its because some of them mess with the films pitch and colour, so go unnoticed by copyright. 🙂

  3. Re: Hana from Wolf Children
    Yes. Good choice. Beautiful movie. Perhaps one that could be another part of your anime challenge. “Anime for people who don’t watch anime might like”.

    Think of “Wolf Children” then think of whatever crappy, self-absorbed, preachy Hollywood movie that won the Oscar that year.

    • Wolf Children is certainly a contender for that category. Ideally I would like to pick winners from different shows/movies, to avoid repetition, but I shall worry about crossing that bridge when I get to it.

      Don’t get me started on the Oscars. It’s infuriating to see stellar animation from Japan and other countries overlooked in favor of generic Disney/Pixar stuff.

  4. Nice rundown. I really enjoyed Trigun a lot. Iloved the weird fusion of Sci-Fi, and Western. True other properties have done so, but the cut here was 80% Western, and it felt more unique. It was like BraveStarr but R-Rated, with better character profiles.

    I probably would have gone with Spike Spiegel or Jet Black. I could identify with both characters an awful lot throughout Cowboy Bebop. For Female character I might as well throw in Faye too. She was a very interesting character as well, with the materialistic selfishness being a façade to hide her abandonment issues. But like the rest of the show, done so phenomenally well. I don’t know if any other show in the genre can top that one for me.

    That said, I really wish they would release a well dubbed or subtitled run of old Tatsunoko classics like Yatterman, and Casshern here rather than the updated reboots. At least we had Battle of the Planets back in the day even if some of the edits didn’t make much sense.

    Anyway keep up the good work. I love discovering new stuff through your articles!

    • I would never have thought of comparing Trigun to Barvestarr. Good shout out. Trigun was an enjoyable show, although it has been years since I last watched it. Sometimes I wonder how well it has aged. One of these days I need to read the manga. I hear that the books play out very differently to the anime.

      Any of the Cowboy Bebop cast would have been good responses to male/female questions. I think there is a best mascot question later on. Ein could be a contender for that one.

  5. Why is it that there are so many anime movies in my collection that I just haven’t seen yet. I mean I have bought Wolf Children last year…and it’s still been staring at me from a closet ever since having bought it.
    Trigun though…I loved how that series was set up as if it looked like a full blown comedy, and then turned into total serious mode later on. A great show and a good choice for favorite character!
    As for Burn up..that one I haven’t heard of, but having now watched the trailer, I really like that 90’s style anime…so going to hunt that one down (and probably have it gathering dust again….lol) Great post! 😊😊

    • Trigun was one of the first anime shows that subverted my expectations. I thought it was going to be nothing more than a humorous action series. That all changed when Vash’s backstory gets revealed.

      Movies aren’t a huge time investment so you should be able to clear that anime movie backlog one of these days. Given the choice I would strongly recommend watching Wolf Children before Burn Up Excess.

      • I have a vacation coming up in September, and that means a lot of free time…so I do plan to carch up on some stuff at that point. And as I never finished anime month properly, I will use September to make it another anime them month..this time in the right way 😊

  6. I’ve not seen Trigun, outside of the film I watched a couple of years back. I know, it’s one of those classic series everyone should watch but it never seems to come my way.

    I won’t lie, I was surprised that you didn’t choose a busty loli for your top woman but Hana is a commendable choice from a lovely film.

    Another confession – I actually own Burn Up Excess on DVD (it was stupidly cheap, like £3 a disc) but I’ve not watched it. Although I’m sure you don’t need the jiggle counter – I bet you’ve already got your own internal counter for that! 😛

    • Trigun was popular back in the day, when anime was harder to come by. I’m not sure it would make a big impact if it came out nowadays. A review of Burn Up Excess, penned by MIB, would be an amusing read. I suspect you would struggle to finish the series though. Still at £3 a disc you can’t go wrong. I bought each volume at full price, back when ADV Films was still around.

  7. Hello The Otaku Judge,

    Surprisingly I have not seen Trigun, I have heard of it of course, but oddly I never saw the show.

    Your choice for favorite female anime character was a pleasant surprise.

    Thank you for sharing,
    -John Jr

    • Trigun is twenty years old, so I’m not surprised that younger anime fans have not watched it. Back when I started to collect anime DVDs the shows everyone would rave about were Cowboy Bebop, Trigun and Berserk.

      • Hello The Otaku Judge,

        Back when it was on television I missed it for various reasons, but my brother GC saw it even though I am older than him. 😀

        I missed out on a lot of things for various reasons sadly, and so I am pretty behind on some things . 😀

        Thank you for responding,
        -John Jr

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