Review of Deadpool 2


There is no sign that the superhero movie genre is dying. Perhaps it is immortal, thanks to regenerative powers, just like Deadpool. Speaking of Deadpool, the merc with the mouth is back in a sequel to one of the most successful R rated flicks ever. In this follow up to the 2016 hit, Deadpool abandons the life of an assassin and becomes an X-Man instead. Correction. He becomes an X-Men trainee. Wade Wilson’s inaugural X-Men mission doesn’t go well though, culminating in him shooting a care worker in the head. The murder lands him in the slammer, where he grudgingly befriends a tubby teenage mutant named Firefist.


James Cameron recently moaned about the number of superhero movies that are coming out. If you ask me he is just bitter, because Marvel characters love to rip off his ideas. Deadpool 2 for example shares more than a passing resemblance to the Terminator. In this film Deadpool is tasked with protecting a youngster from a time travelling cyborg. Doesn’t that sound familiar? The cyborg in question is a chap named Cable, who is played by Josh Brolin. Cable has set his sights on Firefist, as the obese mutant is responsible for the death of his family in the future. Why must overweight people cause so much pain? I still haven’t forgiven Israel’s Eurovision singer for harming my ears with her terrible music.

In order to take down Cable our masked hero assembles a team that he dubs X-Force. Poking fun at political correctness, Deadpool explains that X-Force is more progressive than X-Men, as their moniker is gender neutral. X-Force’s ranks include Old Spice muscleman Terry Crews, an invisible bloke named Vanisher and an alien called Shatterstar. Their screen time pales in comparison to Domino, who happens to be the group’s sole female recruit. Domino, who is portrayed by Atlanta actress Zazie Beetz, possesses the powers of cleavage, crazy hair and good luck. In some ways she reminds me of Fortune from Metal Gear Solid 2.


Deadpool 2 is the type of movie I suspect I will enjoy more on repeated viewings. The script is so packed with jokes that multiple screenings will be required to catch all the gags. I also think that my opinion of the film was affected by overly high expectations. Still who can blame me? Deadpool was my favourite release of 2016 and prior to watching the sequel I kept hearing from acquaintances how funny it is. To be honest I didn’t laugh during the first forty minutes, of this two-hour feature. Part of the reason is the tragedy that befalls Deadpool in the first act, but it must also be said that I didn’t find the meta quips and pop culture references to be all that amusing either.

Thankfully things pick up once Deadpool forms X-Force. I found the scene were the team parachutes down, to rescue Firefist, hilarious. The action ramps up from that point too. I was impressed by the fight choreography that director David Leitch (of John Wick fame) brought to the table. Josh Brolin’s performance was also excellent. The man behind Thanos worked well as the straight man to Ryan Reynolds’ zany Deadpool. Another thing worth mentioning is the soundtrack. Akin to Guardians of the Galaxy, this film knows how to enhance a scene by utilizing nostalgic tunes. Overall I enjoyed the original Deadpool more, as it had a tighter story, but Deadpool 2 still holds up as a solid continuation to the series. My rating is three and a half Chimichangas out of five.

35 thoughts on “Review of Deadpool 2

  1. Ah good, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who was drawing comparisons between Domino and Fortune. Naturally, the difference is that the former is far less angsty.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed this film; I actually have to say I enjoyed it more than the original, though both were highly entertaining watches. They went in directions with Deadpool’s character I wasn’t expecting, and the jokes landed a bit better, I felt. Also, that mid-credits sequence was amazing.

    • I seem to be in the minority, because most people I know prefer the sequel over the original. This movie has cooler villains and I can certainly respect they direction they took with fleshing out Deadpool. Rather than make him a two dimensional clown they shone light on other aspects of his personality in the emotional scenes.

      • Hi Otaku Judge. I have some questions about ur blog theme. “How come u never change it?

        I would really like it if your blog had a different theme and maybe some more pictures as well to add to your blogs pages.

  2. I agree that I felt this was weaker than the first, although it still kept me entertained. I though they could have done a bit more with X Squad, particularly Peter who was an inspired conclusion. Suspect you’re right that you’ll pick up when more gags on second viewing.

    And what’s with Josh Brolin’s stranglehold on Marvel villains? Is he blackmailing Avi Arad or something??!

    • I like Terry Crews, so I would have been okay with the movie giving him and the other X-Force guys more to do. Peter was a hilarious fish out of water. In the past I have criticized Marvel’s villains, but I have no complaints with either Thanos or Cable. Perhaps the Marvel based movies should all cast Josh Brolin to play the antagonist. Thanks to CG and makeup they could probably get away with that haha.

  3. I’ve never watched the first one. Must have been quite a movie, considering that I’ve seen a number of adults wear this superhero’s T-shirt (though, I think the shirt is tacky). Interesting review. Will check it out.

    • I recommend starting out with the first movie, as the sequel references it quite a bit. Seeing people wear Deadpool shirts really highlights what a success the movies have been. Years ago only comic book readers knew who the character was.

  4. Enjoyed it as much as the first movie regardless of the reused jokes. The yuri side-couple was a nice little bonus despite them not getting much screen time.
    The Deadpool and Cable banter was worth the hype.

    • Yukio’s perky personality made me laugh. Shame that her girlfriend Negasonic Teenage Warhead didn’t get many scenes in the movie. I liked her attitude in the original.

      When Brolin was cast as Cable I had doubts about him having the physical stature to play the part. His performance won me over though. Reynolds and him had good comedic chemistry.

      • Lack of heroine with long name was a shame.

        He also voiced Thanos so it wasn’t surprising he could pull off the super serious Cable to compliment Deadpool’s quirkiness.

      • Yukio scenes are a mystery. What is that smirking about when DP and Yukio say hello to each other? Something going on there that is not stated? Yukio also poses the mystery question.

  5. Great review! The team parachute scene is the funniest! The action scenes are a noticeable improvement from the first. I’s cool to have a secret villain, wish Cable would fight him more.

    • The secret villain was a huge improvement over what we got in X-Men 3. Deadpool has now fixed two characters from that movie. On an unrelated note, I tried leaving a comment on your Deadpool 2 review yesterday but I kept getting a message that I am a bot. That’s not true… beep boop error.

      • Thanks for letting me know about the error. Your definitely not a bot lol. It also happened to me when I tried commenting without logging in. It should be fixed now.

  6. I agree with both what you and some of the other commenters have said: a slow start after the shock, and the parachute scene was funny and showed that we needed more time with X-Force, particularly Peter.

    • I’ve heard a couple of people bash the movie, but everyone else seems to love it. So much so that I thought I would get some flack for only giving it a 3.5. I look forward to reading your review, when Love Film sends you a copy.

  7. Love superhero movies 🙂
    Deadpool is definitely one of the better superhero movies, so I can see why it was your favourite release of 2016. 🙂
    Great Review and it’s good to know that Deadpool 2 isn’t a flop, like so many other superhero movies sequels 😀

    • Let us hope that the inevitable next movie isn’t a flop. Often the third installment is were things start to go south. I hear rumors that the next film will be more X-Force focused.

  8. I’ve heard that people haven’t like this one as much as the first and I really hope I get to see it this week. I’m so behind on superhero movies…

    • Some people have enjoyed it more and others have enjoyed it less. Hope you like it. There are so many superhero movies coming out at the moment that it is tough to keep up with them all.

  9. Glad to hear this was good. I enjoyed the first movie but was worried they wouldn’t be able to recapture what made the original so good!

    • I don’t think they quite captured the magic of the first film, but the studio certainly went bigger with this sequel. Lots more characters and a bigger budget for effects,

  10. A couple of people that I talked too didn’t enjoy this one as much as the first Deadpool movie, they felt it was too overloaded with jokes, most of which weren’t funny. I agree that it’s something that needs multiple views, it seems like it’s better to focus on the jokes rather than the plot of the film in my opinion.

  11. Finally got to see it on Netflix Blu-Ray a few days ago. Nice family film if you have a teenage boy.

    I liked the first one better, as there was nothing like it when DP came out.

    Some of the fight scenes in DP2 bored me a little. Too much of the “irresistible force meets immovable object” for me.
    Two indestructible characters hitting each other — what’s the point?

    Jokes were good. A little “politically correct” messaging which I would not expect from DeadPool’s character however.

    • Maybe that’s why I liked the first film better. There was nothing like it when the original Deadpool came out, in terms of being rated R and breaking the fourth wall. Sequels always have the disadvantage of repeating elements from their predecessor.

      I didn’t mind the Juggernaught and Colossus clash, but would have liked it to play out differently. Guess it’s tough to plan out a fight like that when both sides are impervious to harm. Some viewers don’t care for CGI vs CGI battles, which is fair enough as you can see that thing in a video game.

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