Review of Avengers: Infinity War


Once again Earth’s mightiest heroes must unite to save the world from destruction in a crossover movie spectacular. This time round the Avengers band together to take on Thanos, an intergalactic overlord who possesses a chin that resembles a scrotum. Most of your favourite Marvel cinematic characters make an appearance in this film, with the exception of Scott Lang who is occupied with other matters in the upcoming Ant-Man and Wasp. Hawkeye is also absent, but who cares? I always found Clint Barton to be rather bland. Besides he doesn’t have any superpowers. Good aim? Bah, what’s so special about that? Call of Duty is full of people who never miss their target.


Avengers: Infinity War begins with Thanos establishing his badass credentials by effortlessly pounding the Hulk into submission. He is on a quest to acquire the six Infinity Gems, which will grant him the power to purge half of the universe’s life forms. Standing between Thanos and his insane genocide scheme is Thor, who has teamed up with the Guardians of the Galaxy (led by a pudgy looking Star Lord.) Meanwhile on Earth – Thanos’ lackeys hunt down Vision, who is in possession of the Mind Stone. The underlings ask if Vision would “mind” parting with the Mind Stone, but he isn’t receptive to the idea as the jewel is the source of the android’s sentience.

Thanos’ minions also strike The Big Apple, after learning that New York resident Dr Strange holds the Time Stone that they seek. Unfortunately for them NYC has more heroes than yellow taxicabs. Their attack catches the attention of both Iron Man and his wall crawling apprentice Peter Parker. Even with their combined might, the triple S group of Strange, Stark and Spidey struggle against Thanos’ army. If they are to have any chance of beating the invaders more help will be required. Captain America (the latest hero to rock an unshaven look) could potentially turn the tide. Tracking him down might be difficult though, given that he is lying low after the events of Civil War.


My rating for Avengers: Infinity War is a four out of five. Not the best Marvel movie perhaps, but a good popcorn flick nonetheless. The wafer thin plot is just an excuse for plastering the screen with 149 minutes of non-stop action. I usually suffer from battle fatigue when a movie is laden with fights, but this one managed to keep my interest from start to finish. The script keeps things fresh by switching locations at a good clip. Unlike some other movies, the bloated cast wasn’t a detriment and everyone involved gets a moment to shine. Marvel productions are known for their humour and Infinity War is no exception to that rule. Drax the Destroyer’s quips in particular made me laugh a lot.

The jokes help to balance out what would otherwise be a depressing tale. Younger viewers will know the pain I felt back in the eighties, when I watched Transformers: The Movie, as many popular characters meet their demise in this feature. Thanos stands out as a rare example of a Marvel villain done right. He is cruel and unpredictable, but also has a compassionate side as shown in his scenes with stepdaughter Gamora. In a warped way he believes that his cosmic cull is an act of mercy. He wants to spare other worlds from suffering the ruin that befell his planet due to overpopulation. All that said, he is still a dick… and no that isn’t a reference to his nut-sack lower lip.


35 thoughts on “Review of Avengers: Infinity War

  1. I am beginning to feel like I am the last person on earth who hasn’t seen this yet. I’ve heard a lot of great things and I’m glad to see that they will have the humor moments that are becoming a Marvel staple.

    • Normally I am one of the last people to watch any movie, as I dislike going to the cinema. I however made an effort for this one. The jokes in this film were appreciated. If the folks who make DC movies handled Infinity War it would have been a very depressing story.

      • I was late to the party, but I finished watching it yesterday; and I liked it, it kept my attention, and it was not too goofy.

        Thank you for sharing your review The Otaku Judge.

        -John Jr

  2. I still need to catch up on the Marvel films before tackling this really. Still, it looks like it’s a good, fun one. How does it compare to Civil War, out of interest? That was the the one I watched most recently when it reappeared on Netflix.

    • I liked Civil War a bit more, as it had a better story. This one however has a ton more action. Infinity War references Civil War, Thor Ragnarok, Spider-Man Homecoming and Guardians of the Galaxy 2. You have a lot of stuff to watch before tackling this one.

  3. I enjoyed this more than perhaps I expected to. Going into it, I was a bit worried that there were going to be so many characters that most of them would get lost, and whilst there was a bit of that, I thought the film handled the multiple strands well. Sure the plot was wafer thin – 2.5 hours of hide and seek followed by 5 minutes of deaths, but it kept me well entertained, and that’s what want from a popcorn movie.

    • Maybe that’s why this movie reminds me of the Transformers animated film. That flick could also be described as a long hide and seek game filled with many deaths. Who knew a playground game could be so violent?

  4. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say this was my favorite Marvel film. It lived up to the hype in my opinion. I was worried it would collapse on itself towards the end. But it was steady all the way through in my opinion.

  5. Peeps who threw temper tantrums over Last Jedi most likely got the modern era “Empire Strikes Back” they were pining for in Infinity War.

    I would have also been satisfied with Thanos having the “Notice me Death-senpai” motivation from the comics but like other loved MCU villains they gave him the “I strongly believe what I’m doing is the right thing even if I act like a super douchebag” goal. Anyway Thanos kicked major booty despite being (understandably) nerfed. Gotta give the heroes SOME fighting chance otherwise why bother.

    • The way this plays out does feel a lot like Empire Strikes Back. I liked this version of Thanos. Mainstream audiences might have found the courting Death idea hard to swallow. They might even think that Thanos was trying to woo Thor’s sister.

  6. It was a bit long but the brave finale was worth the wait and leaves the door wide open for the possibilities of how they will fix this in the next film. I hope you stayed for the obligatory post-credits sequence?

  7. Haha, I agree 🙂 Hawkeye does have a bit of a shitty superpower. I much prefer DC’s green arrow. At least, he wears a cute little outfit and is great eye candy, hehe. XD

    Great Review 🙂 I love a good popcorn flick 🙂

    • I do prefer Green Arrow’s hooded look over Hawkeye’s costume. Hawkeye doesn’t really stand out, but I guess they couldn’t go with his traditional mask, as it would look weird in live action.

  8. You know, after so many years of waiting, I did kind of expect more than a paper-thin plot to this one. There has to be something after all that build up, right?

  9. Loved this movie! Amazingly, I think Drax was the funniest character out of everyone. But like any MCU movie, everyone has great quips and one-liners.

  10. The ending of the film was interesting, there’s a lot of theories that I’ve seen coming from it. I honestly didn’t expect the Guardians of the Galaxy to get as much screen time as they did even though the relationship between Gamora and Thanos had been established. I agree with you when it comes to the plot, but personally speaking, it feels like the best Avengers film so far (at the very least it’s better than Age of Ultron)

    • Due to a big chunk of the movie taking place in space I guess it’s only natural that the Guardians featured prominently. I have to agree that Infinity War is much better than Age of Ultron. Now that I think about it, I think I enjoyed this film more than the original Avengers too.

  11. I think what I most like about Thanos is the fact that he’s not motivated by some sense of personal injustice or egotism. There’s a calm resignation about him.
    And I do like a villain who can spare a moment to praise his opponents, or sympathize with them.
    I’m also glad they didn’t spend a lot of time establishing backstory.
    More than most, I think this was an interesting example of “showing” over “telling”. Without explaining who characters were, they managed to demonstrate their personality and general nature through their actions. You didn’t know “who” a character was, but you could tell who they were to each other.

    • Praising foes is a trait I like in bad guys too. I agree that showing over telling worked well for Thanos. With so many characters battling for screen time it wouldn’t have worked to have lengthy flashbacks chronicling his back story.

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