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I am the son of a chemist and a mathematician. People call me iron fifty-nine. What is my name? Leave your answer in the comments section below. Why am I opening this review with a riddle? Well, it seemed appropriate given that the first villain Bruce Wayne faces in Batman: The Enemy Within is the Riddler. I have to say that the aforementioned Edward Nigma is more bloodthirsty than I remember. This version of the character likes to place victims in death traps one would expect to find in a Saw movie. Fail to answer the criminal’s puzzles and you will get zapped or have your fingers sawn off. Ouch! That would make typing out reviews most difficult.


Batman: The Enemy Within is the follow up to 2016’s excellent Batman: The Telltale Series. This five-part adventure sees the Caped Crusader take on a group known as The Pact. Apart from the abovementioned Riddler, the group’s members include Bane, Harley Quinn and Mr Freeze. To this day my favourite take on Mr Freeze has to be Arnold Schwarzenegger’s rendition of the character (due to the delightful ice jokes.) Sadly I can’t think of any ice puns to insert into this post, as they have all “slipped” out of my mind. From the rogue’s gallery of baddies Harley Quinn is the one who gets the most screen time. Interestingly she is an established criminal who the Joker has a crush on, rather than vice versa.

Ah yes, how could I forget the Joker. This game chronicles how a former Arkham inmate named John Doe transformed into the Clown Prince of Crime. John made a brief appearance in the last title – helping Bruce escape from the asylum he had been imprisoned in. The pair formed a friendship during the breakout, which carries over into this instalment. How the relationship develops will depend on the decisions made throughout the game’s five episodes. Play nice with John and he may become a vigilante who aids Batman. Betray him however and you run the risk of turning John into a crazed psychopath. Tread carefully when answering John’s questions… just like when your girlfriend asks if she looks fat.


My rating for Batman: The Enemy Within is a four out of five. When compared to other Telltale superhero projects it is a huge improvement over Guardians of the Galaxy and a worthy successor to their last Batman release. Like with most Telltale offerings the game would best be described as an interactive movie. You influence the outcome of scenes by picking from a list of dialogue options. Battles are resolved via quick time events. Compared to its predecessor there are fewer puzzles to solve. Going off memory, the crime scene investigation segments have been scaled down in this sequel. On the plus side The Enemy Within suffers from fewer bugs and visual glitches. You won’t see a pair of flying eyeballs in this one!

If you enjoyed the first game or are a fan of the Dark Knight in general I can highly recommend Batman: The Enemy Within. Telltale once again delivers a great story that isn’t afraid of playing around with the Batman mythology. Character origins are tweaked and prominent figures get killed, leading to several surprises. My only gripe with the script is that for large portions of the game you play as Bruce Wayne, rather than his cooler masked alter ego. Sadly that can’t be avoided, as obese government agent Amanda Waller blackmails Bruce into going undercover. Grr, I hate her. Waller is so fat that when doctors diagnosed her with a flesh-eating virus they gave her 90 years to live.

20 thoughts on “Review of Batman: The Enemy Within

  1. Another great review, although you’re going to have to stop this ‘cos you’re costing me too much money! After buying Metropolis Lux Obscura on your recommendation, I’m now going to have to fork out for this too. That’s two purchases from two reviews – you’re going to have to discussion commission with the publishers!

    • Commission would be nice given that the publishers don’t even give me a review copy to assess haha. Hope you enjoy the games. What system did you play Metropolis on? Have you played the original Batman?

      • I bought metropolis on the Vita which is my handheld of choice for modern games. I also managed to pick up loads of the telltale games on a humble bundle deal, including batman which was my favourite by far.

  2. I enjoyed the first season but for some reason have very little interest in this new one. I like that they’ve taken liberties with the Batman lore, which leads to some genuine surprises. I think it’s more that I’m a bit tired of the Telltale formula. Please tell me they’ve made improvements to their horrible game engine!

    • If you enjoyed the first one you should have fun with Enemy Within too. Aside from a brief frame rate dip in episode five I didn’t encounter any technical issues during my run.

  3. I played the first season (free with PS+) and probably because I was expecting something worse for the comments I read before, it surprised me positively. I will give a chance to this one sooner or later.

  4. Finally a superhero game I can actually play 🙂 I’m so sh** at any type of game involving combat.

    I love Telltale games (The wolf among us and the walking dead are my favourites) 🙂 I must keep an eye out for this game. The idea of a Telltale Batman game sounds too awesome, not to play. Especially, when answering wrong can turn John Deo into a crazy psychopath, hehe 🙂 Sounds intense but in a good exciting way 😀

    • If you get the chance I would recommend starting with the first game. Telltale stuff is great even for people who aren’t gamers, as it’s mostly story. There isn’t much skill involved… although that said I did die during a few of the quick time events.

  5. Spent a little too long trying to figure out that riddle. Time to give up on it.

    I really liked what little I saw of the first game. I still have to pick that one up for myself, but I imagine this one will be joining my collection shortly after that.

  6. Is this kind of similar to Walking Dead? I mean, is it movie-like? I have a hard time watching movies generally unless I am reading subtitles.

    • One of the Assassin Creed games had a similar bug. When that happened in my playthrough I wasn’t sure if it was a mistake or if Batman genuinely has an invisible super villain in the comics.

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