Review of Metropolis: Lux Obscura


Puzzle games sure can be raunchy. First there was the sex filled HuniePop and now we get Metropolis: Lux Obscura. This debut title from indie developer Ktulhu Solutions features images of topless women and comic book panels depicting intercourse. Isn’t it silly how some publishers feel obligated to censor swimsuits in their games? Seems like a gross overreaction to me, given that Ktulhu Solutions can sell their mature wares on consoles without causing any controversy. Perhaps the video game industry has finally grown up, sparing us from Mass Effect style lovemaking where participants do the horizontal mambo whilst fully clothed.


In Metropolis: Lux Obscura players follow the exploits of a baseball-wearing chap named Jon Lockhart. The protagonist of this tale has returned to his old stomping grounds, after serving a lengthy prison sentence. Said stomping grounds happen to be a city where crime rates are so high it would make Detroit blush. It’s a place where bikers harass the populace, a homicidal Elvis impersonator roams the streets and corrupt cops beat up the citizenry (even the Caucasian ones). To make ends meet Jon does odd jobs for a Mafioso named Falcone. Most of the earnings he makes end up going towards booze and strippers.

The story is told through stylish graphic novel cut scenes and how it all pans out will depend on the locations you choose to visit. Every now and then Jon gets mixed up in a brawl. Whether he emerges victorious from these altercations will depend on how the player fares in battle sequences that are reminiscent of Puzzle Quest. To avoid a Game Over players need to knock out their foe before their adversary manages to deplete Jon’s health points. Lining up three or more fist icons inflicts damage. Conversely, forming a row of first aid kits replenishes HP. Watch out for the police badges. If you inadvertently match three of those Jon will suffer pain. The Police hurt because Sting has a bad voice.


My rating for Metropolis: Lux Obscura is a three out of five. I enjoyed the game, but was disappointed by the lack of content. Even with four endings to unlock I managed to platinum it all after just a few hours. I wouldn’t describe the game as challenging; even if I lost the occasional fight due to misfortune with the randomly generated tiles. Yes, bad luck is to blame. I didn’t lose because my puny brain struggles with puzzles! What helps counter the potential difficulty are the abilities Jon earns after every encounter. These upgradable perks allow him to increase the effectiveness of health packs, force enemies to skip turns and can even replace the detrimental police badges with anger themed damage boosters.

Anyone who dislikes match three games can safely give Metropolis a miss, because the story by itself isn’t worth the price of admission. The script feels like a poor man’s Sin City. It’s heavy on cliché and grit, but deficient in substance. I think the top-notch graphics and competent voice acting deserved a better plot. Perhaps that’s why the developer resorted to boobs and fornication? Distract the punters with eye candy and they won’t notice the narrative’s weaknesses. Maybe I am being a tad harsh, as puzzle games aren’t renowned for their fiction. At the very least I can say that Metropolis has a better story than Tetris. The strippers are also much hotter than L-block.

19 thoughts on “Review of Metropolis: Lux Obscura

  1. I was surprised to see this one on the E-Shop and now I kind of want to pick it up for my Switch. The raciest puzzle game I’ve played so far was Mirror on Steam. I came for the anime bewbs, but stayed for the addictive puzzle gameplay.

    • I didn’t expect to see this game on the Switch either due to the nudity and adult content. Maybe because it is a lesser known indie title it has managed to fly in under the radar? Mirror looks a lot like a fantasy themed HuniePop. I’m sure I would enjoy it… for the puzzle gameplay of course.

    • Thanks for the heads up on this one. I’m currently enjoying playing this on my Vita thanks to your recommendation. As my addiction to Candy Crush shows, I’m a sucker for match 3 type games (I loved Puzzle Quest on the DS), so I had to buy this as soon as I read your review!

  2. Between this and Monster Monpiece, the Vita is really the lewdest of all game consoles. I’ll still stump for the Vita as a good system. I’m not a great fan of match three games, though.

    • Yes, the Vita has a fair share of naughty games. One title was even deemed too lewd for the UK (I might import that one.) Anyone who wants to play mature titles is better off buying a PC though, as hardcore games aren’t sold on the mainstream consoles/handhelds.

  3. Lmao making people work for their eye candy XD I never knew puzzles for boobs was a thing. Now I know why Professor Layton was so obsessed with solving puzzles lol XD

    The story to this game sound really interesting, shame it has a lack content 🙂

    • It’s a puzzle game. Skip to 0:19 in the video and you can see what the “combat” is like. Basically you read a comic and every so often you have to play a puzzle game to determine the outcome of a fight.

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