Review of The Ancient Magus’ Bride


The Ancient Magus’ Bride is a series that I recently finished watching, after spotting it in the “popular” section of Crunchyroll’s App. It’s based off an ongoing manga created by Kore Yamazaki, which began its run back in 2013. Crunchyroll crowned this show the Best Drama of 2017. The anime spans across twenty-four episodes and Funimation has already dubbed the vast majority of them. Studio Wit, who are best known for Rolling Girls, produced the cartoon. Much to my relief, unlike some other animated adaptations based on a comic that is still being published, I am happy to report that TAMB ends on a satisfactory note.


Finding love can’t be easy when you have a buffalo skull for a face. Like many ugly chaps, magic user Elias Ainsworth’s search for a spouse ended with him having to purchase a bride. Rather than picking the Russian variety, often advertised in the e-mails situated in my spam folder, Elias acquires a redheaded wife via an auction. Chise Hatori is the lucky girl in question. Apart from getting hitched, Chise has the honour of becoming Elias’ apprentice. She has a knack for spell casting, as she was born a Sleigh Beggy – a human who can generate bountiful quantities of mana. Her magical gifts come at a high price though.

Early on itโ€™s revealed that Chise’s power is taking a toll on her lifespan. If a remedy cannot be found she is expected to perish within the next three years. Elias vows to save his missus, but doesn’t seem to be in a rush to do so. The Ancient Magus’ Bride is a leisurely paced slice of life affair, were the couple spend most of their days doing chores at their countryside abode. Occasionally they’ll take a trip down to London, for some shopping, or visit Iceland’s dragon sanctuary to fashion a wand. Character interactions are given more prominence than story in this series. Just like Haley Joel Osment, many of the folks Chise converses with are invisible to regular humans. Instead of poltergeists, Chise’s “sixth sense” allows her to see members of the Fae race.


My rating for The Ancient Magus’ Bride is a five out of five. The series is certainly deserving of the accolade Crunchyroll bestowed upon it. Fans of fantasy and the supernatural are sure to enjoy the world Yamazaki has crafted. It’s populated with a diverse cast of characters who are brought to life thanks to Studio Wit’s beautiful artwork. Mischievous fairies fly through the air, along with adorable woolly bugs (I really desire a plush toy of the latter.) In the village where Elias resides spirits are abundant. His housekeeper is a banshee and one of his neighbours unknowingly cohabitates with a half naked Succubus. Sigh. Why can’t my own home be haunted by a cute waifu?

I am certain this series will be a contender for my annual anime top five, as it is rich in emotional moments. Some scenes will make you laugh and others will invoke tears. Surprisingly the romance is subtle. Don’t expect too much mushiness, as Chise is recovering from a tragic childhood whilst Elias is a creature who struggles to comprehend human emotions. Slowly however a bond does form between the pair. The blossoming love exposes how Elias isn’t the majestic sorcerer he initially appears to be. When others court Chise’s attention he isn’t above immature bouts of jealousy. He wants Chise’s affection all for himself. Old buffalo head is quite the horny devil… in more ways than one.

22 thoughts on “Review of The Ancient Magus’ Bride

  1. Glad this one stayed great for you throughout. It just fell apart for me by the end dropping from “Wow I love this!” to “well I enjoyed that, mostly…”

    I totally agree here though, “Why canโ€™t my own home be haunted by a cute waifu?” I think everybody wonders this XD

    • I could really use that banshee, as I hate doing housework haha. I must confess that the final story arc wasn’t as enjoyable as the previous episodes, but overall I still enjoyed this series a lot. Now that the show is over I have the tough task of finding something equally entertaining to watch next.

      • You and me both for the housework. The cleaning supplies always make me feel sick. :/ Such is the curse of watching a good show, the void is real!

  2. You writing about how much you liked it made me like it a bit more. It wasn’t one of my favorites, but it was a pleasant watch. I always felt like something was missing… I can’t really put my finger on it. Sometimes I just wanted to get to know some of the other characters a bit more.

    • Based on the comments thus far I am starting to feel like I overrated this series a bit hehe. I agree that Ancient Magus Bride had many neat supporting characters, so it’s a shame there wasn’t enough time to delve into them more. Perhaps future volumes of the manga will give them more time in the spotlight.

      • The things you pointed out made me think, “Oh yeah that was pretty cool” My problem is I’m a very character driven consumer and if there are too many side characters and they don’t add much to the story I get bogged down with them. The main two got plenty of development, but I was missing more. I forgot about how wonderful the world building was and you reminded me!

  3. “Studio Wit, who are best known for Rolling Girls, ”

    And they did that little show about giant beasts called titans attacking a settlement of tiny people living behind walled fortresses . If only I could remember what it was called…. ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. Good review judge, I also enjoyed this series. I actually fell behind on this (stopped at epi 6), then bin-watched it. Agree, it ended nicely.

    • The characters and paranormal setting are cool. It feels very slice of life though, due to the pacing and lack of ongoing story, so that may put off people who watch anime for plot.

  5. Glad to hear you really enjoyed this series ๐Ÿ˜€

    Coincidentally , I was hunting for the Manga of The Ancient Magusโ€™ Bride and Girl from the Other Side, the other day hehe ๐Ÿ™‚
    The anime sounds really sweet, though ๐Ÿ™‚ I love Elias character design. He would be terrifying as a cosplay hehe ๐Ÿ˜€

    • I am an ugly fellow, so I have a soft spot for romances that feature less than beautiful protagonists. That may explain why I enjoyed My Love Story. Elias can use sorcery to transform into a dashing man, but Chise is content with his default look.

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