Review of My Hero Academia (Season 1)


My Hero Academia is a bit like the reverse X-Men. Rather than being the minority, in this series, super powered mutants make up most of the population. Some folks use their special abilities to commit crime, whilst others opt instead to become costumed law enforcers. Teenage protagonist Izuku Midoriya (nicknamed Deku… because he is a scrub) has always dreamt of becoming a superhero. Unfortunately for him, he happens to be part of the twenty percent of people who never develop a superhuman skill. His hopes and dreams seem to be over, until one fateful day when he bumps into the nation’s mightiest hero.


One thing that I like about My Hero Academia is that Deku earns his power through courage and effort. He isn’t one of those anime dweebs who acquires an “I win button” by randomly stumbling upon a huge mech or cute kitty that gives away magical girl outfits. Deku inherits the abilities of a Superman clone (named All Might) through a tough apprenticeship that involves cleaning up a beach. Deku possesses far more willpower than myself. I would pass on super strength if ridding the seaside of litter were the cost. Plucking dirty syringes and used condoms from my local coastline isn’t worth the hassle.

All Might is looking for a worthy successor, who he can transfer his powers to, because injury has severely depleted his super hero work hours. On an average day, All Might can only fight crime for a period of 180 minutes. After that time limit elapses he morphs from The Rock into Pee-wee Herman. With his days numbered All Might accepts a mentorship role at an academy that tutors the next generation of Marvel rip-offs. Deku enrols at said U.A. High School after gaining a portion of All Might’s power, which he accomplishes by devouring a strand of the hero’s hair. I accidently ate a hair follicle once, which was served in the soup of a dodgy restaurant. Rather than boost my fortitude it gave me indigestion!


Like a motion picture from Marvel Studios, My Hero Academia suffers from villains that lack depth. The season finale however teases that the evildoers, who show up in the third arc, may get some development in future episodes. On the plus side Deku’s classmates make up for the weak antagonists. They are a colourful bunch, whose ranks include a gravity defying love interest, a hot-headed rival and a bespectacled speedster. Oh, and let’s not frog-et best girl Tsuyu Asui. She’s an amphibian who can leap high and literarily give out tongue-lashings with her elongated mouth organ.

I am awarding My Hero Academia (Season One) a four out of five. Unless the subpar DC movies have killed your passion for all things superhero, I can highly recommend this thirteen episode series. The action is good, there are some funny moments that will make you chortle and most important of all the characters have heart. Clearly I am not the only person who liked My Hero Academia. The series has since spawned a lengthier follow up and a third season is already in the works. That’s plenty of content to keep fans of capes and tights occupied, until the next instalment of One Punch Man comes out.

32 thoughts on “Review of My Hero Academia (Season 1)

  1. Deku is a pretty fresh character for this type of story. I can’t deny that those early workout episodes were somewhat inspiring—enough to get me out of my bed and doing something, at least. There’s a lot more of this show coming in the future, and I hope we both continue to watch our cast grow into real heroes.

  2. I love this anime. It’s so good and I’m excited for season 3. I like Deku a lot. Remind me of Naruto the underdogs who aim to be the best. I also like the supporting characters.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if this series gets popular and becomes a Naruto style show that spans for hundreds of episodes. Usually I avoid long running anime shows, but after watching season one I am invested so I may well stick with it.

  3. This is spooky – I got review discs for season 2 the other day but I haven’t seen the first one yet so I’ve had to erm…”hunt it down” on the interwebz so I can play catch up – along with all the other shows I have review before April 2nd…. 😮

    • That’s happened a few times to me. I’ll review an older show and a short time later someone I follow reviews the same series. Hope you enjoy My Hero Academia as much as I did. I too “hunted down” the first season, but I enjoyed it so much that I have since purchased it on iTunes.

      • These shows are probably “older” in relation to their Japanese release but the version you see is likely to be the US licensed version which explains everyone else seeing it for the first time too! 🙂

    • The series is produced by Studio Bones so the animation is solid. I agree that the character designs are a bit weird, but they suit the lighter tone of the series. Several characters have powers similar to Marvel heroes so it’s for the best that they don’t look too realistic/similar.

  4. Glob, eating hair. That wouldn’t be too pleasant 🙂

    I’ve seen a lot of people talking about this anime. It sounds really good and from the few clips I seen of it, the character design looks pretty cool (really liking that green hair hehe).
    Glad to hear you liked this anime 😀

    • I think this series will end up like Naruto. The cast is pretty big and everyone has uncanny powers that they use in combat. My Hero Academia is more my speed though, as I like superheroes more than ninjas.

  5. I definitely enjoyed this one a lot as well. It’s a nice fresh start to what looked like it could be a great start to the next generation of Jump. The manga falls off the rails a bit towards the latest two arcs, but for the anime the first 3 seasons should be excellent at the very least

    • I have enjoyed season one and the episodes I have seen of season two. Sad to hear that the quality has dipped in the manga. Still, that tends to happen when a series runs for too long. That’s why in general I prefer shorter shows.

  6. My hair gives me the power to be completely irresistable to everyone around me. I don’t think it would work so well if somebody devoured it, though.

    I do really like superheros, and I’m digging a lot of what you’re saying about this. I’m adding it to my list. Which means I’ll probably watch it in too long from now. I need more time in the day.

  7. Hero Academia is actually one of my favorite modern shounen. And while villains definitely lacked depth in season 1, it’s really just the first part of the story, and what season 1 had is barely just the tip of the iceberg. I would urge you to continue on to season 2, but you’re probably planning to anyway :p

    “The Rock into Pee-wee Herman”
    Missed opportunity to make a James Ellsworth joke.

    • You may enjoy the series is you like superheroes or action anime. The villains lacked depth because they only show up at the very end. Hopefully they get more development in seasons two and three.

  8. Wonder when I’ll put the time to check this series out? Could care less how many awards it’s won. I’m currently in no hurry to check it out. I suppose it’ll have to happen eventually.

    • My Hero Academia is worth checking out if you like superheroes and action. If not you can probably leave it on the back burner. Despite the cartoony character designs there are some fine looking ladies among the cast such as Midnight, Momo and Mt. Lady.

      • But of course. I am well aware of the sexy heroines among the cast. Even the pink one has a fine figure. Must be who inspired Majin Android 21.

  9. Huge fan of season one but I am yet to watch season 2 (and 3 coming out this spring). The review really made me excited about what’s to come. Great one!

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