Review of Attack on Titan (Season Two)


Carnivorous giants aren’t the only things that are huge. The gap in time between seasons one and two, of Attack on Titan, has been pretty big too. At long last however, the wait is finally over for British anime fans. Sony Pictures, who replace Manga Entertainment as the show’s UK distributor, has released a DVD set containing all twelve episodes. Things pretty much begin from where the last series left off. In case you don’t recall, season one’s finale revealed that the walls keeping danger at bay are in fact made up of Titans. It’s a secret that the clergy kept hidden from the military. Child molestation and Titans… priests sure do love their cover-ups.


Despite only containing a dozen episodes, a lot of entertainment is squeezed into these two discs. Not only do the Scouts have to battle against tall nudists, but this time round they also have to contend with King Kong. Um… I mean the Beast Titan. Unlike his mindless brethren, said ape possesses intellect and can even speak. He’s not the only threat though, as the colossal titan makes an appearance too (joined by his armoured buddy.) Eren, Mikasa and Armin have their hands full with that duo, so it falls upon the supporting cast to locate the wall breach where all these monstrosities are coming from. Giving the other characters screen time is nice, as I can only stand so many scenes of Eren wailing.

Without giving too much away, Reiner Braun and Bertolt Hoover play a “huge” role in this story arc. Pint sized blonde Krista Lenz and her faithful companion Ymir also feature prominently. Their backstories are revealed via flashbacks, which offer some clues on the origin of Titans. I was also pleased to see that Sasha “Potato Girl” Blouse got a moment to shine. Her gluttonous antics never fail to make me smile. On a more serious note she also got to show off her archery talents, in an episode where she protects an orphan from a Titan singlehandedly. Just when Hunger Games fatigue was starting to make me dislike babes with bows, Sasha shows why females who fire arrows are cool.


My rating for Attack on Titan (Season Two) is a five out of five. The series was well worth the wait. Wit Studio has managed to maintain the high benchmark set by the debut series four years ago. Back when season two aired I heard murmurs that the pacing was slow, but I couldn’t disagree more. Every episode had me captivated thanks to the surprising revelations and character development. Viewers who tune in just to watch gory deaths won’t be disappointed either. Many auxiliary warriors succumb to the titanic horde and ultimately meet their demise in a most gruesome manner. In their final moments, they must have felt like the Jelly Babies I devour.

Based on this impressive showing, I cannot wait for the summer season to arrive. No more pesky rainfall to worry about and Attack On Titan season three hits Japanese television. In the meantime fans can enjoy themselves with the upcoming video game, which is due out on all current gen systems imminently. I may also occupy myself by checking out the parody series Attack on Titan: Junior High. Let me know, in the comments section below, if that 2015 spin-off is any good. I very much doubt that Junior High can match the quality of season two. Just like Sasha Blouse, I would have to say that Attack on Titan season two is truly spud-tacular.

34 thoughts on “Review of Attack on Titan (Season Two)

  1. I hadn’t realised this was out yet. I really enjoyed the season when I watched it on Crunchyroll though. The twists were great, the action was awesome and it provided much entertainment.

    • The twists surrounding the mysteries of the Titans is what keeps me invested in the series. I don’t think AOT would be anywhere as popular if it was just a show about soldiers protecting a city from giants (that’s been done to death in mecha shows for example.)

  2. I have the first season on Blu Ray and hearing what you have to say about the second is making me excited to finally get into it. I’ve heard many great things about Attack on Titan from a friend, and I will set aside the time to watch it sometime this year.

    • Season three is due out in the summer, so this year sounds like a good time to start marathoning the series. Hope you enjoy it. Attack on Titan was a major hit, back when it came out, even with viewers who don’t traditionally watch anime.

  3. And that’s a 5/5 well-deserved! I was absolutely enthralled with the mystery style of story telling this second season opted for, as it makes wonderful contrast to the loud epic conclusion of season one. Happy that you enjoyed this season as much as I did, and hey, looking forward to this summer!

    • I cannot wait to learn more about what the church knows and more details about the other faction that are linked to the Titans. Season two had a great story, but it was no slouch when it came to action either. The rescue at the end was intense.

  4. Great look at this anime! For me I couldn’t get into it. I think the animation is brilliant, and the actors do a stellar job. But, much like the manga its based on I think it relies heavily on archetypes. The brooding lead who is mad at everyone. The second lead who gets the first lead, but does things in a way that makes the brooding lead contemplate not being so brooding. Then there’s the super talented yet neurotic person who doesn’t think they can do anything right. I’ve seen these characters many times already. I’m glad a lot of people like it, and there are elements, and concepts that I really do like, with these places trying to keep their population from getting eaten. I just wish the characters felt a bit more unique. Still, anything that keeps the medium going is a good thing. Admittedly I didn’t see any of Season Two, so perhaps these characters do grow beyond a formula. Maybe I’m just too cynical for my own good.

  5. I’m kind of stuck in a loop of my own making. I usually don’t like to watch anime until I’ve read the manga. I haven’t read the manga because I bought the super-big omnibuses which require me sitting down to read. I don’t want to sit down to read because the art is so poor, at least in the beginning.

    Oh, well. By the time there’s a complete collection of AoT I’ll probably be ready to watch.

    • Your philosophy is unique because often anime is commissioned to boost the manga sales. I normally watch an anime and if I like it then I’ll track down the manga to see what happens next. Back when I watched season one I contemplated reading the AOT comics. Like you, I found the art to be a turn off.

  6. Glad you enjoyed it. Interesting you went with top marks but I can’t fault you for that. For the “middle part” of the story it certainly didn’t coast along like some do, but I felt some parts needed a bit more breathing room to sink in, but overall this was a great primer for the upcoming third season.

      • The first series was a no brainer 5 stars for me.

        I remember watching the first episode when it came out and I had no clue about it at all. Plus I had the flu and boy, did it ever make the chills multiply by the end of that first chapter! 😮

  7. Woohoo, I can finally watch it 🙂 It sounds as good as season one. Shame it’s only 12 episodes long, but I suppose that leaves less room for filler episodes. Filler episodes can be so annoying 🙂

    • I was initially disappointed when I heard season two was only twelve episodes long. It worked out in the the end though, as it forced the script writers to use the limited time wisely. A shorter second season also means we wait less time for part three.

  8. I really enjoyed the first season, and have been waiting until the second is fully out on Crunchyroll to dive back in. Now I just need to wait until I have the time to marathon through this one.

    • I personally prefer more frequent short seasons over a massive wait between long seasons. Ultimately it depends on how much manga material there is to adapt. I’d rather wait than have time filled with made up filler episodes.

      • I agree filler episodes are often terrible and bring down the quality of the series. However, the almost five years between season 1 and 2 of Attack on Titan was too much.

  9. What helped make this season better than the first was the stronger emphasis on characters I like such as Potato Girl, YumiKuri and Baldie Man. Of course my OG favs Armin, War Machine Mikasa, Dr Hange, Levi and that blonde commander who got his arm bitten off like a boss were cool this season too. Interested in seeing where S3 goes.

    • I like Potato Girl, so it was cool to see her get a story arc. War Machine Mikasa is one scary lady. The look in her eyes when she went to save Eren is up there with anime’s most sinister villains.

      • Potato Girl is wonderful.

        That’s one of the reasons I dubbed her the War Machine. Anyone who dares mess with her man will “get those hands”…those deliciously buff hands attached to that gorgeous muscular build…

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  11. Hello The Otaku Judge,

    I hope that Attack On Titan continues, but I liked season 1 better than season 2.

    Thank you for sharing your review,
    -John Jr

      • Hello The Otaku Judge,

        I think that you are correct about that.

        I agree, and I hope that it will pay off as well.

        When the first season started I thought that it was a nice addition to the Toonami lineup.

        Thank you for replying,
        -John Jr

      • Hello The Otaku Judge.

        The third season of Attack On Titan has already started on Toonami, I think that I have seen maybe the first 3 episodes so far.

        -John Jr

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