Review of Battle Chef Brigade


Match three isn’t just confined to puzzle games you know. Years ago, for example, we saw how HuniePop would simulate romantic dates via the mechanic of lining up like-coloured tiles. In a similar vein, cooking dishes in Battle Chef Brigade revolves around match three gameplay. The tastiness of the meals you prepare is dependent on how well one combos the various blue/green/red ingredients. Said ingredients are harvested in 2D fighting stages, where players need to slay beasts to procure their meat and yummy organs. How violent! The chefs in this game rival Gordon Ramsay when it comes to aggression.


In Battle Chef Brigade players assume the role of Mina Han, a teenage chef who has left her village in order to compete in a cooking tournament. Think Food Wars, set in a fantasy kingdom, minus the food orgasms. Mina’s participation in the contest is chronicled across six chapters, which will take the average person around ten hours to clear. The story shows how Mina ditched her family restaurant, fought against rivals and investigated a plague that is contaminating the local wildlife. Apart from the main campaign there are also daily challenges to tackle, where players can see how their culinary skills compare to others in the Switch online leader boards.

One of the reasons why I downloaded this title, for my Nintendo handheld, is because of the eye-catching visuals. Although the game’s animation would benefit from some extra frames, one cannot help but admire the gorgeous hand drawn graphics and character designs (that resemble The Legend of Korra.) Indie developer Trinket Studios has done a fine job of combining puzzle segments, which play like Dr Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, with fun 2D combat. Mina hunts for food by using martial arts, casting magic and hurling daggers. I enjoyed the action, even if I cannot comprehend why Mina doesn’t forego bloodshed in favour of buying ingredients at the supermarket.


My rating for Battle Chef Brigade is four Michelin stars out of five. The game isn’t too difficult, but I can’t say that the simplicity ever got repetitive. Every match feels unique, as you can’t rely on churning out the exact same dishes all the time. Different judges oversee each encounter. If you wish to get maximum points, from them, Mina needs to tweak her menu to appeal to their distinct tastes. The game also keeps things fresh by introducing new mechanics on a regular basis, such as poisonous ingredients that explode when stirred. A toxic dinner, that detonates, sounds like something I would make in my kitchen. I suck at cooking, so when it comes to satiating hunger I stick to microwavable meals.

A gastronomic brawler sounds like a weird idea for a game, but somehow Trinket Studios have managed to make it work. My only grievance with Battle Chef Brigade is that the story is a bit short. Sadly there’s no multiplayer mode to extend the title’s shelf life or unlockable characters to encourage additional playthroughs. Perhaps that is something to consider for a potential future sequel? Either way, I can highly recommend Battle Chef Brigade to anyone who owns a Switch. The game is on the Steam store as well, so the PC master (chef) race can play it on their hardware too.

30 thoughts on “Review of Battle Chef Brigade

  1. Okay seriously: four Michelin stars out of five: that just cracked me up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ is it me? Or does game just have seriously cool graphics? I looked at the trailer and it looks quite amazing 😊😊
    As always this was another fun review to read 😊😊

    • I think three is the most Michelin Stars one can get, but Battle Brigade was so much fun I’ll give it an extra one. The graphics are indeed gorgeous. Trinket Studios seem to have hired a very talented artist.

      • Haha…well three/four…it still was so much fun to see this. Really had to laugh about it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
        Oh…by the way..just so you know…I have a competition going over on my blog…some cool prizes can be won πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    • Combing action with puzzle segments is very clever. Shame that you are no longer into gaming, but I can understand how some hobbies need to get sacrificed as one gets older. What stuff did you play during your gaming days?

      • That sounds great. I guess with age and working, I haven’t been into the newer games or have time to know all of them. I was big into a bunch of fighting games back then like Street Fighter, Marvel Vs. Capcom, Power Stone, Project Justice, King of Fighters, and Power Stone. I was also into a few RPGs, some puzzle games, and the occasional sports game. Funny enough, my sister gave me a portable Sega Genesis for Christmas. That was nice of her and my inner 90s kid geeked out.

  2. Microwave cooking is about the extent of my cooking abilities too.

    I know fresh ingredients are supposed to be better, but I think these ingredients are a bit too fresh for my unrefined palate. But, uh, you go, Mina!

  3. Haha poisonous ingredients. I’d be tempted to throw some of them into the dish, just for the crack. To see what happens, in the game hehe XD
    Love reading your Switch game reviews. The Switch has just interesting games πŸ˜€

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  5. Too bad about the length, but otherwise it definitely sounds like a blast. Mixing food with action is a good idea if you ask me and the art style does look nice and colorful as well

    • It would be nice if the game was longer. That said it only retails for $20. Given that a PC version also exists you might be able to buy it on a discount during a Steam sale too. That price is fair given the story length.

    • If you down’t have a Switch you can play the game on PC. Although I like my Switch I wouldn’t say it is an essential purchase. Much of the software that the system has is available on other systems.

      • I tried the Switch at my workplace. It’s an interesting device. I don’t think I will purchase it though. As much as I think it’s cool to own many devices, sadly my brain feels overwhelmed if I have too many things to play with.

        I like playing short games nowaday. Nothing too complicated, and this game doesn’t look bad. It reminds me of a cartoon show. I will wait for price to drop.

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