She and Her Cat: Everything Flows Review


She and Her Cat: Everything Flows is a four-part anime based on a 1999 short created by some complete unknown named Makoto Shinkai. Huh? What’s that Makoto? You are actually a big shot movie director? No way! Let me check your IMDb page. Ah yes, I recognize some of those films. Silly me. My memory is so bad. How could I have possibly forgotten your name? Anyways, this short but sweet series gives us a glimpse into the life of a young lady named Miyu, who is currently going through some tough times. Viewers see the tale play out through the eyes of her pet kitty Daru.


Liden Films’ catalogue of work is quite varied. One minute they are making an artsy series, like this one, and the next they are animating a show that stars a big-breasted honey badger (Killing Bites in case you are wondering). She and Her Cat begins with Miyu’s roommate moving out of their apartment. Miyu’s pal has decided to vacate the premises in order to cohabitate with her boyfriend. Although Miyu wishes her friend well, she is worried about making future rent payments now that she is on her lonesome. Miyu’s financial situation is dire, as she has been unsuccessful in securing full time employment.

From the four episodes on offer I would have to say that the second one was my favourite. It chronicles how Miyu and Daru first met, back during her childhood. Although the pair are now inseparable that wasn’t always the case. Years ago, when Miyu’s mom gifted Daru to her, she moaned that black felines are bad luck. Daru also aggravated matters by accidentally shattering a mug belonging to Miyu’s deceased father. He tried to make amends by presenting his young owner with a lizard he had just killed. The scaly offering seemingly energized the languid Miyu, as it caused her to sprint away – shrieking in terror.


My rating for She and Her Cat: Everything Flows is four stars. See everyone? My taste isn’t limited only to lowbrow animation. Yours truly can appreciate arty cartoons too. If the script is solid I’ll enjoy a series, whether it features cat-girls or regular cats. What impressed me, about She and Her Cat, is how much emotion director Kazuya Sakamoto managed to squeeze into each seven-minute episode. I really got a feel for the relationship between Miyu and her mother. At first it seems to be hostile. Later on however, we learn that Miyu is keeping her distance, so her mum can find happiness with a new husband.

I must caution prospective viewers that She and Her Cat: Everything Flows will affect your tear ducts, in the same way that pealed onions do. Miyu is a fragile lonely girl, who is dependent on her pet for support. With that in mind, it gets rather worrying when several characters make unsubtle comments about Daru’s advanced age. The risk of potential tragedy is worth braving though, as the series is beautiful. Be sure to stick around until the end credits finish rolling by the way. Nick Fury shows up and makes a surprise appearance! Okay maybe not, but trust me you don’t want to miss out on the finale.