The Top Five Anime I Reviewed in 2017


I didn’t have time to finish any games or anime last week, as my schedule was disrupted by the news that I had been selected to serve as a juror. Rather ironic, given the name of my blog! Anyways, as I have nothing to review this Sunday I might as well get the long overdue Top Anime of 2017 out of the way. I think this might be the first year were none of the listed shows form part of my DVD collection. The year 2017 has pretty much seen me abandon physical media in favour of consuming anime online, via services such as Crunchyroll. Gone are the days of worrying about storage space and I get to watch newer shows to boot.

5th) Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid: This hilarious series shows what happens when the titular Kobayashi ends up cohabitating with a draconic housekeeper, who she met during a drunken night out. Anime with goofy titles aren’t rare, but in most cases shows with a silly premise lose their charm after a few episodes. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid bucks that trend thanks to its cast of quirky reptiles, who have migrated over to our world from another dimension. The interplay between the characters is great, as is Kanna’s cuteness and Tohru’s weird laundry techniques (which involve gulping down unmentionables.)

4th) Recovery of an MMO Junkie: Romantic comedies aren’t usually my thing, as they have a habit of dragging things out. Recovery of an MMO Junkie won me over however, by delivering its sweet tale in a concise ten episodes. The series follows a thirty-year-old NEET who ends up finding love in an online RPG. Unbeknownst to protagonist Morioka, the female healer she has a crush on is in fact a dashing businessman whom she bumped into recently. Can the couple transfer their relationship from the virtual world into the real one? Of course! We already know from SAO how easy it is to get laid in MMORPGs.

3rd) School-Live: Spoilers are not always bad. If it weren’t for other bloggers telling me about the first episode twist I probably would have given School-Live a miss, as it looked like a generic “cute girls doing cute things” series. The reality is that School-Live is a zombie apocalypse show and a darn good one at that. Presented through the eyes of a traumatised schoolgirl, who uses her imagination to cope with the stressful situation, the series continually shifts between being funny and downright heart-breaking. A school where the halls are packed with brain-dead violent beings? Sounds like my old comprehensive!

2nd) Erased: I can’t comment on the Netflix live action adaptation, as I haven’t watched it, but I can at least verify that the animated series is exceptional. Akin to classic TV show Quantum Leap, Erased stars a character whose consciousness travels to the past with the aims of averting a tragedy. In this case pizza deliveryman Satoru Fujinuma is whisked to the time when he was a young lad. There he has the goal of apprehending the serial killer responsible for killing his mom in the present day. What’s the moral of the story? Your childhood sweetheart won’t wait for you, but a homicidal maniac will.

1st) Death Parade: Move over Saint Peter. The true arbiter, who decides where the deceased end up, is in fact an emotionless bartender named Decim. When the pasty mixologist isn’t busy collecting creepy mannequins, he judges who is worthy of reincarnation via contests of Twister and darts. Death Parade is a thought provoking series, which will leave you pondering what the criterion is for determining a worthwhile existence. Like the cocktails that Decim serves, the script contains a mix of ingredients. There are offbeat episodes, romantic tales and stories whose outcomes will make your blood boil. Death Parade is a brilliant anime and you would be a dummy (like Decim’s mannequins) to miss it.

So there we have it. My favourite anime from the titles I reviewed over the course of 2017. What were your favourite shows of the past year? Let me know in the comments section below. I am keen to hear suggestions on what I should watch next. Animated entertainment is just what I need to perk up my spirits, after participating in a tense court case. Four hours, in a tiny room, deliberating a verdict is no fun. We couldn’t even step outside for lunch and therefore had to make do with a free cheddar roll. Talk about cheesy compensation!

29 thoughts on “The Top Five Anime I Reviewed in 2017

  1. I had not even thought of that but you are so right about the spoilers from School-live! I would have totally passed on it, if I had not known what it would be about πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    As for your question: both Erased and School live, were amongst my favorites for last year. That and Your lie in April πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Let is hope this year will bring some other shows that will be as good as these ones were πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    • Sounds like we have similar tastes in anime. School-Live is a bit like Madoka Magica. Both shows looked too cutesy for my liking, but I was convinced to give them a chance through promises of a cool WTF moment.

      I have watched some of You Lie in April and was impressed by its quality. The only reason why I didn’t finish it is because I got sidetracked by a house move. One of these days I’ll need to complete it. The problem is that I am aware of the sad events that occur later, so I am waiting for a time when I am in the right mood. Guess we can say that series is an example of spoilers being a bad thing.

      • We definitely seem to enjoy a lot of the same shows. As March is going to be anime theme month, I hope to watch a few series that I haven’t yet had a chance for. And just like the upcoming month, it will have an interactive part as well: so I am hoping to get some good recommendations 😊😊

  2. All good choices, and I would agree that out of those five of the best shows you watched last year Death Parade would be my personal favourite. I was actually able to watch that one with my family and some who didn’t particularly care for anime found themselves getting wrapped up in it.

    We already know how to get laid in SAO for MMORPGs, but DanMachi proved to us how big a harem of girls you can have in a fantasy world. Truly two shows that understood the finer craft of love. I recently watched MMO Junkie myself last year and yeah it certainly is one of the best feel good anime in its genre. I am still scared to call that a genre as it should have merely only have been a common setting but c’est la vie.

    • Death Parade would probably work as a live action series. I can imagine that the morality questions would appeal to all audiences, even if they aren’t your typical anime viewers.

      MMO Junkie is certainly a show I would recommend to someone who wants to perk up after a stressful shift. I need to watch DanMachi one of these days. Sounds like something I would enjoy. From what I understand it is a bit like Konosuba (a fantasy world were people level up akin to an MMO.)

  3. Death Parade is the only one I’ve not seen otherwise that is a pretty tidy list. Anime Limited have picked it up for release this year so maybe I’ll give it a rent. πŸ˜‰

  4. The Otaku Juror. Sounds good πŸ˜€ Cheese rolls, not so good hehe
    Death Parade has been on my “to watch list”, for ages. Glad to hear its as good as I thought.
    Great list, by the way. Some very good titles on it πŸ™‚ I think the best anime series I watched in 2017, is a coin toss between Attack on Titans and 7 Deadly Sins (mainly because of the delightful Ban hehe) πŸ˜€

    • From judge to juror is quite the demotion. On the plus side the jury doesn’t have to wear silly looking wigs hehe. I was hoping for some fast food, but all we got is a roll and all the tea we could drink.

      I need to watch the second season of Attack on Titan. Not sure whether to check it out when it comes to the UK or wait for season three to come out and watch them both back to back.

      • Hehe… Those wigs are pretty silly looking πŸ˜€

        I’m in the same boat πŸ˜€ I was only able to get my paws on season one, at the beginning of last year πŸ˜€ Lack of access to newer anime in the UK can be rather annoying.

        Back to back as a binge watch sounds awesome πŸ˜€

    • I watched part of Arise a few years ago and gave it a positive review. Still need to check out the final two installments though. One perk of not watching much anime last year is that you can now read everyone’s top tens and cherry pick the best stuff that came out in 2017.

      • I don’t know how to talk about the last two episodes without spoiling it so I won’t do that. I’ve started making a list, so hopefully I’ll be watching some great anime this year.

  5. I served on two different juries in a week, but fortunately, they weren’t as tense as yours.

    I give The Ancient Magus’ Bride the shoutout even though only about half aired last year.

    • Twice in one week? Ouch. I have been called for jury duty three times in my life, but this was the first time I actually got picked. Some people who got called didn’t show on the day so I was one of the reserves.

      I have heard good things about Magus Bride. More is due to air this year? That’s good to know. I might wait for the whole thing to come out and then marathon the whole show.

  6. I’ve only seen School-Live and Dragon Maid. The other three not yet. Maybe someday whenever an anime schedule doesn’t have too many shows that pique my interest…which unfortunately for me is rare as most seasons have me watching 6 or more anime weekly.

    • I would highly recommend the other shows on my list, but can sympathize with the difficulties of making time to watch them. Most weeks I struggle to finish a twelve episode series, so I have no idea how you can follow six programs at a time.

  7. Most of the anime I watched last year weren’t actually new for last year. I could give you my top picks of 2015-2016, but that’s about as close as I can get. I think of all the ones I watched, Orange finished up closest to 2017, so that wins by default.

    • I don’t watch much current stuff either. Usually I focus on UK releases (which are years old) or a series that finished airing in the past season. Orange is really good. It made my top five last year.

      • I plan to getting around to it with my girlfriend when I visit her in a week or so! It will be a way we celebrate seeing each other for the first time in 4 months. Ah the pains of long distance. May our anime time together help us erase that.

  8. I didn’t like how rushed the last few episodes of Erased were though. But admittedly, those first 8 episodes were still one of the best 8 episodes I’ve ever watched.

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