Review of Super Mario Odyssey


Bowser has once again kidnapped Princess Peach. Despite the best efforts of Anita Sarkeesian, the video game trope of damsels in distress is very much alive and well. King Koopa plans to force the monarch into an unwilling marriage, which I don’t understand. Given the choice, I would rather be wed to the sexier Rosalina. Anyways, when royalty needs rescuing who do you call? If you answered Special Forces you would be mistaken. Time to hire a plumber me thinks. Mario sets off on a globe trotting adventure to save Peach and joining him for the ride is a sentient piece of headgear named Cappy.


Gone are the days when Mario would dress like a racoon and devour mushrooms to acquire special powers. Mario Odyssey sees Nintendo’s mascot steal Kirby’s talent of mimicking enemies, which he accomplishes by placing his hat on their noggin. There are tons of foes that Mario can possess with this new mechanic. Some examples that stood out during my play through include giant dinosaurs, yellow taxicabs, amphibians that ribbit and turtles armed with frying pans. Cappy can also be tossed to grab out of reach coins or to destroy objects from a distance. Wreck stuff by hurling a hat? Bond villain Oddjob would approve.

In terms of gameplay Odyssey reminds me most of Sunshine and Mario 64. Thankfully the abovementioned Cappy is a better companion than that detestable FLUDD. Levels are open world affairs where you hunt down Moons, which are the power source of the craft that transports you across kingdoms. As expected from a Mario title the platforming is solid thanks to the responsive controls. I was however a tad miffed that certain moves cannot be activated in handheld mode. Said advanced abilities require that you shake the Joycons. A decade since the Wii’s launch and Nintendo are still pressuring players to strain their wrists with unwanted motion interfaces.


My rating for Super Mario Odyssey is a five out of five. In a weird way the game reminds me of Bloodborne. Both titles are games that I had little interest in playing, only tried because they came bundled with the console and ended up loving anyway. That’s a surprise because I am no Nintendo fan boy. My dad bought me a Megadrive, during the height of the 16-bit wars, so I was conditioned at an early age to revile Mario. Not even adolescent brainwashing can make me dislike a game with such creative stages though. Adding to the charm are the colourful graphics, which prove that the Switch doesn’t have to be a technological powerhouse to rival its competitors in the visual department.

The soundtrack is top notch too, with my favourite tune being Jump Up Superstar sung by Kate Davis. I estimate that it took me around twelve hours to complete the main story. That may not sound like much content, but fear not because there are plenty of collectibles to discover in the post game. If exploration isn’t your thing don’t worry because Toad is willing to point you in the right direction in exchange for some gold. Super Mario Odyssey is a title that every Switch owner should add to his or her library. Good job Nintendo. I tip my hat (or should that be Cappy) to you.

43 thoughts on “Review of Super Mario Odyssey

  1. Well I was gonna say that I was going to call The Ghostbusters, but a plumber works too. So, five out of five stars huh? I have hardly played any Mario games in my gaming days which is weird to be sure. This one looks fun thoughπŸ˜€

    • Odyssey is very different to the old Mario games, as it is third person instead of 2D. The levels are more open rather than the linear stages of the retro games too. Different styles, but still a lot of fun.

  2. I was put off this because the early footage looked like Mario 64 to me, and I really didn’t like that game. Having seen a few people playing it though, it does look like it’s removed some fo teh issues I had with the game.

  3. I enjoyed the game a lot, but nearly as much as people were vocalizing. The story is laughable of course, but the polish of the game is top notch.

    Also (slight spoilers) have you heard the theory that Luigi actually ends up with Peach? Maybe that’s why she blows him off after he saves her in this game, haha.

    • The story is unoriginal, but I don’t think anyone minds because people don’t play Mario for plot. I like that Luigi theory, as it would explain the ending. Mario risked his life to save Peach and she just blew him off.

  4. Hey Otaku Judge, do you get sponsored to make game reviews do you buy all these games yourself? You have interviewed so many cool games, it must have cost thousands of dollars in fees to get all them. Also, you must have like all the consols in the world to support all these games.

    • Sadly no, unlike some blogs I am not popular enough to attract review copies. I buy all the games I review. The consoles I own at the moment are PS4, Vita, Switch and 3DS. Unlike some hardcore gamers I cannot say that I own every system. I have never purchased any of the Microsoft machines for example.

    • I’m pressed for time so I’m glad that the main story isn’t too tough and can be finished quickly. People have told me that getting all the moons will keep you occupied for many days though.

  5. I really like Odyssey and I’m glad it managed to evoke the 64 predecessor enough for my tastes. Nintendo has really done a good job revitalizing their franchises on the Switch.

    • Yeah, they have done a good job with their current gen Mario and Zelda releases. I’m looking forward to more first party stuff in 2018. Right now most of the new releases are indie titles that have appeared on other systems.

  6. Princess Peach definitely needs to hire better bodyguards hehe πŸ˜€
    Sadly I’m too crappy at gaming, to have ever completed a Mario game. But I still enjoy playing them. This game sounds just as fun as the other Mario games I’ve played (excluding Mario karts, hate that game), especially using Mario’s cap as a weapon πŸ™‚

    • Aside from Odyssey I haven’t beaten many other Mario games. The only other titles I can remember finishing are the Mario games that appeared on the original Gameboy. Mario Kart can be fun, but it does suck when you lose a race due to a shell hitting you at the last second.

  7. Glad you enjoyed it, I definitely thought the game was a blast as well. Peach really just needs to take self defense classes so she can defeat Bowser one of these days. Then he’ll eventually lose interest in even trying to kidnap her and it’ll allow Mario to enjoy his weekends instead of spending them trying to rescue her. It’s a win-win for everyone

  8. Nice review! My first game on Switch after some years without playing Nintendo games. I had a great time with it, it put a smile on my face many times, some memorable moments (like festival), a lot of references, long post-game and Super Mario 64 feelings. Great game!

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  10. The whole “kidnapped princess” premise is so passe at this point, and I really wish Nintendo would come up with something new, but that being said, I’d still give Odyssey a 5/5 or at least a 4.5 since the gameplay, fun, replayability, and after game antics more than make up for it.

      • You’d think! I loved SMB2 for lots of reasons probably because it was the first game I played where you could be a female character and she was kick ass in that. Her floating was so useful. You can play her in Super Paper Mario, too, and she has the same powers. You can also play Bowser who can breath fire.

        I have Super Princess Peach on my backlog. One of these days.

  11. I’ve only seen great reviews for this game which is making me question if it’s worth checking out. I think I’ve been ignoring the signs to be honest, I saw a man playing Odyssey on his Nintendo Switch during a commute to work and he looked like he had sold his soul to Nintendo.

    • The game is a lot of fun. Unlike that guy, I wouldn’t be brave enough to play the Switch on the commute to work. Although I prefer to play in handheld mode I tend to leave the system at home.

  12. Hey, if people like rescuing princesses, power to them! I’m just thankful there are a wide variety of character types these days. πŸ™‚

  13. Top priority when I get a Switch as I haven’t played a Mario game since Sunshine…mainly because the Gamecube was the last Nintendo console I bought. I’m definitely getting a Switch!

    • I have only owned a few of Nintendo’s consoles, but I always end up getting their handhelds. The Switch I bought had a code that lets you download Odyssey. Perhaps you can go for that package.

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