The Otaku Judge: 2017 in Review



There once was a time when WordPress would generate a report detailing a blog’s performance on the first day of every year. It’s a practice they sadly ceased in 2016, so it falls upon me to manually compile 2017’s statistics myself. To be honest I rarely check my site’s metrics, but it’s nice to look at the figures on an annual basis to see how The Otaku Judge fared in the past twelve months. Based on the comments I receive, readers seem to enjoy the yearly summaries so let’s keep the tradition going by crunching those numbers.

◙ Views: Last year my site received 22,741 hits. Not quite enough to beat the all time record of 22,846, but on the plus side it was over two thousand more views than I got in the previous year. During the course of 2017 the blog attracted the most visitors ever. Thank you to the 13,344 visitors who dropped by, be you long time followers, new subscribers or random perverts searching for cat girl porn (my most popular search term apparently.)

Top Attractions: If we only focus on 2017 posts and disregard things like the home page, the most popular reviews/articles of 2017 were…

1. Brave Dungeon: Just like last year, my most read post features the word dungeon.
2. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid: One of the funnier anime I watched in 2017.
3. Five Flaming Hotties: I listed off my five sexiest anime ladies.

Sakura Dungeon topped the 2016 list and obscure 3DS game Brave Dungeon claimed the number one spot in 2017. I wonder if another dungeon crawler will keep this trend going in 2018.

Where did they come from: No change here. The United States, United Kingdom and Canada remain my biggest markets. For the first time ever India cracked the top four nations to visit my blog. Other places that my readers hail from include Australia, Germany, Philippines, Indonesia and Brazil.

Who are they: To finish off let’s mention my five most active commenters…

1. Raistlin0903: Reviews movies, TV and anime. He didn’t like the Last Jedi.
2. The Things I’ve Seen: A talented artist from Ireland who writes about movies.
3. Man in Black: Specializes in foreign films, anime and wrestling. Owns a pug.
4. Matt Doyle: An author who blogs about geek culture. Awesome cosplayer.
5. Jon Spencer: Aniblogger who covers games/movies too. Hat on question mark.

Happy new year to all my followers. Thank you very much for the support. In case you are wondering, I hope to release my Top 5 anime and games of 2017 in the not too distant future. A bit late perhaps, but it’s tough to write content when my job kicked off 2018 with twelve successive shifts!

42 thoughts on “The Otaku Judge: 2017 in Review

  1. I Just want to add that Raistlin is also my most active commenter and probably most people’s. The man never ceases to amaze me. Great post – I love these behind the curtain write ups!

  2. Woo! I’m in the top fiv e msot active. Stil, over 22K is a great number of hits. I’m nowhere near that myself yet, despite growth. On the cat girl porn point though … I actually had someone come to my site with hte search term ‘Japanese pee’. I suspect that they were thoroughly disappointed.

  3. Haha: I had to laugh about the last remark behind my name (He didn’t like the Last Jedi). That one cracked me up so much 😂😂 It’s so nice of you to mention this: so really thank you, truly very kind of you to do so 😊 I just highly enjoy reading your blog, so it’s always fun to comment on your posts.
    These are some pretty impressive stats by the way. Hopefully your blog will continue to grow this year: it deserves it 😊😊

    • Your recent Star Wars post is still fresh in the mind, as it is one of your rare negative reviews. Even King’s Game got an okay score from you (I finished that yesterday and wasn’t impressed haha.) Congrats on topping the active follower list. You are an ever present regular in the comments section, which is much appreciated.

      • Haha true enough, and that post has really taken on a life of it’s own. There are now 182 comments on that post in total (some of course are responses from me to those comments), and there are still people that place comments on them to date : it’s still completely crazy. I have never had a post that has generated this much response ever since I started my blog. Perhaps I should be doing more of these rants lol 😂😂😂 Naw…that’s just niot me, but nonetheless it’s cool to see how that post got completely crazy.
        Haha, yeah King’s Game. It is a totally and series….but I don’t even know how to explain it, I just enjoyed it. But I can understand how a lot of people did not like it/were not impressed by it 😂
        Well, as I said I just love reading your blog: and when I really like/love post, I always want to respond to them😀 So, that is not going to change much this year lol 😂😂(unless you change your blog and will start reviewing romantic comedies, I have to draw the line somewhere of course 😂😂).

  4. Woohoo, I’m in the top 5 😀 Thanks for the mention and kind words. It was really sweet of you 😀
    These are some really great stats. 22,741 hits is very impressive and your most popular search term is hilarious, by the way. 😀
    My most popular search term is pics. Which I haven’t the slightest idea, what it even means. hehe

    • Ouch! I regret searching what shotacon means. Google works in mysterious ways. Maybe one of the titles in your discount posts is from that genre and therefore attracted that traffic? I think my reviews of Cat Girl Cuties and Nekopara are responsible for my weird searches.

    • Sounds like your blog’s views increased in 2017, as you mentioned that in 2016 you got 16k hits. Well done. Thanks for all the comments by the way. You were the only person from last year’s Active Commenters list to make the 2017 top five.

      • You’re still out drawing me though in terms of visitors…

        Anyway, thanks again for being my most consistent and top ranked commenter for the second year in a row! 🙂

    • Thank you. Still five more shifts to go before I get a day off. Hopefully the overtime I did this weekend will allow me to finish work early during one of the upcoming shifts. I plan to release one of the Top Fives on Wednesday (probably the video game one.)

  5. I really do miss when WordPress would do this! It was awesome and always a blast to look at so I hope they bring them back. You did a good job of recreating it. Hopefully this next year will continue to be productive for you and the site!

    • The annual recaps were very popular with bloggers so I don’t know why they discontinued them. In 2016, when people complained about their absence, they said they were looking into a way of bringing them back. Given that they didn’t bother once again, in 2017, I think the reports are gone for good.

  6. Although I’ve been following you on Twitter for what feels like more than a year, you were one of my 2017 finds/recommendations. Thanks for providing great content! I look forward to being more active in the comment section in 2018, haha.

    After checking my stats, I had about 10k less views than 2016, but my reader engagement nearly tripled (in terms of comments, likes, and shares). That was a much more satisfying victory.

    • I am glad that Twitter brought you to my site. To be honest I’m not very active over there and only made an account because one of my former readers kept pestering me to do so. I guess Twitter has its uses, although it’s hard to determine how effective it is at promoting the site.

      Despite the fewer views you got more hits than me so congrats. Reader engagement is what I look out for. Given the choice I prefer to receive more comments than views from lurkers.

      • Same! Most of my views came from guides I wrote in 2013 and 2016, so it wasn’t like my 2017 content brought new people along. I was disheartened to see that, for the fourth year in a row, reviews continued to bring in the least amount of traffic by a significant margin. It’s a lot of work taking hours of my free time to play a game, then a few more hours writing and editing a review that doesn’t generate much traffic or interaction. People just rarely concern themselves with reviews on games they’ve never heard of, I guess. I’m much happier reviewing games I picked out, though, and that’s what I plan on doing this year. I definitely prefer more interaction than views.

    • Getting views is not easy. I spend loads of time interacting with my followers, which helps promote the site. Even then I only get a fraction of the hits other blogs do. Sex does sell. My most popular reviews of all time remain a couple of hentai games I wrote a few years ago.

  7. Hello The Otaku Judge,

    I see that you did your own annual report too, I did one for 2016 ( but probably not for 2017, well done; and I like how you gave a shoutout to your top commenters.

    Hopefully will start back doing annual reports again, but I would not hold my breath; oddly they sort of did one for themselves last year I think:

    -John Jr

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