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Musou games have come a long way since the days when they were confined to Romance of the Three Kingdoms. In recent times the Warriors franchise has migrated from China to outer space (Dynasty Warriors: Gundam) and even Zelda’s stomping grounds, in 2014’s Hyrule Warriors. Three years after Link’s game took the Wii U by storm we are once again treated to another Warriors title on a Nintendo machine. On this occasion Omega Force have decided to turn tactical Fire Emblem into an action packed button basher. Why bother with strategy when one guy can fell an entire army on their lonesome?


Fire Emblem Warriors is similar to Heroes, in that it stars characters from various games in the series. Set in the kingdom of Aytolis, which is under siege by monsters from another dimension, players take control of twin royals Rowan and Lianna. In order to save their country, the blonde duo trek across the region recruiting the aid of well known Fire Emblem soldiers. The roster of playable characters is dominated by personalities from the recent 3DS games. Marth makes an appearance too. I guess he was included as most people recognize him from Smash Bros. He’s the swordfighter who is less broken than Meta Knight.

The game plays like any other Musou title. For the most part you dash across the map securing forts whilst slaying anyone who gets in your way. It’s easy to decimate thousands of troops, because the regular grunts don’t pose much of a threat. Their commanding officers do however put up more of a fight. In order to best the mightier foes it’s advised that you take advantage of the Fire Emblem weapon triangle. For those who don’t know – swords are effective against axes, lances are strong versus swords and axes trump lances. Also be aware that archers deal bonus damage to flying units and magic can bypass armour (or summon rabbits out of top hats.)

One feature that I like about Fire Emblem Warriors is that during a battle you can swap between four characters. That’s different from other Musou games, which limit you to just one guy per skirmish. Characters not under your control will act on their own initiative, although you do have the option of issuing them with orders via the map screen. That’s probably for the best as the AI is dimmer than an abode that hasn’t paid its electric bill. If you run across an ally, on the battlefield, it’s possible to pair up with them. Your partner will occasionally block incoming damage and will assist when you unleash a special attack.


My rating for Fire Emblem Warriors is four stars. Right now it’s the game I have played the most on my Switch. The story only took me ten hours to complete, but since then I have been repeating chapters on higher difficulties. Once I am done with that I have the History Mode challenges to look forward to. Despite the simplistic combat system I have yet to tire of the game. There’s just something so satisfying about seeing your characters grow stronger with each passing level up (I call that RPG addiction.) Once a mission is over you can beef up your army even further by using loot to forge mightier weapons and unlock new abilities.

My only real complaint with Fire Emblem Warriors is the character selection. Twenty plus playable heroes is a respectable lineup, but alas not all of my favourite waifus made the cut. Why can’t we have clumsy maid Felicia or snarky tsundere Severa instead of that dullard Frederick? Another notable omission is racy sorceress Tharja. Where is she? Included in an upcoming DLC bundle that you have to pay for apparently. Nintendo may censor fan service in their games, but they aren’t above using titillation to blackmail consumers into spending their shekels. Cough up the dough or you get no SexyWITCH on your SWITCH.

30 thoughts on “Review of Fire Emblem Warriors

  1. Tharja is best girl, so I was extremely bummed that she was left out of the game’s core roster and instead shuffled into Awakening’s DLC. Blargh. The roster was my biggest hangup as well. So many sword users made it feel too same-y. I wasn’t wild about the post-game content, at least in comparison to Hyrule Warriors’ excellent adventure mode. I bounced off the game pretty quickly after finishing story mode and ended up selling it in order to afford Mario Odyssey. I’m weak, though, and I’m sure I’ll pick it back up when the Awakening DLC launches… my fingers are crossed for a deluxe edition so I don’t have to buy the DLC peacemeal.

    • I am not a big fan of DLC. Two of the characters included in the recent bundle feel like they were removed from the original game, given that they appear in the main story. You can’t please everyone with respect of who gets included, but I think it’s pretty obvious what Nintendo was thinking when they relegated Thraja to DLC.

      Haven’t played the History Mode yet, but I like how the mission screen looks like a traditional Fire Emblem map. Trading the game for Odyssey isn’t a bad deal. Mario came with my machine and is very good. I’m surprised by how fun it is given that I am not the biggest fan of Nintendo’s mascot.

  2. I’ve played Fire Emblem on the gameboy. Can’t really remember which part that ws exactly, because it’s been a while. I do know that I really enjoyed it. This one looks cool, and four stars certainly isn’t bad. Looks like you are really enjoying your time on the Switch, which is cool! πŸ˜€Too bad about the character selection though…it’s annoying when some characters you really enjoy don’t make the selection. 😒

    • Maybe you played Fire Emblem 7 on Gameboy Advance? That was the first title to get a release in the west. Since then the series has exploded in popularity. I have lost count of how many games have come out in the last couple of years. Yeah, it sucks that some of my favorite characters didn’t get included. Alas it would be impossible to fit everyone into one game.

      • I think that might have been the one. It certainly rings a bell I must say. But it was a cool game and quite tough too. I remember the fact that when a character died, it saved and you could not go back to try it again. But it was a cool game for sure. 😊

    • I think the upcoming bundles give you three new characters, some costumes and a few new maps. Compared to other DLCs I have seen the asking price isn’t too bad. Given the choice though I prefer substantial expansion packs that give you extra story over DLC any day.

    • I think the Switch is a good second console. The games exclusive to Nintendo are fun, but most of the other titles on their store are just indie games that have been out on PC/XBox/PS4 for ages. On the plus side it is portable, unlike the machines of its rivals.

  3. Not having a switch, I had yet to play Warriors but I always thought it looked pretty cool. Not like I have time for other games when I’m pouring my life into Heroes.

    Someone help me.

    F2P btw

    • I played Heroes for a few months and enjoyed it. Then they removed the experience bonus and I lost interest because it was taking so long to grind characters up to max level. From the mobile releases Nintendo has put out I do however think that Heroes is the best.

  4. Leaving out fan favorite characters is incredibly disappointing. It’s one thing to have another idea and release it later, but I hate when it feels like companies are purposely hiding requested ideas/characters behind DLC.

  5. Nintendo are sounding a little like EA there, making you pay for characters that they know you’ll like. It’s a dark art but I respect it. I don’t anything about fire emblem but I do know I want to play it.

    • It makes business sense, although companies should be careful about getting too greedy. EA’s tactics led to Star Wars Battlefront selling less than expected. Some governments are also investigating if their Lootbox system should be classed as gambling. If that happens their micro-transaction model would take a big hit.

  6. Glad you liked it! Finally about to fire this one up after Xenoblade Chronicles 2 consumed my life for the last month. I spent an obscene amount of time with Hyrule Warriors (as well as the One Piece ‘Warriors’ games). As for the DLC, I’m a little surprised at Nintendo’s
    approach with the Fire Emblem series in general. All the season passes/add-ons have been pretty weak for the series. Some Nintendo games still get completely free content updates (Splatoon, ARMS, etc.) – and other franchise DLC has been pretty solid (Smash, Kart 8, etc.) – let’s hope this is the exception and not the norm!

    • It’s funny how Fire Emblem was close to getting cancelled and is now deemed lucrative enough to milk for cash. Fates for example you pretty much had to buy three times and they also had DLC maps.

      Xenoblade 2 I have put down for now because it was frustrating me. I kept getting lost because the map is terrible and virtually all my game overs were because random level 70s would swoop down out of nowhere to me kill, even though I was still in newbie areas. Shame because the characters/world are cool.

  7. I’m honestly surprised there isn’t more buzz about this game. Next to Breath of the Wild and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 this is my most played game on the Switch. Then again, I’m just a really big Fire Emblem fan haha. I kind of wish the DLC came with more than 3 new characters at a time, but I do like the inclusion of more history maps within each DLC.

    • I too am surprised that Fire Emblem Warriors hasn’t performed as well as other Switch titles based on a Nintendo property. Perhaps people are burned out after playing loads of Hyrule Warriors? Musou games all play very similarly.

  8. Marth got himself a DS release a while back, so he’s not too out of date.

    But yeah, I’d definitely be more interested in this game if it had more variety in characters. I suppose it was always going to be heavy on the lords, but still, this seems a little much.

    • I bought Shadow Dragon on DS and was a bit disappointed by how basic it was. With that game, Nintendo didn’t put the effort they did years later with the Shaodws of Valentia remake.

  9. I really loved this game when I got it! The short story length is a little unfortunate and admittedly I basically stopped playing the game once I beat it, but completing the levels on new difficulty levels still helps the replay value. Lyn should have absolutely been in the base roster, but I suppose Nintendo knew that people would certainly buy her. I love beat em ups in general and I’d say that Fire Emblem did a great job of handling the genre.

    • Although I have unlocked her yet, I believe Lyn is in the base game. From what I hear you acquire her by beating Validar and then Velezark in the Noble Lady of Caelin mission. If you don’t wish to replay the story be aware that History Mode has other challenges to tackle.

      • Oh really? Did they patch her in because I was pretty sure she wasn’t in when I got the game. I remember it being a big deal when they announced her

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