Review of Sonic Forces


Eggman has “hatched” a diabolical new plan to take over the world, and for once his scheme has succeeded. Aided by a reality-warping ally named Infinite the genius, formerly known as Robotnik, has captured Sonic and conquered the globe. Players must now liberate the Blue Blur by designing their own anthropomorphic hero or heroine. I chose to fashion a bunny girl avatar. Sadly my creation resembled an adult Cream the Rabbit (from the Gameboy Advance trilogy) rather than a Playboy waitress. If you want eye candy in Sonic Forces you’ll have to make do with ogling the batgirl’s cleavage.


After completing the game (I defeated Eggman last Fry-Day) I am now in a position to jot down my opinions on Sonic’s latest adventure. For the most part Forces feels a lot like Generations. The levels feature third person stages where you control modern Sonic and a smattering of 2D missions featuring the classic Sonic, who has a spin dash instead of a homing attack. New to Forces are sections where players control their custom made character. Known simply as “the rookie” the player created toon comes equipped with a grappling hook and a projectile weapon. The rookie begins the story with only a flamethrower, but as the plot progresses they gain access to other cool armaments.

When I destroyed Egg-man’s final robot I was “shell” shocked to discover that Sonic Forces had only taken me five hours to complete. I should have known there was a catch, when the game’s retail price was revealed to be cheaper than your average triple A title. Although the campaign is made up of thirty levels, most of the stages can be cleared within a couple of minutes. The missions are short and not especially tough, as the enemies guarding them are ineffective. Most of my deaths were actually caused by me recklessly running off ledges, akin to a hyperactive lemming. Thankfully due to regular checkpoints and infinite lives I was never overly punished for my recklessness.


My rating for Sonic Forces is three stars. I think the game will appeal most to younger Sonic fans, as it isn’t too difficult. The story is also wholesome and kid friendly. Sonic veterans may be less impressed with Forces though. They may argue that this latest Eggman outing isn’t all it’s “cracked” up to be. With Sonic Mania still fresh in everyone’s mind, I couldn’t help but notice that the way Sonic moves/jumps doesn’t feel quite right. His leaps lack height and momentum. On the plus side I liked how the cut scenes feature many familiar faces from the Sonic universe. Best of all, Knuckles looks like his normal self again. Sega have seemingly abandoned his much-derided Sonic Boom makeover.

Overall I think Sonic Forces is a decent game. Not the best, but by no means the worst title Sonic Team has released. The graphics are flashy and aren’t plagued with the camera issues of past 3D titles. I liked the soundtrack too, even if the cheesy rock tunes don’t match the level of Crush 40’s Sonic Adventure efforts. The game is a tad short, but given that I have only unlocked a tiny percentage of the trophies on offer there is plenty of incentive to replay Forces multiple times. Okay, that’s it for this review. Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed the egg puns. If you didn’t, lighten up and learn how to appreciate a good yolk… um joke.

21 thoughts on “Review of Sonic Forces

  1. Wow, only 5 hours huh? That is really short. Back when I was still gaming I always used to hate games that had such a short life span, even if they were enjoyable to play. It just wasn’t worth it to buy a full priced game that you can complete so quickly. But, I’m still glad you enjoyed it nonetheless πŸ˜€ This may come as a shock but I have never really payed a Sonic game (which probably has to do with the fact that I really suck at them).

    • The game is even shorter than that if you skip the cut scenes and dash through the levels flawlessly. All that said there is more content to tackle if you want to 100% it. Years ago I would have marked down a game for being short, but these days I don’t mind as I have less free time. It’s nice to complete a game within a week for once. Meanwhile all those lengthy RPGs I own remain unfinished.

      • That I guess is true. I have way too little time on my hands as well (no really lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚), so I guess it is nice to be able to complete something once in a while 😊

  2. My own review is coming later this week. I definitely agree it’s short, but as you said, there’s a lot to it if you want to 100% it. After you collect all 120 red star rings, it spawns sun and moon medallions (a la Sonic Unleashed) into the levels, for one. Then there’s the speed challenges, trying to get full honours a each animal type, the weapon and move base challenges … That’s all gonna take me a while.

    • I had no idea that even more medals appear after you collect all the red ones. People who bash Forces over its length are probably gamers who just play the story and neglect the collectables. From what I hear the new Mario is the same. The main campaign isn’t super long either, but there is tons of stuff to hunt down after the end credits roll.

      • I think that’s the key here. It’s almost a collectathon in that way. I had no idea about the medals either until I started trying the speed runs and noticed that they’d appeared. What I thought was cool was that there a little different to the red stars too; sun medals have to be collected in order or you lose them and moon medals are on a time once you get the first one, so they vary it up a little.

  3. Keep the puns coming, they’d probably receive a better reception than the game itself. Looking a few levels, it didn’t look difficult to be honest so I did a bit of reading and long story short it turns out that sonic fans are better off buying Sonic Mania.

    • I much preferred Sonic Mania, but my judgement may be biased as I grew up with the 16-bit Megadrive games. Forces is better than the bad 3D Sonic games, but far behind stuff like Generations, Colors and the Dreamcast Adventures.

    • The game isn’t a travesty like Sonic 2006, so Sonic Team are improving their craft. Unfortunately for them Sonic Mania came out this year too and set the bar too high for them to match.

      • Indeed. Mania was awesome as an homage, fanservice and an overall Sonic game whereas Forces had missed potential written all over it. As you said though it’s at least decent.

  4. I whole heartedly agree that classic Sonic’s controls felt way off. Maybe if Mania hadn’t come out it wouldn’t have been a big deal, but it’s definitely a noticeable downgrade. The campaign was also way too short. I’m working on getting the Platinum and as you said it does increase the replay value of the game, but it still basically revolves around beating the same stages over and over again. Did you know that for the Platinum you have to beat all 30 stages 3 different times because the latter collectibles don’t show up until you get the first ones? It’s a little more tedious than anything, but at least I do like the core gameplay. I had fun boosting all the way through. Sega may not have served up the Mario Odyssey rival that I was expecting, but at least they cracked the streak of only releasing Sonic games that were light on plot. If they can improve the length, keep this level of plot, and tighten up Sonic’s controls for the 2D, I think they’ll have a real winner on their hands!

  5. I played β€œSonic Forces” on the PlayStation 4. I have found that it was a really accessible game even though the controls were sometimes off for some characters. Still, I had fun playing it.

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