Review of Dead or Alive Xtreme 3


Play Asia recently gifted me a discount voucher, which I opted to spend on Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 – a game that Koei Tecmo refused to release in the West. In this politically correct climate they must have been concerned that the game would attract bad PR from the social justice brigade. That logic I fail to understand, given that the raunchier Senran Kagura titles get localized over here without much fanfare. Presumably the sight of ladies relaxing at the beach is offensive, but they have no qualms about players assaulting women in the mainline DOA fighting games. Forget about Middle East travel bans. To protect society from the ills of bikinis we should bar all flights to the Costa del Sol and Hawaii!


In this Dead or Alive spin-off players pick their favourite female, from Team Ninja’s fighting game franchise, and help her have a fun fortnight at a tropical resort. To raise your waifu’s satisfaction level you can buy her trinkets or participate in various mini-games. Out of the six activities on offer, beach volleyball is by far the most challenging. If you prefer a more casual way of accruing experience points and cash I recommend giving rock climbing a bash. To conquer the cliff face all you need do is clear a few quick time events. Just be sure to keep your eyes on the button prompts and not the babe in a swimsuit that is recklessly ascending the wall, without a safety rope or shoes.

Those of you who prefer competitive pursuits can try Butt Battle instead, which is pretty much a poor man’s Keijo. Alternatively you can race in the Beach Flag event. Pound the X button to run faster, akin to the NES days of Track N Field, and pray that your controller doesn’t break in the process. Another mini-game of note is Tug of War, where you pull on a rope until your opponent is dragged off their platform and into the pool. The victor is rewarded with cash and the loser screams in agony as their eyes get scorched with chlorine. Out of all the games on offer Pool Hopping is my favourite. The aim is to traverse the body of water by bouncing off foam blocks. Bonus points are awarded if you press the face button that matches the colour of the block you are stepping on.


My rating for Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Venus is three stars. If you desire a fun mini-game collection, which is rich in eye candy, this title is worth an import. Don’t worry about the language barrier, because the Asian version comes complete with English subtitles. Xtreme 3 boasts an impressive number of collectables (mostly bathing attire) and gorgeous visuals. Even on the humble Vita the character models are beautiful. I’m sure that the PlayStation 4 version looks even prettier, but I don’t regret my purchase. Sacrificing graphical fidelity for portability is worth it. I can now play DOA on the commute to work… and get weird looks from the strangers sitting next to me on the bus.

Be aware that Xtreme 3 carries an eighteen-age rating, as it features some casino games. The roulette sucks, as the wheel takes ages to spin, but the Blackjack and Poker are enjoyable. If gambling is your thing Xtreme 3 is more affordable than blowing your life savings at Overall I give Xtreme 3 a thumbs up. More mini-games would have been nice though, as playing the same six events continuously gets stale after a while. A larger lineup of characters would have enhanced the game too. Koei could have padded out the roster with some of the DOA guys. Both genders would then have something to drool over and critics wouldn’t be able to brand the game sexist. Oh well, it’s probably best to keep things female exclusive. No one wants to see Ryu Hayabusa in a thong after all.

25 thoughts on “Review of Dead or Alive Xtreme 3

  1. In my gaming days, I played DOA Extreme 2 over on the old xbox360. It was an okay game. Yes of course it was all about the eye candy, but still I enjoyed the minigames and the volleybal aspects of it were fun as well. I did not even know there was a third version for it now. Still sounds like a lot of fun though. Great that it is now even portable πŸ˜€ Cool review!

    • This isn’t the first time that DOA Xtreme is available on handheld. Previously you could buy it on PSP. It’s weird that Koei didn’t localize this title, given that they have released Xtreme games in the past on Xbox. I think Japanese companies are getting too paranoid over what the West thinks of eye candy, which is why so many titles get censored these days.

  2. Yeah it always amazes me that eye candy for some reason is seen as a sign of the devil (so to speak), but violence in games seems to be no problem whatsoever.
    I did not know there was a PSP release for DOA extreme. Missed that one 😊

    • I don’t get the controversy over swimsuits in games. Then again I hail from a sunny place where going to the beach is a way of life. One of the more ridiculous examples was Nintendo censoring a bikini pic in Fire Emblem. You kill hundreds of people in that game, but heaven forbid someone going for a peaceful dip.

      • That really does sound ridiculous. Why on Earth they felt the need to censor something like that is beyond me. But then again it should not come as a real surprise. Sometimes we live in a pretty crazy world it seems. πŸ˜€

  3. Man this looked terrible when it was announced. And not because of the fan service. Everything about it just seemed ho-hum. Glad to see it isn’t completely terrible, but I think I’d still be pretty bored. Good news for those who liked the previous one I suppose!

    • Dead or Alive Xtreme is one of those games that you can tell whether you will enjoy it or not by looking at the trailer. Most people will find it shallow, but for me it’s a fun time waster when I have a few minutes to kill. Games made up of mini-games can be entertaining, as Mario Party has proven. Xtreme would however be better with more activities to play and a more fleshed out Volleyball mode. From what I understand this sequel has fewer games that the previous titles. Guess they used up all the memory on bikinis to purchase at the digital store!

  4. And here i am not knowing about gaming or ps4 or anime. All of the guys in the comment section are pro at this 😦 . But never mind , i like reading your posts πŸ™‚ .

    • Glad to hear that my reviews entertain, even if they are about subjects you aren’t well versed in. Given that most of my posts are about anime or games it’s only natural that the many of the readers I attract are knowledgeable on those subjects. Maybe these game reviews will inspire you to program some video games.

      • Something about game and coding :
        1. The repetitive backgrounds in the game are actually “threads” which gets repeated again and again. Just lie sometimes you now the next move of the enemy after a particular step.
        2. The basic lego game was made by a single person.
        3. Different threads and event in a game handle different parts of your game πŸ™‚ . Like controlling your character’s moves, at the same time getting some super cool weapon from the store so you can fight with your enemy at that instance:) . Now that sounds like a rubbish game πŸ™‚
        Im not that interested in game development , as it requires a good laptop, and you now my experience πŸ™‚ . But as soon as i’ll be getting a good laptop, i’ll immediately pick up on my udemy course.

    • Thank you. If I knew in advance that this was going to be my 500th post maybe I would have picked something more epic to write about. In a way though this title does symbolize the spirit of my blog haha.

    • Thank you. Five hundred posts in four years is around one article per week, which isn’t too bad. Love your festive avatar by the way. Shame that Lightning Returns didn’t have a Santa outfit. It would have been better than Moogle Queen at least.

      • Thanks! Santa Lightning would be an awesome costume! Moogle Queen… *shudders* She actually says “You’ve seen me wearing this now you have to die” at the start of battle, haha.

  5. That’s what I’m always afraid of on my Vita, button mashing ruining my system. I love it too much to lose it, but then how do you win some of those games without button mashing?

    • A button breaking on the Vita would suck, because it’s not like a console were you can just buy a new controller. Thankfully that has never happened to any of the handhelds I have owned. Maybe for that racing game the developer could have changed the controls to use the touch screen? Make the character’s speed depend on how quickly you swipe your finger across the screen?

  6. I want to see Ryu Hayabusa in a thong.

    Outside of that, I watched a few videos of this game. Did not strike me as having all that much content to it. Is it something that could keep you occupied for more than one or two sessions?

    • Depends what you classify as content. If you want to unlock all the trophies and purchase all the swimsuits the game will keep you occupied for yonks. Playing the same six games gets repetitive though so I tend to only play this in quick bursts, when I have fifteen minutes to kill.

  7. Everybody knows that sexy girls on the beach is super offensive! I’m getting triggered just by the photo. Is Dead or Alive a fighting game or just fan service because I only ever seem to hear/read about sexy girls when I come across that game.

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