Review of Cat Quest


Once again I played a video game were the objective is to save a damsel in distress. Thankfully what Cat Quest lacks in originality it makes up for in funny feline puns and awesome gameplay. Developed by Singapore outfit Gentlebros, Cat Quest is another example of a title making the successful leap from mobile devices to console. Players assume the role of a silent paw-tagonist who travels across an isle, inhabited by humanoid kitties, in search of his abducted sister. Over the course of this eight-hour adventure our hero will have to vanquish an evil knight named Drakoth and a trio of dragons who are terrorizing the land.


Drakoth has kidnapped an innocent girl. What a cat-astrophe! Oh well, fear not because the captured maiden has a sibling who won’t rest until his sis is saved. Playing through Cat Quest reminded me of classic Zelda. There aren’t any puzzles to test your brainpower, as a handy marker tells you exactly what to do, but the combat is pure 2D hack n slash. Another similarity the two titles share is that the game features a mute playable character, who is accompanied by a diminutive flying sidekick. Thankfully the fairy in Cat Quest is less annoying than Navi, although you may think otherwise if you dislike characters that spew out puns.

The combat in Cat Quest is fun, but far from purr-fect. Due to a lack of depth the battles get repetitive after a while, so I would recommend playing the game in short bursts. In most cases you’ll deal with foes by evading their initial attack, with a well-timed roll, which you can then follow up with a barrage of sword swipes. A handy red radius indicates exactly where and when an enemy is going to strike. Complimenting the physical damage you inflict are magic spells that can restore health, boost strength and burn anyone in the vicinity. Sorcery costs mana to activate, which you can easily replenish by landing melee hits.


My rating for Cat Quest is a three out of five. The game missed out on four stars by a “whisker.” Although the humour and cute graphics are nice I can’t award it a higher score due to the lack of variety. Both the main campaign and optional missions, which you procure from village bulletin boards, are nothing more than glorified fetch quests. Cat Quest also suffers from a lack of challenge. The hit and run strategy I outlined above works on everyone, be they lowly rodents or mighty bosses. Should you mess up and die it’s no big deal either. The only penalty for death is that you re-spawn at a nearby town.

On the plus side I liked how the loot you procure, from adventuring, can be used to customize the main character. Every piece of gear has its own modifiers that influence health, damage and defence. The way you go about purchasing new equipment feels like opening a loot box. Gold you earn can be spent at the smithy to open chests, which award random gear. Obtaining a duplicate is no biggie, because if you pick up a repeat said weapon/accessory will level up in power. Sweet! Okay, that’s enough typing for today. Thank you for reading the review. Until next time, I am meowt of here!

18 thoughts on “Review of Cat Quest

  1. Haha like all the cat jokes you have put in here. I’m glad the game itself was not a cat-astrophe either lol. Don’t know if this would have been a game that I would have played back in my own gaming days. I was more into shooters and arcade racing games. But then again I was always open to trying out something new. Cat-aclysmiccy cool review πŸ˜€

    • I wish I could take credit for the puns, but most of them are lifted from the game. Every line of dialogue features cat themed wordplay. No surprises then that the game’s main city is called the Catipal.

  2. The review catastic (got it, nah never been good at puns 😦 ) . Anyways great review as always πŸ™‚ .I don’t play games but i read your posts, because i love the sense of humor in it . Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  3. This game looks and sounds so cute πŸ˜€ Definitely seems like a little fun game, I’d play while relaxing. πŸ™‚
    Love your cat puns, by the way. They were pawsome hehe πŸ˜€ (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. You’re probably sick of hearing cat puns, by now) πŸ™‚

    • The game doesn’t have much depth, but makes up for it in cuteness and charm. It is a good casual RPG to play when chilling out. Given that the game started life on mobile devices it’s weird that Cat Quest isn’t out on 3DS or Vita. I would have preferred playing it on a handheld over PS4.

      Did you really leave a pun on my comments section? You can’t be serious. You must be kitten me. πŸ˜‰

    • Haha. I never found out what happened to Serah after the 13-2 cliffhanger because I never completed Lightning Returns. Maybe I should look into that, but it might be best not to because curiosity killed the cat.

    • Yup. I believe the game is out on PC, PS4, Switch, iOS and Android. Holding out for a discount is a good idea as the game isn’t very long and rather easy. There is no death penalty. What a missed opportunity! If I designed the game I would start players off with nine lives.

  4. It’s definitely impressive how many cat lines the game could think up to fill in the plot and good job grabbing them! I’ve never heard of this game before, but it definitely looks like a fun game to check out at some point. Whenever there is a quest in the title I get the feeling that the game’s probably going to be good

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