Review of Chaos;Child


The award for Most Grammatically Challenged visual novel franchise must go to the Science Adventure series. What’s the deal with developer 5pb inappropriately inserting semi colons into all of their game titles? If you aren’t familiar with the company’s library of work, I am sure you at least recognize some of their anime adaptations – the most famous being time travel yarn Steins;Gate. Chaos;Child is the sequel to the lesser-known Chaos;Head. Thankfully you don’t need to be familiar with its predecessor to enjoy Chaos;Child. Probably for the best, as the original visual novel never came out in the west and the animated series based off said VN wasn’t all that great.


If you decide to purchase Chaos;Child, either on the PS4 or PlayStation Vita, I would not recommend eating a snack whilst reading it. The game features some grisly murders, starting off with the very first chapter. Chaos;Child’s opener shows how an online soothsayer comes to a premature end, during a live stream, when he decides to chow down on one of his arms. For some unknown reason the celebrity predictor had mistaken his appendage for a slice of cheese. The death is the handiwork of a serial killer who is copycatting the New Generation Madness – a series of murders, made to look like bizarre suicides, which occurred six years prior.

Players take the role of Takuru Miyashiro, a Shibuya student who leads his high school’s newspaper club. Takuru has taken it upon himself to investigate the above-mentioned killings, despite the disapproval of student council president Nono Kurusu. Nono is actually Takuru’s stepsister, but the two no longer cohabitate due to a falling out. A while back Takuru left home and moved into an RV, where he spends his days drinking Mountain Dew and reading magazines that a local hobo delivers to him. Helping out Takuru with the mystery are childhood friend Serika Onoe, club mate Shinji Ito and a twin tailed girl named Hinae Arimura (who is very perceptive at detecting lies.)


My rating for Chaos;Child is four stars. One of the better visual novels available on Sony’s handheld – marred only by a noticeable number of typographical errors that publisher PQube could have eradicated with a quick spellcheck. The game is great value, as it is effectively six stories in one. Which ending you unlock is determined during certain scenes, where the player has to elect whether Takuru should experience a positive or negative delusion. The hallucinations in question are humorous and help offset what is otherwise a grim tale that usually concludes on a bittersweet note. Out of all the finales, the least depressing one was the route that pairs Takuru with MMO junkie Hana Kazuki. She is a quiet girl who survives on a diet exclusively made up of squid and lollipops.

Compared to other visual novels on the market, Chaos;Child has some pretty impressive production values. Spicing up the standard text and still pictures are Japanese voice acting, some minimal animation and a few particle effects. Those little touches really help enhance an excellent script that is rich in quirky characters, supernatural elements and unexpected twists. Okay, that’s it for this review. Time to edit the draft before I post it online. Thank goodness that my articles are concise because I expect the proofreading will take a while. I wonder how many times this document is going to cause Microsoft Word’s grammar checker to pause, due to all those blasted semi colons!

22 thoughts on “Review of Chaos;Child

  1. I have seen the anime series for Chaos;Child and I honestly have to say that I quite liked that one. This visual novel looks pretty cool. With the amount of hobbies I already have (way too many lol), I have never tried a visual novel before. Am just afraid to get addicted to something else again ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ That said, this looks cool though. Thanks for sharing this ๐Ÿ˜€

    • I’ll have to check out the anime one of these days. One concern I have, as a reader of the source material, is how much content the studio cut out because the series is only thirteen episodes long. This VN is rather lengthy. Steins;Gate and Robotics;Notes were longer shows, from what I recall.

  2. Hmm tough question, and one that I can’t really answer. But I do know that I really enjoyed the series. What I remember is that at some points it did feel rushed, but not in a way that I came to dislike it ๐Ÿ˜Š

  3. In my opinion – the anime is not worth your time and does not come close to doing the VN justice; The adaptation simply didn’t work out as well as Stein’s. But that’s just my opinion; Of course.

    • Interesting. One reader liked the anime and another didn’t. I will have to see how I rate it. Will it be good like Steins;Gate and Robotics;Notes or disappointing like Chaos;Head? Maybe I should have watched the anime first because I would be oblivious to the source material’s quality.

  4. Gross he ate his arm! Sounds like something out of Saw hehe
    I’ve recently discovered anime visual novels, in the Playstore. All I can say is that most of the ones I’ve read, have typos and inappropriate punctuation. It’s kind of funny sometimes ๐Ÿ™‚

    • There’s a fair number of visual novels on PSN. A lot of them seemed to be geared to female readers though. I think visual novels are great for the Vita because they are something you can read a bit before going to bed.

      • I noticed that. I’ve read a few of those geared towards females. Some of them are start of innocent, but are very twisted. ๐Ÿ™‚
        Completely agree. Love getting all snuggled up and reading them before bed ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. I am really, really interested in this Visual Novel, but unfortunately, it’s priced like a full game, and as much as I love my VNs, I’m not willing to pay $60 for one. Hopefully it and I will have some quality time after the price drops.

    • In the game’s defense, this isn’t one of those visual novels that you can finish is a couple of hours. Just one playthrough took a substantial amount of time, let alone unlocking all the endings. Compared to other releases I think Chaos;Child was good value. Patience will however reward you with a good deal. On the PSN store if you wait for a few months you’ll often see full price games go on sale for quite the discount.

  6. I ate some cheese slices today. At least, I think it was cheese….
    OK, I checked, two arms. I’m okay. Or should I say, I’m;okay.
    But I’m also waiting for a price drop on this one.

    • That’s what I would expect from the bargain hunter who regularly posts good deals on their blog. Need to save the pennies because those special editions, packaged with buttons, don’t come cheap ๐Ÿ™‚

    • The translation is alright. My problem with the script is the occasional spelling mistake and parts were they don’t put a space between words. If you want to see a game that was probably localized with Google Translate check Sword Art Online. It barely makes sense at times. The latest YS apparently also suffers from a shoddy translation job. On the plus side the company responsible is working to fix it.

  7. Wow, what a high rating for what Iโ€™ve heard to be the worst entry in the Science Adventure series! Still, I never let hate or bias determine what I watch, play, or likeโ€”good for you in acting the same way. Iโ€™ve never played any of the games for this series (though I want to), but I have seen many of the anime adaptations (all but the recent one), and I love those to death! If you ever decide to watch the Chaos;Child anime adaptation (yeah, Iโ€™ve heard scary things about that one too, but again, it wonโ€™t stop me from seeing it eventually), you should totally share your thoughts on it in a review!

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