Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Review


Talk about a demotion. In their last adventure Drax, Star Lord, Rocket Racoon, Gamora and treant toddler Groot saved the universe. When this sequel begins we see that the titular Guardians of the Galaxy have been reduced to the role of security guards. Hired by a race of walking Academy Award statuettes, called the Sovereign, our quintet of heroes are tasked with protecting some glorified Duracells from a giant tentacle monster. In exchange for their services the Guardians secure custody of Gamora’s cybernetic sis Nebula, who is currently languishing in a Sovereign prison. Things go smoothly until furry bandit Racoon helps himself to some of the batteries he is supposed to be safeguarding.


After detecting that some of their energy cells have been pilfered, the Sovereign Empire sends out a fleet of remote controlled craft to destroy the Guardians. Outnumbered and outgunned, it appears that Star Lord and pals are doomed. Thankfully for them, at the very last second, a mysterious ship turns up on the scene and annihilates the Sovereign forces – rescuing the Guardians from certain destruction. One crash landing later, the identity of the Guardians’ saviours is revealed. The pilots of the unidentified spaceship are an antennaed female empath named Mantis and her bearded master Ego, who claims to be Star Lord’s long lost alien daddy!

Furious over the Guardians’ escape, Sovereign leader Priestess Ayesha recruits the Ravager space pirates and orders them to track down Star Lord’s band of misfits. Led by blue skinned whistler Yondu, the Ravagers manage to apprehend Groot and Racoon, who were in midst of repairing their downed ship. The remaining Guardians are elsewhere, visiting Ego’s home planet. Can Star Lord, Drax and Gamora save their chums from Yondu’s clutches? Regrettably that will have to wait, because they have other concerns to deal with. A shocking discovery calls into question whether Ego truly is the benign parent he claims to be. Never trust a pop that has failed to pay child support in thirty years I say.


My rating for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is four stars. I am going to go against the grain by proclaiming that Vol. 2 is slightly better than its predecessor. For me the sequel was funnier, which is saying a lot given that the original was no slouch when it came to comedy. Like the previous movie, Vol. 2 has a soundtrack rich in golden oldies and some top-notch action. I was impressed by the UFO dogfights, laser gun shootouts and a sequence were Yondu fells an entire army with a single arrow. Despite the plentiful hysterics the script isn’t devoid of drama. I thought the father/daughter bond that formed between Drax and Mantis was rather sweet and the movie’s finale succeeded in tugging at the heartstrings.

Like with most modern films the running time could have done with a trim. The fairly straightforward plot didn’t warrant a 136-minute running time. Director James Gunn could have easily reduced the duration by shortening the overly long final battle and lowering the ridiculous number of after credit skits. Exorcising the pointless Star Lord/Gamora romance, which lacked chemistry, would have salvaged a few more minutes too. Their feelings of love felt more artificial than the green screen environments. Shame that the pairing flopped, because the camaraderie between the other characters is one of the movie’s biggest strengths… along with Groot’s cuteness. Disney is going to make a tree-mendous amount of money selling adorable Groot merchandise.

35 thoughts on “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Review

    • That’s one advantage sequels have. All the characters have already been established so the studio can jump straight into the story. The first Avengers movie also had that luxury, as it introduced most of the heroes in other films.

  1. Haha love the tree-mendous pun. This was a great review. I enjoyed this second outing a lot as well, but for me the first one was slightly better. Just a bit though mind you. As far as sequels go, this one was great and had a lot going for it. The humor was it’s biggest strength, but I agree about the runtime that could have been a little less. Can’t wait for them to start making an appearance in the next Avengers movie. That is going to be a blast šŸ˜Š

      • Sorry for the late response, it’s been a bit crazy the last few days, and have about 100 posts I still have to read lol.
        Yeah, it might feel weird, but on the other hand it might also give some really cool twists to the Avengers story. Really looking forward to see how this will turn out šŸ˜€

    • The impression I have been given is that most people prefer the original over this one. From a technical point of view I think the first film had a better story, but I had more fun watching this one due to all the gags. The sequel has a better villain too.

    • They did a grand job with the comedy and with fleshing out the characters. Rocket and Yondu got some nice development and I liked how they expanded Gamora/Nebula’s sisterly relationship. Turns out that Nebula is quite the tsundere when it comes to her sibling.

  2. I love both films, and while I think I also would give the edge to Vol. 2, it would depend on the day you asked me I think. Vol. 2 has going for it that everyone was comfortable both in their individual roles as well as that they were clearly steering this into being the comedy series in the MCU, as opposed to the first film where it was hilarious but felt like they were just a bit hesitant over whether Marvel fans would want to see a gag-heavy film as opposed to a straight action/adventure.

    • There are a few Marvel comics that could be adapted into pure comedies. For now they are sticking to action with a blend of humor. Fine by me because that is a mix of genres that I enjoy.

  3. Both have their charm. Vol 1 served as a sweet action-packed introduction whereas Vol 2 had more character development and laughs. Batista stole the show for me along with the lady who played Mantis. their banter was delightful.

  4. I’m in the minority as I wasn’t overly impressed by the first film and found this one equally unremarkable – Groot aside of course. Not sure what it is but this franchise hasn’t bonded with me for some reason – a bit like the Iron Man films, yet I prefer him when part of The Avengers. I guess it is down to the scripts. :-/

      • I was never a big Batista fan anyway… šŸ˜›

        But as I said in my review I didn’t like how Drax went from ass kicker in the first film to laughter machine in this one. Just weird booking…

  5. I so want a Dancing Groot. I think one would look adorable next to a Sumomo from Chobits.

    I agree 100% about chopping the romance out. It was like the creators felt like they had to have a romance, but like you said, no chemistry there.

  6. We enjoyed this film. I’d say we liked the first one slightly better though. The pacing was tighter. I agree with you, they could have trimmed Vol 2 quite a bit. I enjoyed seeing the relationships develop, even Gamora and Peter. They can never, never, never get together (it would ruin the story, really), but I like to see Peter try.

    I love that there was a redemption arc for Yondu.

    And I wish they could have drawn out the relationship and eventual battle with Peter’s father. It felt rushed to me. I think they could have had a different villain for this movie, had Peter realize or begin to realize his father’s evil by the end and have to deal with him in the next film or films.

    • I like your idea of prolonging the Ego reveal. Given that Thanos is waiting in the wings and the Sovereign are likely to appear in future films I guess Marvel was keen to wrap up the father business in this movie. Sowing the seeds for upcoming villains is cool, but I guess they can’t plan too far ahead given that the actors are only contracted for a certain number of appearances.

  7. You mentioned Ego, and I got excited only to have it crashing down again. Someday, I’ll see the Living Planet in a film. It’s just a matter of time. And a matter of running out of all the other available ideas.

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