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No one is immune to the effects of old age – not even Wolverine. Thanks to his healing factor, Logan has maintained a youthful appearance for many decades. In the year 2029 he is however starting to look worse for wear. The alloy that coats Logan’s bones is beginning to poison his body and dull the former X-Man’s restorative powers. Injuries no longer regenerate within seconds and even worse his facial hair is starting to turn grey. There’s nothing that reminds one of their impending mortality more than faded follicles. I myself refuse to grow a beard, because the sight of a goatee speckled with white patches depresses me.


In the not too distant future, mutants are virtually extinct. Logan has retired from the superhero game and become a limo driver, who chauffeurs douche bags to parties. His income is mostly spent on booze and medication. The pills he purchases are sedatives, used to treat the seizures that afflict Logan’s mentor Charles Xavier. Professor X no longer has control of his telepathic gifts, making him a danger to others. Whenever the bald psychic has a fit everyone in the vicinity is struck with excruciating migraines, which equal the hangover pain I felt that one time I binged on whisky.

Wolverine comes out of retirement, to go on one last adventure, when he is hired to escort a youngster upstate. The destination is Canada, the land of free healthcare and refuge from malevolent conglomerates. Laura, the girl who Logan is tasked with protecting, escaped from a research lab and is now being pursued by cyborg mercenaries who have orders to apprehend her. Comic book readers will be well aware that Laura (aka X-23) is a clone who possesses superhuman healing powers and metal claws. Hmmm, I don’t think we need to administer a DNA test to determine who her biological father is.


My rating for Logan is four stars. It’s easily the best movie from the Wolverine trilogy. Um okay, that’s really not saying much. Let me rephrase that! Logan is one of the better live action X-Men movies to date. If this turns out to be the final time that Hugh Jackman plays the role of Wolverine, it can be said that he bowed out on a high note. One plus that Logan has over other titles in the franchise is its age rating. No longer constrained by a 12 classification, now that Deadpool has popularized R-rated blockbusters, Logan is free to deliver satisfyingly visceral action. Prepare yourself for plentiful scenes were claws impale crania.

Not to be outdone by Jackman’s exceptional performance is Patrick Stewart, as Professor X. He delivers humorous quips and sagely advice with aplomb, in addition to convincingly portraying Xavier’s bouts of dementia. It’s so tragic seeing the once majestic Captain Picard reduced to a wheelchair bound senile coot. Harder to assess is the acting chops of Dafne Keen (Laura) because she is mute for a large portion of the 137-minute running time. At the very least she comes off as vicious, which is no mean feat given her diminutive stature. I would have preferred an older X-23, but must concede that the casting was made to instil the father/daughter relationship she shares with Logan.

Like whisky, Wolverine has improved with age. Given the choice I would recommend watching this feature over drinking said beverage. Take it from me, the hangover will leave you feeling like Logan has sunk his blades into your skull.

24 thoughts on “Review of Logan

  1. Some critics have said that Logan is Marvel’s equivalent of The Dark Knight, and I think that’s an apt comparison to the extent that I don’t really think I would consider them good superhero movies; I feel it’s more accurate to describe them as thrillers that happen to star superheroes in the lead role. Whatever the case, though I wouldn’t be quick to call it my absolute favorite Marvel movie as many critics have, Logan is one of the better entries in the X-Men canon.

    • It really doesn’t feel like a superhero movie, partly due to the tone and partly because the superpowers are more restraint than other X-Men films. For me the X-Men movies are very hit or miss. Some are excellent and others suck. I agree with you that Logan is one of the better flicks from the series.

    • Overly long movies are a bugbear of mine. I miss the days when 90 minutes was the standard length for a film. Logan clocks in at over two hours, but to its credit I can’t say I was ever bored. The Blu-Ray has a few deleted scenes so let’s be grateful that it wasn’t even longer.

    • Theoretically speaking Wolverine should be ageless thanks to his mutant power. In this movie however the healing factor is struggling to counter the Adamantium in his system. Makes the action scenes more exciting, as he is now vulnerable.

      You better avoid the comics because Wolverine is currently dead, although Marvel always resurrects characters so I am sure he will return eventually. Right now X-23 has adopted the Wolverine mantle. Her comic is pretty good.

      • The price of having metal claws 😦 But he really didn’t have a choice, in that matter. Love the action scenes the those movie πŸ™‚
        Oh no, he’s dead. I’ll definitely be avoiding the comic now. I must check out her comics, now that I need a Wolverine replacement hehe πŸ˜€

  2. Loved the movie and gave me the feels near the climax as intended.
    All three leads did a phenomenal job and I’d love to see a next-gen X-Men movie starring X-23 after the Dark Phoneix Saga one I hear is in production.

    • An X-23 movie could be cool. If they ever do it I hope it is set many years later and stars an older Laura, even if it means casting someone else. Not sure what to make of Dark Phoenix. They already adapted that saga (albeit terribly) so I would rather the studio tackled a different story line.

    • I’m not one of those people who herald Logan as one of the best superhero movies ever, but I liked it. Some people have probably gotten a little carried away with the flick, as the prior Wolverine films weren’t all that great.

      • I kept hearing from everyone how amazing this film was. I went in with high expectations for once because I actually thought I would love it. I didn’t lol,

  3. I have a really hard time with series that are up and down in quality, I’m finding. I always seem to only run into the bad ones, then give up on the series just in time for the good ones to run around. Guess I’ll have to pick this one up on rental…

    • The inconsistency of X-Men movies can be frustrating. Some are great and others are trash. Renting this film sounds like a good idea. To be honest I only pay for a cinema ticket or DVD if I am 100% sure I will enjoy the movie.

  4. Nice review! I’m genuinely interested in Logan, despite not liking most of the other movies (I did like the one in Japan, I’ll admit). I might consider renting this from a Redbox.

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