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Ouch! I have just realized that it has been yonks since I last posted a video game review (third of June to be exact). Perhaps the anonymous reader who recently un-followed my blog is a gamer who tired of waiting for new content? Have I given up on gaming? Nope. I play on my consoles and handhelds every day, but I don’t like reviewing a title until I finish it. At the moment I am battling my way through two lengthy RPGs, which will take an age to complete as my current schedule limits me to just sixty minutes of daily gaming goodness.


To end the video game drought on this site, I decided to play a short but sweet mobile puzzler. Finally I use my tablet for something other than reading comics (if you are looking for graphic novel recommendations I endorse downloading Marvel’s hilarious Gwenpool books.) The brainteaser I decided to purchase (in case you suffer from an ailment that prevents the reading of titles) is Monument Valley. A sequel for this game came out two months ago, but I figured that starting with the original would be best. Like the babe from Sound of Music said – “let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.”

Speaking of music, one of Monument Valley’s highlights would have to be its audio. The soothing tunes and sound effects are a perfect remedy for the stresses of office life. Now that I have finished the game whatever shall I do to unwind during lunch breaks? Guess I will have to go back to sniffing glue. Kidding! The Otaku Judge does not advocate solvent abuse. Inhaling adhesives may cause mental impairment, which would hinder your progress in Monument Valley. Despite wearing a pointy dunce cap, the protagonist of this adventure has to use her wits to advance past each stage.


Princess Ida is the heroine who players must guide through a total of ten stages. The dainty monarch is trapped in the titular Monument Valley – a mysterious place constructed out of sacred geometry. With the aid of touch screen controls, players must find the hidden route leading to the level’s exit. To achieve this Ida will have to stand on panels and manipulate the isometric landscape. You have to think outside the box when forming paths, because the roads Ida travels are akin to Penrose Stairs (click here). When three-dimensional objects are represented in 2D the results sure can be funky.

A solo quest would feel quite sterile, but fear not because Ida encounters several entities during her pilgrimage. Phantoms that haunt the halls reveal titbits of lore about the structure you are navigating. Hostile bipedal avians will sometimes halt Ida’s march with a tirade of squawks. Thankfully not everyone you meet is so mean. A friendly golem makes an appearance, in some of the labyrinths, to assist Ida with overcoming certain obstacles. The golem is nothing more than a one-eyed pillar, but I still got attached to him. Who says that you can’t form bonds with inanimate objects? Rest in peace Weighted Companion Cube.


My rating for Monument Valley is four stars. I can see why this game won awards back in 2014. People often decry the quality of mobile gaming, but if you avoid the free to play garbage there are some real gems waiting to be found in the Apps Store larder. Monument Valley is an accessible puzzler that can be enjoyed regardless of your IQ. I am a complete blockhead and still managed to finish the game with little trouble. The well-crafted levels are designed in such a way that frustration is kept to a minimum. Despite the lack of challenge there is enough thinking involved that I felt satisfaction after sussing every conundrum.

Like I mentioned earlier, Monument Valley is a short but sweet experience. Some critics would say that it’s too short. I estimate that clearing the story took me between two to three hours. That’s fair when you consider that its current retail price is four quid. A fast food meal costs about the same and will last you a lot less, to put things into perspective. Quality over quantity is something we should all herald, especially in this age were everyone’s free time is at a premium. If you can think of other classics, which don’t require a Witcher 3 commitment to beat, let me know in the comments section below. Maybe I’ll check out your suggestion and not deprive the blog of gaming posts for another two months.

22 thoughts on “Review of Monument Valley

    • I started the sequel the other day. Will have to go back to try the extra levels at a later date. Are they much harder than the main campaign? It’s a bit annoying that you have to pay for the additional levels, given how short the actual game is. Although it’s not expensive, I have never been a fan of DLC because some companies abuse the system.

  1. Nah, you’re not a blockhead!!. If you want to talk about finishing games….geeze louise do I take the mick. I’m not really in to mobile gaming, however this does sound interesting. A nice relaxing game to play. Unlike FM Horizon 3, where road rage and destruction derby IS NOT on the table.

    • When it comes to racers I like titles were crashing into opponents are pelting them with shells is an option. Driving sensibly feels like a chore and is no good for venting steam.

  2. Wait, wearing the dunce cap?!

    *looks again*

    I’ve seen this image a few times, but I never looked at the feet before. I thought the dunce cap was the character’s nose, the black area was the face, and then the face was the hat. I thought the main character was looking up at the sky…

    I guess I’ll be borrowing that dunce cap now.

    • Haha. If the cap was her nose she would be walking backwards all game. The scary thing is that your mistaken observation isn’t completely wrong… players who have completed the game will know what I mean.

    • It’s a nice game to play when you want to chill out for a few minutes. RPGs are my fave genre of game, but they take too long to complete. I bought MiiTopia because it looked like a casual fantasy game, but in terms of length I hear it can takeover 30 hours to finish.

    • The game is quite cheap so you may want to give it a try. I’m surprised Monument Valley hasn’t been ported over to the Switch or Vita, so people who shun mobile gaming can check it out.

    • Wow, here I was thinking that I am the only person in the western world who doesn’t own a mobile phone. The only reason why I managed to play Monument Valley is because I own an old iPad.

  3. This game looks cute like a cupcake. It made me a little hungry for sweets, but this is not the main point I want to make. I’ve been searching shorter games, but I get stuck with all these long games, which I don’t have as much time to play. I think 7-10 hours is perfect for a game. Good example is El Shaddai Ascension of the Metatron.

    • I own El Shaddai Ascension, but it currently sits on my backlog pile. Perhaps I should give it a bash, given that it isn’t too long. RPGs are my fave genre of video game, but are so time consuming. It’s nice that mobile apps allow busy bees to sneak in some gaming sessions when time is at a premium.

      • I think you would like the game if you appreciate art. It is also fun. I think this time around, it’s the best time to play the game. The colors are so vibrant in the game that you will instantly feel happy. Well I am not sure if you will feel that, but that’s what it did to me. Mobile apps are great to connect to the rest of the world. I don’t feel entirely alone.

  4. You know, when you only have an hour of time a day to spend on gaming, I can see how some of those shorter titles would be more attractive. A game you can beat in a couple of days seems pretty cozy to me.

    • It sucks when you buy an excellent game and don’t get to finish it due to time demands. That’s why these days I am less critical of short titles. I understand the concept of value for money, but anyone who is willing to wait can normally get software for really cheap eventually.

      All that said I just bought Xemoblade 2 for my new Switch. I can’t imagine that RPG will be a short and sweet experience haha. Maybe my new years resolution can be to not buy new Switch games until I complete the previous one?

      • Aw, man. I still have memories of the original Xenoblade, and yeah. It’s a long one. Just, clear your appointments for a while. You’ll need that time.

      • If only I had know when I made this comment.

        Aside from Mr. Spacey’s pervy indiscretions, House of Cards had really blatant product placement, both for games like this and weirdly for the Sony Vita. I love the Vita and I will defend it to the death against people who dump on it, but still. There was an actual scene in Season 1 where Spacey is playing that Pennsylvania rep’s kid’s (I think) Vita and says something like “I should really get one of these for myself!” Shameless. Then again maybe Frank Underwood was a big fan of the Atelier series and really wanted those Plus versions. I can respect that.

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