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After listening to my boss wax lyrical about Gal Gadot’s beauty, for an entire shift, I decided to corroborate his claims by taking a rare trip down to the local cinema. The screening of Wonder Woman was my destination – Warner Bros’ latest attempt at getting moviegoers to love their DC cinematic universe. I was expecting a stimulating experience given that the film stars a former beauty pageant winner who is playing a heroine created by a chap who apparently was into bondage.


Anyone who has had the misfortune of watching Batman versus Superman knows that Wonder Woman looks great for her age. A photograph uncovered by Bruce “Caped Crusader” Wayne revealed that the supermodel crime-fighter hasn’t aged a bit since she made her debut in World War I. This 140-minute flick chronicles how the Amazonian warrior got involved in the conflict. It all started one fateful day when a Yankee spy named Steve Trevor (played by Chris Pine) crash-landed on the secluded island of Themyscira.

The isleโ€™s inhabitants rescued Steve from a platoon of German soldiers, who were after the clandestine notes in his possession. Armed with just bows and arrows (Themyscira is populated solely by women so they are understandably primitive) the island’s defenders prove their girl power by defeating the gun totting Krauts. After interrogating Steve they learn of the Great War being waged across the sea. Hoping to stop the atrocities Themyscira native Diana (Wonder Woman) decides to leave her paradise homeland and escort Steve back to Britain.


One of the reasons why Wonder Woman is the best DC movie, post the Dark Knight trilogy, is because it isn’t overly serious. There are plenty of chuckles to be had when Diana reaches the UK. Some humorous moments include Diana shopping for a new wardrobe and Steve recruiting colourful allies at the pub. Many of the jokes revolve around Diana’s obliviousness to local customs, such as how women are treated like second-class citizens. Be aware that the story is set during a time when women hadn’t secured voting rights. How unjust! Both genders should be permitted to participate in elections. Youngsters however should be barred. Just look at all the mischief they caused during recent polls.

Apart from the comedy I also enjoyed Wonder Woman’s action. It was fun seeing the dainty Israeli hurl panzers at enemies, deflect machine gun fire with her bracelets and bash German skulls. Serves them right for being sore losers over the Brexit outcome! The villains Wonder Woman battles are hard to take seriously though, as they are so cartoonish. Main antagonist Erich Ludendorff is so evil that he not only shoots subordinates, but he also cackles with glee when trapping rivals in a room containing an airborne toxin. For the lulz he tosses a gas mask into the chamber just to see the group scrap for survival.


My rating for Wonder Woman is a 3.5 out of 5. Back when the casting was announced I wasn’t sure that Gal Gadot would be up to the role, but she proved me wrong. The only times her lack of acting chops were noticeable occurred during moments were she had to convey anguish or fury. She does however look ravishing in Amazonian attire and the more modest garb of a 1918 lady. Unlike Henry Cavill’s Superman, this version of Wonder Woman does come across as a true hero. Even when ignoring the plight of others would be advantageous Wonder Woman has no qualms about leaping in and protecting the weak.

The only reason I am not awarding the movie four stars is because of the ending. Just like Man of Steel, the studio went for an explosive climax that dragged on for way too long. It didn’t help either that Wonder Woman’s final adversary looked ridiculous, due in part to some ropey CGI. Other than that I was impressed with Wonder Woman. A deserved hit for Warner Bros and I appreciated that (unlike an SJW Marvel comic) the heroine wasn’t used as a vehicle to shove feminism down our throats. Fingers crossed that Wonder Woman signals the advent of more female superhero blockbusters. If done right they don’t all have to turn out as bad as Electra or Cat Woman!

33 thoughts on “Review of Wonder Woman

  1. I enjoyed this too. Like you, after Dawn of Justice, my expectations were pretty low, but this proved surprisingly entertaining. Shame it drifted into generic “beat the CGI bad guy at the end”, but up to that point, it was pretty good. Let’s hope DC take this as their template for the expanded universe and not Batman v Superman. 3/5 from me.

    • Yeah, pity about the final battle because the movie was doing so well until then. Hopefully the Flash and Aquaman movies follow Wonder Woman’s structure. Sadly in the case of Justice League they will require a major threat to trigger the team up, so a CGI fest is likely.

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  3. Loved the movie and here’s hopin’ the other DCEU entries will follow a similar format.

    The final boss battle being a CGI fest didn’t bother me. I hoped that they’d do justice to Ares and his armor, both were solid. Wished Ares’ face was covered in darkness but this is a live-action movie. Gotta have the actor’s face be visible at all times.

    Gal Gadot showed in BvS that she could hold her own as Wondy and here she proved that she could carry a movie too. Good stuff.

    • Ares would have looked much cooler with a helmet that obscured his features. Due to spoilers I didn’t want to elaborate too much on why I didn’t like the final battle. Part of the reason was that the guy they picked looked odd in a bulky armored form.

      • That’s what comment sections are for. I think most would expect there to be spoilers unless the writer requests visitors to not spoil.

        They could have had his true form be bulkier but again, actor.

      • When that shot came up, half the audience in the theater audibly cackled at the ridiculousness.

  4. I’ve been hearing good things about this game but wasn’t completely sold. I like that there is more humor in WW though. I feel it’s been lacking in DC’s movies. I might just end up checking it out this weekend! Great review!

    • This game has great graphics. I wasn’t impressed with the controls though. Wonder Woman would move where ever she wanted, regardless of the direction I pressed on the D-pad ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Haha, to be fair, 90% of blogs I follow are about games, including yours to some level. ๐Ÿ˜› Anyway, I can’t wait to play the game adaptation of the movie! They still make those, right?

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    • I liked Batman vs Superman more than some people, but then again I did watch the extended cut. Paying to watch a film at the cinema only to then be told that you have to buy the Blu-Ray, so you get additional scenes that flesh out the story, is such a con.

  6. I find the ending kind of cheesy (love as a weapon?), but all in all it’s a good movie. Gadot really nails the role. I’ve read reviews that are practically Gal Gadot worship, but I guess that’s hard to avoid.

  7. I just can’t seem to care, even though it’s the first modern DC movie that’s looked at all interesting to me. She’s just going to get hopelessly tangled up in the overarching Justice League plot, so it seems like it would be pointless to become invested in it.

    • Hehe. Your comment makes me think of the Ghostbusters drama. The studio blamed that movie’s performance on geeks being sexist. If that’s the case why is Wonder Woman doing so well?

      • Probably because WW is an original female creation about female empowerment and not women supplanting male icons for the sake of a few (non-existent) laughs… ?

  8. Still have yet to see, but I’m glad it’s not just there for female representation exclusively, but holds on its own as a superhero film. And yes, that attire and the lighting most posters almost makes her look like a glorious Valkyrie or something.

    • This is a good superhero movie that happens to star a female. Glad they didn’t make a bigger deal about the gender of the star. Promoting films in that manner can lead to a backlash, as we saw with Ghostbusters. Make a great movie and it will appeal to both sexes.

  9. I thought that this film was going to be something that pandered to feminists but you put my fear to rest with that. I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews for this film though.

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  11. I don’t know, this does look interesting, but I’m really having a hard time trusting DC movies. It’s just been so long since any of their has been above par.

  12. I’ve been saying for years that DC movies fall flat (for me) because they don’t know how to balance humor with seriousness. You can have a serious even sad movie, but even in the worst of times, humans use humor to get them through the bleakness (I mean it’s one of the reasons dark and gallows humor exists). When I saw Man of Steel, I couldn’t put my finger on what bothered me about it, but then I realized the movie had no joy to it, not even a little. It was all serious all the time, and the final fight scene went on for way too long. I’m actually curious if the fight scene at the end of Thor: The Dark World was as long, but Thor’s didn’t feel that way, because while obviously battling for the fate of the Nine Worlds, it still had those necessary moments of levity. If you do that wrong, you get Mood Whiplash, but done right and it’s a perfect balance.

    Wonder Woman finally saw DC realizing it cannot stick to its prior formula. It was easily the best movie I’ve seen all year, though I haven’t seen Guardians of the Galaxy 2 yet hehe.

    Nice review!

  13. Finally saw WW so I can now read your review! I mostly agree… this was DC’s best movie, but it was still full of clunky, cringe-worthy moments. Gal Gadot was a highlight of the film, which is a relief.

    Calling the creator a chap who’s into bondage is a bit simplistic though. The guy was pretty interesting… he invented the polygraph (hence WW’s lasso of truth) and was very much a feminist despite the apparent affinity for bondage. WW’s frequent capture was more to create the metaphor of women being shackled by society but eventually breaking free (or something along those lines, as I’ve read).

    All in all though, I’m glad the movie’s doing well. It’ll encourage more female-led films, and keep Marvel on their toes. Although I still think Captain America pulled off the war movie period piece better.

  14. Hello The Otaku Judge,

    I think that you gave this movie a fair score.

    I did not like it as much as the critics and most people, but Gal Gadot did do a better job than I had expected; it is a shame how the ending went, and this movie should have had better villains.

    Thank you for sharing you review,
    -John Jr

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