Review of Brave Dungeon


Right now everyone is going gaga over the Nintendo Switch, but I am too much of a cheapskate to buy new hardware so I’ll continue to play on my 3DS… an old 3DS at that! Given my frugal nature, I often scour the e-shop for good deals. A few days ago my bargain hunt uncovered an inexpensive gem titled Brave Dungeon. For just under a fiver I got my mitts on a game that contains two of my favourite things in the whole world – turn based RPG combat and cute anime girls! The game’s premier waifu is a scythe wielding treasure hunter named Al who players need to guide, as she navigates dungeons in search of precious magical items.


Al’s spelunking adventure will see her traverse a total of five dungeons. Like a Megaman boss selection screen, you are able to tackle each level in any order you desire. Be aware however that enemies get progressively tougher each time Al descends down to a dungeon’s lower floor. If your party wipes don’t despair though, because the game has no death penalty. Whenever the player’s group is rendered unconscious Al is whisked back to the safety of town, where she can regroup and select an easier location to level at. How I wish that Dark Souls were this merciful. What do you mean I have lost an hour’s worth of souls just because I stepped on a concealed trap? Damn you Miyazaki!!!

If you detest random encounters you’ll be pleased to hear that Brave Dungeon doesn’t have any. Combat only occurs when Al steps on a monster tile. It’s impossible to bypass battles forever though, as a locked door blocks the stairway leading down to the next level. To unlock the exit Al needs to locate the floor’s key, which predictably is protected by a powerful guardian. Once a floor has been completely mapped out you get the ability to escape from battles, but I seldom took advantage of that option. Why miss out on valuable experience points? Besides, fleeing from a fight is cowardly and like Marty McFly I won’t tolerate anyone calling me a chicken.


My rating for Brave Dungeon is four stars. The game is a fun bite sized dungeon crawler that should appeal to retro gamers. It only takes around seven hours to clear the story, which is a fair length given the game’s low retail price. Best of all additional content gets unlocked once the final boss is vanquished. Not only does a bonus dungeon open up, but you also get access to some mini-games and New Game Plus. In terms of visuals I liked Brave Dungeon’s sixteen-bit pixel art and cute character designs. The foes you come across are so adorable that I almost felt bad about pelting them with offensive magic. For the greater good I was however forced to slaughter a horde of penguin torpedoes, cartoony spectres and muscular snowmen.

Brave Dungeon is a good game for fledgling RPG players because it isn’t too tough. Spending currency, procured via dungeon exploration, on stat boosts turns Al and chums into overpowered mob slayers. Trading loot for restaurant tokens also helps augment your team’s strength. Said eatery cooks meals that raise attack, defence, mind and agility. Which attribute gets increased is a mystery though because, like a McDonalds manned by inept staff, the food you get served is chosen at random. With minimal effort I completed the game using a team comprising of Al, the fairy healer and… a cat girl. Who can resist the allure of feline femmes? I can’t and the same goes for the folks who pledged $900k towards the Nekopara Kickstarter. For the record, I didn’t donate towards that project. As mentioned before, when it comes to spending cash I am a skinflint.

37 thoughts on “Review of Brave Dungeon

  1. Nice review. I dig the art style and the gameplay looks nice. I’m trying to get my backlog under control before I buy any more games, but I’ll keep this one in mind.

    • It might be too simplistic for a RPG veteran like yourself, but I personally enjoyed Brave Dungeon. Like you I have a massive backlog so I appreciate short and sweet titles that can be completed in a few sessions.

      • Some times short games are the best games. I don’t always have time to play those 100+ hours RPG games. Games like this come in handy when I get busy :).

    • British pounds. Price is subject to change. Who knows how exchange rates will suffer when Brexit is activated. Blizzard is already bumping up the cost of Hearthstone cards in Europe claiming that they want to align charges with the dollar.

      • I know. : )
        I sometimes call a five dollar bill a “fiver”. I give then the Lincoln bell and ask ” ‘ello, mate, got change for a fiver gov’nah?”.in my Andy Capp accent.

        It looks like a good game, and may try looking for it in the bargain bin.

  2. I like finding about good games for Nintendo consoles, I’m one of those guys who believes that a handheld Nintendo console’s use ends with Pokemon and Mario games.

  3. You just said the magic words “turn-based RPG.” I’m trying to expand my horizons on other games with this mechanic, so methinks I’ll be adding it. Cute anime girls are a definite bonus!

    Well…I would add it if I could find it anywhere. Hm, it’s not on Grouvee OR Amazon, which is very weird. It may not be available in the states :\

      • Good point, haha! Though lately I tend to play on my American one only. There’s not much need to use the European one. European games are more expensive!
        Yes, I’m glad the Switch isn’t region locked. It’s such an old fashioned idea, isn’t it?

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  5. Under a fiver? I’m in! Might have been a better idea that I read this first before I went and bought Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns. But, that’s still a pretty good game overall.

    • Ah, good old Harvest Moon. It’s been years since I played a game from that series. From time to time I still partake in farming though. The last Rune Factory game was fun and I recently downloaded Stardew Valley.

  6. A dungeon crawler RPG with catgirls. If I had a Nintendo Switch I would buy this today. But I can’t afford even 300 extra dollars out of my extremely tight budget right now. Hopefully soon though. This sounds good.

  7. I’ve finished the game, very cute.
    But there’s practically no community for it!
    There’s usually at least something for small titles…

    I’ve gotten two of the special items for characters, but I don’t see any effect. Did anyone here figure out what they do?
    Hunting for Miracle Coins is a pain…

    • Sorry, I can’t help because it sounds like you have progressed further in the end game than me. Back when I wrote this I couldn’t find much info on this game either. One of my readers said that they couldn’t find it on the US store so that may explain why it has a limited audience.

      • I see, thanks for replying, even though it’s really not the place to ask.
        Sorry for asking it here, I did not think much before doing it.

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