Invaders of the Rokujyoma Review


I live in an overpopulated city, where the demand for housing is so high that the cost of rent equals that of a mortgage. With that in mind, I can appreciate why Kotaro Satomi was over the moon about securing accommodation for the modest monthly sum of five thousand yen. Like all good deals however, there has to be a catch. After moving in the frugal teenager discovers that the apartment is haunted by a female poltergeist and unfortunately for him she has no interest in sharing the space with a roommate. Things escalate quickly from that point when three other ladies show up at the scene. All of them, for various reasons, demand that Kotaro surrender ownership of the bedsit at once. Man what a pain. Is discount lodgings really worth all this bother?


Invaders of the Rokujyoma is a twelve-episode anime based on Takehaya’s light novel series. The show begins with Kotaro and the above-mentioned girls vying for control of Corona House Room 106 (perhaps the address is popular because it is named after a refreshing Mexican beverage.) Kotaro’s rivals answer to the name of Sanae, Yurika, Kiriha and Theiamillis. Sanae Higashihongan is the resident spook whilst Yurika Nijino is an accident prone Magical Girl, who is trying to protect the complex from capture by evil witches. Much less benevolent is Kiriha Kurano, a busty shrine maiden from a subterranean kingdom, who plots to use the apartment as a base from where she can begin invading the surface world. Theiamillis Gre Fortorthe on the other hand is an extra-terrestrial royal, whose claim to the throne is dependent on her seizing Kotaro’s home. Space Invaders have gotten cuter (and more tsundere) since their 70s arcade debut.

Rokujyoma’s early episodes have the cast competing in an obstacle race and various card games to determine whom the flat’s lease should go to. Thank goodness things don’t work that way in the real world or I would be homeless. Whether it’s Poker, Snap or Hearthstone I suck at cards. Anyways, after a while it dawns on the series’ writer that the premise doesn’t have much mileage. A truce ends the dwelling centric feud, allowing the established characters to go off on whacky adventures instead. One storyline sees Sanae get kidnapped by ghost hunters, another tale has Yurika battling a sorceress who can inflict amnesia and there is also an arc were Theiamillis is targeted by a fellow alien princess. The anime concludes with a Christmas special and (given that this is a harem show) you can also expect a seaside episode were the cast strut their stuff in revealing bikinis.


My rating for Invaders of the Rokujyoma is a three out of five. For me the series isn’t strong enough to warrant a physical purchase, but harem genre fans should find it entertaining enough to stream online. Thankfully this isn’t one of those shows were all you get are girls squabbling over a guy who is more “plane” than a jumbo jet. Takehaya’s creativity gives us a number of amusing moments to laugh at. Some highlights of note include scenes were Theiamillis’ aide Ruth gets triggered by rhinoceros beetles and how everyone dismisses the possibility that Yurika is a bonafide Magical Girl, believing instead that she is an overzealous cosplayer. I also had to giggle at how a group, who can cast destructive spells and control technologically advanced weapons, cower in terror whenever their antics anger Corona House’s dainty landlord.

Although the comedy is decent Rokujyoma doesn’t have much in the way of story. There are some hints suggesting that Kotaro was destined to meet up with the women in his life, but the idea isn’t fully explored in this set’s dozen episodes. You’ll have to track down a translated copy of the source material to see if the implied time travel subplot pays off in the books’ later volumes. Waiting for the novels to get localized may take a while though. In the meantime I will sit here pondering how Kotaro managed to attract so many attractive roommates. Why can’t I cohabitate with a lovable phantom or a damsel with big jugs? The only people I find are jerks who refuse to clean the house and gits who eat all my snacks without asking!

9 thoughts on “Invaders of the Rokujyoma Review

  1. I was expecting the full 5 stars from you on this one seeing as other reviewers have also gone high! 😉

    I’m also beginning to see why you escape the world in anime and games if your housemates are so selfish. You should go Super Saiyan on them! 😛

    • Thankfully I have my own place now, so I don’t have to share. During my brief stint at uni I had to put up with messy people who would make noise at inappropriate hours. It drove me crazy.

      Three stars seems like a reasonable grade for this anime. It is amusing at times, but doesn’t stand out from the other budget harem shows MVM likes to license.

  2. It shocks me sometimes, at the amount of comedy anime I’ve gotten into that have surprised me by turning out to be harem animes. Eventually, I’m sure I’m going to learn to detect them a bit earlier on.

    • I had a similar experience when watching Muv-Luv. The synopsis made it sound like Attack on Titan with mechs. After one gory episode the series morphed into a show were all the big breasted girls flirt with the test pilot. Mental note – if a vacancy opens up for robot driver be sure to apply.

  3. If I lived in harem anime world, everyone else at my office would be cute girls who would be falling over themselves to win my affections and I’d share my studio apartment with a rescued cat who turns out to be a magical shapeshifting ancient catgirl princess from another dimension trapped in our world, and then they’d all fight over me. Too bad real life is garbage!

    Since I’m allergic to harem shows I’ll have to miss this one. There are just way too many of them. I guess wish fulfillment is always a safe bet for a writer.

    • Sounds like a great life. If reality was like that I wouldn’t mind doing overtime to spend more time with my amorous co-workers. Not sure about adopting a feline though. An ancient catgirl princess is for life not just for Christmas.

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