The Otaku Judge: 2016 in Review


Most people will agree that 2016 was a terrible year. Not only did a plethora of talented performers pass away in the last twelve months, but it has also come to my attention that the lazy sods at WordPress aren’t compiling an annual report of blog stats like they usually do. In case you are curious, my 2015 figures can be located by clicking here.

I pay the sloths at WordPress good money for a domain name, so the least they could do is furnish me with some website metrics to boost my ego. Oh well, I guess it falls upon me to brave a New Year cider fuelled hangover and manually collate statistics for your amusement. Ouch, my aching skull. I thought apples were supposed to be good for you?

Views: For the first time since 2013, my site has failed to beat the previous year’s view count. Anime and video game reviews, for a brief period, suffered a dip in hits so I decided to expand the scope of the site to include movie coverage. In 2015 The Otaku Judge received close to 23,000 views, whilst 2016 amassed a less respectable 20,500 hits. On the plus side my articles received a record number of likes and comments. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to leave feedback and witty remarks on my work.

Top Attractions: The reviews of Demon Master Chris and Armored Warrior Iris continue to be my most read posts in 2016. Clearly if I want to bolster my site’s popularity I should cover more Hentai games. Sex sells as they say! Those reviews are a couple of years old though. In terms of stuff I wrote in 2016, my most read reviews are :-

1. Sakura Dungeon: The perverted PC dungeon crawler.
2. Final Fantasy Explorers: Square-Enix’s answer to Monster Hunter.
3. Bikini Warriors: A fantasy anime starring some barely clothed adventurer

Look at what came first and third. I’ll say it again, sex sells. Who knew that my followers were such a randy bunch?

Where did they come from: Most of my readers hail from the United States, with the United Kingdom and Canada following in second and third place respectively. Other countries that frequently visit the site include Germany, Australia, France, Philippines, Brazil, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Russia.

Who are they: The following folks have the honour of being my most active commenters :-

1. Aether: After conquering Dark Souls he has now set his sights on Higurashi.
2. Krystallina: A manga reviewer who always has an eye out for bargains.
3. MIB: An eloquent critic of anime, wrestling and artsy foreign films.
4. Denny Sinnoh: The Pokémon naming master who loves kimonos and idols.
5. Rocco B: A fellow connoisseur of video games and anime.

Thanks for the support guys. Stay tuned for more content in 2017… once I have a lie down in a quiet room. New year’s resolution – don’t drink so much booze.

44 thoughts on “The Otaku Judge: 2016 in Review

  1. Well, I can’t speak for everyone else but I enjoyed your movie and comic reviews! I’ve been out of the loop with gaming for a long while, so I’m kind of useless there.

    Bummer that wordpress isn’t giving you the stats that you’re used to getting, but you did a really nice job here breaking it down, and it was really interesting to see.

    • Thank you for the kind words. It’s good to see that the recent movie reviews have gone down well. Sometimes I worry about spreading myself too thin. For example when I review a bunch of games there is a danger that readers who are only interested in anime may lose interest with the site.

      I took it for granted that WordPress would generate a blog summary like they have done in the past. So much for an easy day off. To be honest though, in the end I got more satisfaction about doing it myself rather than just posting an automated link.

    • I am honored that my reviews influence your buying habits. That said I am a bit surprised, as we seem to have different tastes in anime. If you want me to cover a UK release in particular drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do.

      • ^_^ I can watch anything! My boyfriend doesn’t have an internet connection so we rely on DVD’s (trying to keep track on new release is hard).
        ^-o Keep in mind DVD anime can be very different to simulcast anime.

  2. Happy new year Judge!!!. Yeah I noticed that too, normally they do the annual report but this time around they didn’t which I find it odd – guess I’ll do one too. Have a good lie down too. Ah always a joy to comment on your awesome blog!!!. As always keep up the good work!!.

    • Congrats on cracking the top five comments chart! Yeah, I thought it was weird when I didn’t get an email linking to my blog stats. After searching the WordPress forum I found a couple of posts were the mods said they didn’t have time because extracting the data takes too long. Maybe it will return next year. In the meantime you can more or less find the same info on the stats page.

  3. Happy New Year! I was waiting for wordpress to give me my annual stats, guess I’ll have to do it myself. Like you my viewership declined, but I’ve been inspired to try new things to get more views than last year. Always great reading your posts.

    • Happy New Year! Sorry for kicking off 2017 with the bad news that we aren’t getting any automated WordPress stats. I don’t usually stress too much about how many hits I get, although it is always disappointing when active readers suddenly stop visiting the site. My country only has a population of 30k so getting 20.5k views still blows my mind. Let’s turn this negative into a positive and use the dip in views to motivate ourselves to worker even harder on our blogs in 2017.

  4. Happy New Year to you, good sir! 🙂

    I find your blog fascinating not just because of your colourful and witty humour but to see how close or apart our opinions are on certain anime titles. I tend to work on the theory that if I hate it, you’ll love it! 😉 😛

    Anyway , keep up the good work in 2017! 😀

    • Oh and I just checked my stats for 2016 and I only pulled 16K views (down from 20K in 2015) so you did better than me (and that is with Twitter, FB and Google + promotions) …. 😦

      • Thank you very much for the kind words and for once again ranking high in my list of yearly comment posters. I am very surprised to hear that my blog got slightly more views than yours, as your professionally written reviews blow my scribblings out of the water. We can probably deduce that the difference in hits stems from the fact that video games are more mainstream than the movies you cover.

        Although we have different tastes in anime I think we see eye to eye on a lot of stuff too. I have just finished drafting my top five shows of the year. Whenever I get round to posting the list I think you will find some titles that appear on both our charts.

      • I’m not sure about professionally written but thanks for the kind words all the same. 🙂 One of the reasons I started the site was because I felt there might be an audience for the more obscure or world cinema films that don’t always get widespread coverage, so if just one person found a review of such a film helpful I’d done my job.

        You have me intrigued about your top 5 anime. Looking forward to seeing it! 🙂

  5. Re: “Top Attractions”
    You could add another category of posts: “I Heard Crickets”.
    Some posts you might spend a lot of time with, or cover a subject which is very important to you. You may have written something you were proud of, then it gets basically ignored. I have posted articles where I thought “these people are going to laugh their pants off” as I wrote it, … then I hear crickets.

    For example, only got about 5 views that year. I guess I was just laughing only to myself (like the odd homeless alcoholic you see asking for change outside the Dollar Store.) Other times I just post a photo and it gets HUNDREDS of views.

    So a good end-of-year post might be to post a list of your articles which you would like your readers to get a second chance to see again.

    • There seems to be no logic behind what is a hit and what is a miss when it comes to blog posts. Sometimes I have written up an article that I am proud of and no one reads it. Other times I rush a review out, because I haven’t written anything in ages, and it gets a tons of likes/comments.

  6. Congratulations on another successful blogging year :). I did notice that WordPress didn’t bother with the 2016 year in :(. I was waiting for mine to pop up so I might just write one myself.

  7. It can’t be that hard to compile an annual report…. There’s no excuse other than WordPress is being lazy. Those are still impressive stats even though they didn’t beat last year. I hope your hang over is better now and I look forward to your 2017 reviews!

    • The pain has receded thank you. Yeah, I don’t understand why we aren’t getting stats for 2016. WordPress has generated figures for several years now so you would think they have a ready build program that can do it all automatically.

  8. Happy New Year! And congratulations, great numbers. I like your reviews, it’s nice to discover some games and animes thank to your posts. Can’t wait to read what you’re preparing for the new year.

  9. Congrats on your continued success! Numbers are numbers, but you’re doing an excellent job regardless. Here’s to another successful year! I didn’t even know that WordPress did (or didn’t this year) that kind of stats report, so thanks for letting me know of what WordPress didn’t do, haha.

    • You started out blogging in 2016 so you missed out on the WordPress stats fun. Perhaps they will return in 2017 and you can share if Mr Panda is growing in popularity (I hope the animal does the same because it would be a shame if they went extinct.)

  10. I wrote a review of Freedom Planet a couple of year ago, and what do the readers consistently want based on the meager search term stats I get every day? Freedom Planet porn.

    Maybe I should have just open a furry porn site and run ads. I’d probably be rich by now.

  11. I’ll definitely keep reading your post, there are a lot of anime I’ve put on my to watch list because of your reviews. After logging for the time in a few days I was hoping to see the stats for 2016 too, I can’t lie I wanted to know how many cable car trips my views would have gotten across San Francisco or wherever it is that they use. Hopefully there will be more success for your blog this year!

    • Thank you. I hope in the years since I have been able to bring other good shows to your attention. Shame that WordPress no longer compile the annual blog stats automatically. I liked reading those view comments, which were based on a blog’s figures.

  12. I’m absolutely horrible at reviewing stats. I may need to assume my angelic form and lay the smite down on those lazy WordPress sods. This won’t change my being horrible at reviewing stats, but it’ll give me something to do. I intend to start paying them soon myself (the pros have outweighed the cons in me purchasing the domain name) and I expect top service.

    I enjoy your witty repartee (and hope I offer some valuable entertainment myself :))

      • Ugh, I decided to do it because I planned to post videos and audio directly, but since I’m using my YouTube more I can at least do the former through there. I do like that I can directly post audio, not that I’ve used that feature yet.

  13. Hello The Otaku Judge,

    Wow, I guess you must have been drinking some hard apple cider or whatever they call it, I never had that before (or have I?). 😀

    I wonder what led to you getting less views than the previous year?

    I think that my views have been climbing each year the past several years in a row, but it is a bit harder to tell without the annual reports since we now have to look manually.

    I like how you followed the old format of the annual reports, I need to try that, if I do a report for this year.

    Thank you for making and sharing your annual report, well done, and congratulations for once again at least blogging every month and sticking around.

    -John Jr

    • I look forward to seeing your 2018 blog stats in the new year. Why did my views dip in 2016? I think it’s because I struggle to attract new followers and the vast majority of my readers have given up on blogging as time goes by. I will resist seeing my 2018 stats until January to see how I performed this year. Most probably I will suffer another dip in hits, as I went on hiatus for a few weeks.

      • Hello The Otaku Judge,

        Thanks, that and your annual reports will probably inspire me to do one too, unless does one for us this year like they used to.

        Thank you for answering that, hopefully things have improved this year. 😉

        -John Jr

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