Review of Ghostbusters (2016)


Something weird and it don’t look good – Ghostbusters: Answer the Call! Four months after its cinematic debut, I finally got round to watching Paul Feig’s reboot of the Ghostbusters franchise. The supernatural adventures of Peter, Ray, Winston and Egon are dear to my heart. Not only did I enjoy the original films but in my youth I also read the comics, played with the toys and watched the cartoons (both the Real Ghostbusters and the lesser known Filmation series featuring a simian and a talking car.) So why has it taken me so long to watch Ghostbusters 2016? Well, to be honest it looked like crap. Evidently I am not alone in that opinion, because the film’s YouTube trailer currently has a record breaking one million dislikes. Wow, not even Milo Stewart gets that much hate!


In case you have been living under a rock for the past year, the new Ghostbusters team is totally devoid of penis. Physicist Erin Gilbert and childhood pal Abby Yates start up the spirit extermination business after Erin is sacked from Columbia University, when an online vid reveals to the scientific community that she believes in paranormal entities. Joining the pair in their endeavours is Dr Jillian Holtzmann, an eccentric tinkerer who has a talent for fabricating phantom slaying gizmos. Completing the quartet is Patty Tolan, who happens to be the Ghostbusters’ first customer. She gets hired, as her knowledge of New York City lore could be an asset… ah who am I kidding? They only keep her around because she has access to a Hearse, which the group use to lug around their heavy equipment.

At first the fledgling Ghostbuster business struggles to make ends meet, not helped by the fact that they are ridiculed in the press as frauds. The New York City mayoral office are keen to discredit our heroines, despite knowing that poltergeists do actually exist, to prevent mass panic from erupting. Oh my goodness, it’s Roswell all over again! Unfortunately for the authorities, who wish to keep the truth hidden, spectre sightings continue to rise. What is causing this surge of undead I hear you ask? Believe it or not, a disgruntled janitor named Rowan North. The surprisingly intelligent caretaker plots to punish humanity by opening a rift that will unleash hostile spirits onto the mortal plain. When the apocalypse is upon us who are you gonna call? Four unfunny comedians.


My rating for Ghostbusters: Answer the Call is a two out of five. After decades of development hell we finally get a new Ghostbusters flick, but alas it is not the franchise revival most fans were hoping for. Even brief cameo appearances from the old cast couldn’t save this reboot from a below average score. Answer the Call pales in comparison to the eighties classic, in terms of comedy and even special effects. Yes the first film’s visuals may be dated, but I’ll take its monstrous creature designs over the 2016 neon coloured apparitions any day. Some people will say that my opinions are influenced by the gender of the cast, but nothing could be further from the truth. If I was opposed to a bloke free line-up why does my anime collection contain so many shows fronted by all female teams?

On the plus side the movie is better than the weak trailer suggests. Patty isn’t the obnoxious loudmouth implied by the promotional material and Melissa McCarthy (Abby) who I usually detest was surprisingly restrained for once. Holtzmann was my favourite Ghostbuster, although the scriptwriters fail to grasp that acting weird doesn’t necessarily equate to being funny. Overall I thought Ghostbusters was fine at the start, but by the end of its two-hour duration I was bored. Had they trimmed thirty minutes from the final cut and added some wittier gags I would be less negative. Failing to make me laugh after 116 minutes doesn’t bode well for a comedy and the finale was really stupid. Why would hitting a ghost (who has no genitals) in the crotch cause them harm? Ah, whatever. If you seek a proper Ghostbusters sequel I hear that the PS3 game will scratch that itch. Get that for your console and pass on answering the call.


33 thoughts on “Review of Ghostbusters (2016)

  1. All I can say is the movie’s nowhere near as horrible as butthurt fans made it out to be. It’s not a masterpiece but the fiasco that surrounded it wasn’t merited in the slightest.

    • The movie should have done down as another meh example of Hollywood recycling eighties nostalgia. The jokes weren’t my cup of tea, but I can see why some people would enjoy the movie. The amount of drama prior to release was crazy. Rebooting a well loved property always causes outcry on the internet. The studio unfortunately fanned the flames with their strategy of calling naysayers sexist.

      • Both sides acted irrationally and ended up looking worse after all was said and done. Because of the internet’s exaggerated outrage the stigma nerd/geeks what have you already have in society was worsened and Hollywood came off unprofessional for fighting back rather than not letting the complaining get to them, though I can kind of understand why it was hard for the actors to hold back their disgust toward the more vulgar complaints.

      • I have not seen it yet. I’ll wait for a Netflix, and my son might like it. I had no problem with the idea of an all female cast, and it is actually not a bad way to make a remake. I will go in with low expectations.

        (I think if I had two hours to spare, I would rather see something suggested by the Yuri Nation. Ha )

        OG-Man: I was also very disheartened by the negative comments, trolling and insults surrounding the movie.
        Sometimes I want to stop the Earth and get off, if this is what humanity is.

    • It was a clunky mess of a film . Which could of been good behind the right director I kept saying Tina Fey would of been awesome at the part also what was up with the soup jokes

  2. I definitely agree with this review! Dont get me wrong, the trailer was awful, but as a whole the film wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected. However, that doesn’t mean it was a good film either, some of the jokes were funny and the cameos were cute, but it was missing the magic of the original film…

    The choice to use an all female cast was interesting, and as a woman I appreciated the effort, just not the execution.

    Great review!

  3. Haven’t seen the reboot but much like yourself, I too enjoyed the two films and the cartoon. TBH the reboot didn’t interest me at all. That is quite shocking to see a trailer get that much dislike.

    • I wasn’t too interested, based on the trailer and reviews I have read, but eventually I succumbed to curiosity. One million dislikes is really quite something. When a video gets that many thumbs down I don’t think you can say only misogynists were expressing their disdain.

  4. I kind of want to watch it just for Kate McKinnon, but even she’s not worth sitting something so depressing.

  5. “Ghostbusters team is totally devoid of penis.” ahaha I love this. Okay, so I saw this in theaters. I felt kind of jipped too. I thought that a lot of it was pointless, the ghosts were blah, and the jokes pretty lame. My favorite part of the whole movie was Chris Helmsworth, who wasn’t even a main character. Again, it has nothing to do with a full female cast (I was rooting for this from the start), but the writing and execution was absolutely terrible.

    • Yeah, the ghost designs could have been better. The neon lighting made them look like Halloween decorations! Chris Helmsworth did steal many of the scenes he was in by being so stupid. I never knew he was such a snazzy dancer by the way.

      • Haha Chris seems to have many talents. Completely agree with the coloring of the ghosts. It was just too much. Having waited for over a year to see the completion of this movie, I was pretty disappointed. Do you think they will make a sequel?

  6. Guess what? I haven’t seen this either, but I think that’s a good thing. 1 million dislikes is quite the dubious achievement. I’m going to make time to watch Deadpool this weekend though.

    • One million dislikes is crazy. The country I live in only has 30,000 inhabitants! When a trailer gets that much ire I think it’s not just butt hurt Ghostbuster fans and misogynists who are clicking the thumbs down icon.

    • A reboot would work fine if the script was better. Given that they managed to coerce the old cast to appear in this film it seemed a waste not to just make a sequel, were the previous team passes the baton to a new generation of Ghostbusters.

  7. I’ve not seen this either but it is on my LOVEFilm rental list for curiosity sake, although the rental released date is later than the
    retail date for some reason. To be honest the all-female line-up doesn’t bother me, it was more a choice of the females, since I can’t stand Kristen Wiig or Melissa McCarthy (I don’t know the other two).

    “If I was opposed to a bloke free line-up why does my anime collection contain so many shows fronted by all female teams?”

    Considering what you look for in anime females I don’t think this was the best line of defence to take do you? 😉 😛

    And I had to Google Milo Stewart – quite how you know about him/her/whatever is something I won’t ask… :/

    • Yeah, I noticed that rental thing. On the PlayStation network you could buy a digital copy of the movie earlier than the official release, but rental wasn’t an option. I can’t stand McCarthy either, although she wasn’t too offensive in this film.

      Anime does feature a lot of all female teams simply for eye candy purposes, but there are some respectable ones out there too. Milo Stewart appeared on the trending section of Youtube many moons ago, so I gave the video a click. After a minute of calling everyone racist I hit he stop button.

  8. after watching the trailer i have no interest in but i might check it out if it is ever on netflix and i have nothing else to watch. the sad thing is there could have been a good ghost buster movie.

    • The Ghostbusters franchise has a lot of potential, so it is a shame that they tried to restart the movies in such a divisive manner. Hopefully they can salvage things in a sequel or a spin-off.

  9. Great review as always! I never seen the film, and I actually liked the trailer and it is sad that this film had tons of dislikes. However, I think I see why there are dislikes. First of all, I grew up on movies like the Ghostbusters and many of those who thumbed it down could be in my age group and was not interested in seeing an all female cast to play the roles. I definitely like the idea, but it is Ghostbusters for crying out loud.

    I think this is my only gripe with it. Just like with the Jem reboot(they tried with that one and it didn’t work), plenty of us who watched Jem back in the days were familiar with the storyline and the movie trailer alone, failed to deliver.

    Anyway, thanks again for the post. Glad to be back and commenting on your stuff. It’s been a while 🙂

    • Oh yeah, I vaguely remember the Jem live action movie trailer getting a ton of hate. The clip I saw looked like a generic “singer trying to become famous” story that had nothing to do with the cartoon.

  10. Your review pretty much sums up my views too. I thought it actually started off quite promisingly but soon descended into generic, unforgettable nothingness. It was nowhere near as bad as I was expecting (partly because my expectations were so low) bit it wasn’t the film we all hoped it might be.

      • Oddly enough, if I had to pick one Ghostbusters would probably edge it. Dawn of Justice was a horrible, over edited, over stylised mess and even though I had low expectations I still came out disappointed. Oddly, even though it suffered from many of the same issues, I quite enjoyed Suicide Squad.

  11. Someone should tell most ‘quirky, irreverent’ comedies that “acting weird doesn’t necessarily equate to being funny”. I’m yet to get round to seeing this, but even though I had high hopes that this movie would shut at least some of the dudebros up, having read this I’m not in a rush to pick it up.

  12. I meant to watch this but I never got around to it… now I’ve read your review I’m quite glad haha.

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