Review of Deadpool (PS4)


After watching the movie (click here for the full review) I was in the mood for more Deadpool goodness. With this in mind I decided to download the Marvel anti-hero’s video game off the PSN store. Developed by High Moon Studios, and published by the much-reviled Activision, Deadpool is a high res version of a game that appeared on PlayStation 3 back in 2013. If you value bargains over visuals keep that in mind, because you can probably snag a copy of the original for dirt-cheap if you shop around. Alternatively you could wait for a Steam sale to hit, as a PC port of the game also exists.


Deadpool’s PS4 adventure sees the titular Merc with the Mouth battle against Mr Sinister; the genetics obsessed X-Men baddie who must hold the title for least imaginative villain name of all time. Wade Wilson is miffed with Sinister because the pale-faced antagonist had the gall to murder a target he had been hired to assassinate. Standing between Deadpool and vengeance is an army of clones along with a handful of Z-List mutants – including Vertigo, who has the power of twenty beers (she can make you feel dizzy.) Joining Deadpool for the ride are the likes of Wolverine and time travelling soldier Cable.

For the most part Deadpool is a third person action game, with the occasional platform section and stealth sequence thrown in to keep things varied. Deadpool starts the game wielding just a pair of swords and pistols, but spending the DP earned through slaying enemies will allow players to augment his arsenal with hammers, shotguns and explosives. The combat is reminiscent of Batman’s Rocksteady trilogy as counterattacks can be executed, by pressing circle, whenever the prompt indicating that a foe is about to strike appears onscreen. I’ll forgive High Moon for copying Batman’s melee mechanics, as they had the good sense to omit tedious Batmobile driving sections from their game!


My rating for Deadpool is three and a half stars. It’s a solid brawler/shooter hybrid that kept me entertained for eight hours. The game’s length feels just about right, as I suspect a longer campaign would have exposed how repetitive the button bashing combat can be. Although I had fun slaughtering Sinister’s lackeys it must be said that the gameplay is eclipsed by the comedy on offer. The one-liners and whacky cut scenes had me in stitches, as did the character’s fourth wall breaking antics. Some highlights of note include Deadpool conversing with his voice actor (Nolan North) and levels were the graphics devolve in quality because the studio openly admits to having exceeded their budget.

The politically incorrect humour won’t be to everyone’s liking though, especially if you have a low threshold for misogynist gags. I personally didn’t mind the lowbrow jokes, but the underwhelming boss fights and lack of effort put into repackaging the game for PS4 hardware did bother me. From what I can tell no extra content has been added to the PlayStation 4 edition of Deadpool and, apart from an increase in resolution, the graphics remain unchanged. The environments Deadpool traverses are dreary and the character models in particular look very last gen. What a shame. The game teases us with scantily clad ladies, but many of them look hideous due to the low detailed textures. I suppose that is the punishment we get for giggling at Deadpool’s sexist remarks!

7 thoughts on “Review of Deadpool (PS4)

  1. I played the Xbox 360 version. My only issue with it was the repetitive villain hordes. There wasn’t too much variety in them. Getting the chance to bitch-slap wolverine 100 times definitely made up for it, though.

    • Haha, smacking the comatose Wolverine was hilarious. Yeah, the combat can get repetitive due to the limited enemy variety. I guess Mr Sinister doesn’t need to hire a diverse group of henchmen because he can clone the same underlings over and over.

  2. I haven’t played this game but I did hear the game lacking bonus content. I do like Deadpool’s comments and breaking the 4th wall. Nolan North does the best voice for Deadpool.

    • There isn’t much content aside from the short story and a challenge mode. I don’t mind though as I got the game at a discount price. Besides, with free time being at a premium it’s nice to play a game you can complete in few sittings.

      When it comes to Deadpool actors North is just as funny as Ryan Reynolds. I thought he was hilarious voicing the character in the Hulk vs Wolverine animated movie.

      • It looks fun. Just a simple game where you play as the Merc with the mouth. I like how they were able to mimic Deadpool insanity.
        He was awesome and funny in Hulk vs Wolverine. I wish Marvel went back to doing animated movies with Deadpool.

  3. Great review!

    I do love most politically incorrect humor, but I also have a low threshold for misogynist antics. I find them more annoying than offensive, lol

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