Log Horizon (Season Two) Part Two Review


Living inside an MMORPG sounds like a dream come true. Who wouldn’t want to reside in a magical kingdom populated with hot elves that wear nothing more than skimpy bikini-mail? Not to mention that paying rent simply requires that you slay harmless woodland creatures, because every animal you encounter drops solid gold coins. Despite the benefits some of the adventurers trapped inside Elder Tales have had enough. It’s been a year since they were forcefully transported to the aforementioned virtual fantasy world, so it’s only natural that some of them would be desperate to reunite with their loved ones back in the real world. The question is whether it’s possible to escape Elder Tales’ confines, especially as the cause of their relocation still remains a mystery.


A good chunk of this DVD collection follows the younger members of Log Horizon, as they venture out of Akihabara to procure the materials needed for fabricating a wyvern skin bag. Said satchel can store an entire player’s inventory, which is most handy. I wish that I owned one of those things to transport my weekly shopping, especially now that those greedy supermarket chains have the gall to charge for carrier bags! The trek proves to be an eventful journey, culminating in a fierce battle pitting the younglings against a dragon swarm that is attacking a defenceless village. Along the way Log Horizon’s junior members also encounter a female bloodsucker, who shares an uncanny resemblance to their guild master Shiroe.

Things get more interesting in the final four episodes, when it’s revealed that a third faction exists in Elder Tales. Joining the People of the Land and Adventurers are a group known as Genius Monsters, who are presently based on the moon. Opening diplomatic ties with the geniuses could reveal how one could return to Japan, but communicating across the vast expanse of space will require the use of a radio transmitter. As luck would have it the nearby Shibuya Broadcast Building contains equipment up to the task. The area is however guarded by coma inducing giant moths. Can master strategist Shiroe formulate a plan to best the insects? I don’t see why not. Sneaking into the place is a cinch – just turn on a fluorescent light bulb and hey presto all the bugs will be distracted.


My rating for Log Horizon Season Two (Part Two) is three and a half stars. Out of the four DVD collections this one is the weakest, but I still had a grand time watching it. Quite a surprise given how much time was dedicated to the Log Horizon apprentices, who happen to be my least favourite characters from the show’s ensemble cast. Their seven-episode story arc did however succeed in making me warm up to the kids, partially as it fleshed out their origins. We learn for example that in the real world Tohya is confined to a wheelchair and that Isuzu lacks her father’s musical talents. One might wonder why either character would want to return home given the woes awaiting them. They definitely won’t be in a hurry to come back when they realize who has just won the election!

Despite enjoying the latest instalment of Log Horizon I must admit that season one was better. The biggest frustration I had with the show is that most of its cooler ideas didn’t come to fruition until the season was practically over. I also miss season one’s production values, because Studio Deen’s inconsistent animation can be an eyesore to watch. Even if the visuals could be better I am happy to report that the storytelling remains rock solid. In the MMO anime war Log Horizon can claim to have better characters than Sword Art Online and humorous comedy, which is something the overly dry .hack//sign lacked. Hopefully author Mamare Touno can stop getting arrested long enough to finish off the series on a satisfying note. After selling so many light novels you’d think he could hire a more competent accountant to handle his finances. If Starbucks can avoid paying tax without getting into trouble why can’t he?

13 thoughts on “Log Horizon (Season Two) Part Two Review

  1. Might I recommend another show out of the “trapped in another world” theme? Hai to Gensou no Grimgar. πŸ™‚ Although it’s more of a character drama, but perhaps one of the best in this genre I’ve seen. I ranked it higher than ERASED last Spring 2016.

    • Thanks for the recommendation. I will have to check out Hai to Gensou no Grimgar one of these days. You also reminded me of Erased’s existence. I need to watch that because the plot sounds like something I would enjoy.

      • I think I enjoyed ERASED a little less than most people did, but it’s still good. When it isn’t too caught up in its thriller-esque trappings, it actually delivers a very impressive narrative with a poignant thematic truth about community and kindred spirits. Be sure to share your experiences once you have watched it. πŸ™‚

  2. Log Horizon 2’s second half (especially the beginning of it) was a huge bore to me, which is sad considering that I love this franchise. It was nice to see an end in sight by the final few episodes, but then it wraps up once again, leaving us without the resolution of returning home. Did you hear all of the hubbub regarding the author of the light novels and his tax evasion? Sheesh, looks like we might never get a third season. Guess our heroes are gonna be stuck in Elder Tale for much longer than they’d hoped.

    • Yes, I am aware of the tax situation (I mentioned it in the final paragraph.) Even if the novels continue there is no guarantee we will get a third season. There are countless shows based on ongoing books/manga that don’t get more than one or two anime seasons.

  3. Haha, tax :p

    Log Horizon was always my favourite of the myriad trapped in MMO anime, certainly heads and shoulders above SAO. It’s handling of game mechanics was more compelling and it’s focus on sociopolitics was interesting, which helped make up for poor animation.

    Nice review!

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