Gal*Gun: Double Peace Review


House of the Dead fans rejoice because a new on the rails shooter has just arrived on the PS4 – although this time instead of blasting zombies you’ll be aiming at cute Japanese girls! Gal Gun: Double Peace is the follow up to a shooter that never reached Western shores, though that is to be expected given its subject matter. In this age of Social Justice Warriors publishers tend to avoid titles that may court bad press. Thankfully for lovers of niche games (and anime waifus) the folks at PQube have decided to localize this Alchemist developed sequel. Best of all the company has shown courage by not censoring potentially controversial content – how I wish that NIS America would follow in their example.


In Gal Gun: Double Peace players assume the role of a teenage student named Hodai. The hapless chap has just become the most popular boy in school after a cupid in training accidently shoots him with an attractiveness enhancing ray gun. Suddenly the girls in Hodai’s class cannot resist throwing themselves at him, which may sound like bliss were it not for the fact that in twenty four hours time the gun’s effects will make him irresistible to guys and animals too. In order to lift the curse Hodai will have to find his one true love before midnight strikes. Not an easy task and made all the more difficult by the appearance of a mischievous demon who possesses an enchanted spear capable of turning women into masochists.

To survive each level Hodai must use his pheromone powers to repel the amorous advances of his classmates. Basically you have to halt the horny ladies by inducing orgasms. Sending a girl into ecstasy requires that you hit their weak spot, which varies depending on their fetish. Unlike traditional shooters headshots aren’t necessarily more effective than a well-placed projectile to the chest, legs or nether regions. In addition to regular attacks players can defend themselves by activating Doki Doki mode, which allows Hodai to defeat multiple femmes via a fondling mini-game. The perversion doesn’t stop there though. Gal Gun’s camera comes equipped with a zoom in feature that bestows Hodai with X-Ray vision. Being able to see through solid objects is invaluable for locating hidden items… and revealing what undergarments the female enemies wear.


My rating for Gal Gun: Double Peace is a three and a half out of five. Shooters are not usually my bag but I still managed to enjoy this one thanks to its fun gameplay, humour and heaps of fan service. Aiming with the analogue stick was a doddle thanks to the responsive controls and I liked how the often-neglected PS4 touch pad was incorporated into the groping mini-games, as it gives those sections a much more hands on feel (no pun intended.) Each playthrough only takes a couple of hours to clear, but fear not as the game has a ton of replay value. Some levels have alternate paths to explore, there are numerous collectibles to find and the cast list contains a bevy of beauties to romance. How the story ends depends on how the player responds during the inter-level dating sim like segments.

If you are undecided on what version of Gal Gun to pick up I would advise avoiding the handheld port, as I hear the Vita edition suffers from arduous load times. The PS4 version is thankfully free of technical hiccups although I did encounter some cut scenes that were devoid of subtitles, which sucks as the spoken dialogue is exclusively in Japanese. Still who cares, I doubt most people will play Gal Gun for its plot. Speaking of plot, I kind of wish that the story would have been set at a university instead of high school. Some of the female characters look dangerously underage. Oh well, if the prudish members of PEGI awarded Double Peace a sixteen-age rating I’ll assume that the game is not infested with jailbait. That’s my excuse and when Chris Hansen pays me a visit I am sticking with it.


4 thoughts on “Gal*Gun: Double Peace Review

  1. I know you’ve already replied to my review of Double Peace, but I just wanted to reiterate that I enjoyed it for what it was. I do wish that I reviewed the PS4 version instead, since the Vita has atrocious load times, but I’m okay with it — clearly, as I’ve finished it a few times. Here’s hoping for more uncensored quirky Japanese games!

    • I have just heard that Electronics Boutique in Australia have recalled all copies of Gal*Gun. Apparently the box art was too saucy for the folks down under. Who knows what they will make of Valkyrie Drive.

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