Expelled from Paradise Review


Expelled from Paradise is a sci-fi movie set in the distant future, where the once verdant continents of Earth have eroded into barren wastelands. To escape the hardships of desert life ninety eight percent of the human race uploaded their consciousness onto a giant server, which now orbits the planet. I guess Cloud technology has more applications than merely hosting celebrity nude pics! For many years humanity has enjoyed a tranquil virtual reality existence aboard space station DEVA, but all that changes when a hacker named Frontier Setter begins to target their hardware. To combat the digital threat special agent Angela Balzac (pronounced ball sack hehe) is dispatched to Earth, where Frontier Setter is believed to reside.


When Angela Scrotum reaches the surface of Earth it soon becomes apparent that tracking down Frontier Setter’s whereabouts won’t be easy. The master hacker has to date eluded DEVA’s efforts to pinpoint his position and chasing up leads can be tough when the investigator on the case is still getting accustomed to her new physical body. Managing fatigue and illness is something alien to Angela, but on the plus side the clone she now inhabits has the benefit of being easy on the eyes. Who can resist a blonde with great knockers? I can because the protagonist is only sixteen! Well technically Angela is in her late twenties, but with time being of the essence she chose to occupy the clone body a few hours before it reached full maturation.

As the story progresses viewers get to see how life differs between the residents of DEVA and the Earthlings who survive on a sandy Earth, where bug meat is considered to be fine cuisine. The DEVA based scenes are reminiscent to Accel World, as everything on screen is an elaborate VR simulation. Interestingly memory replaces money as the currency used to reimburse citizens who do a good job. The wealthy have sufficient bytes to afford glorified MMORPGs with stellar graphics whilst the poor suffer the ignominy of being installed onto underpowered systems… like a Wii U. Earth of the other hand reminds me of Cowboy Bebop’s universe, due to its fusion of advanced tech with contemporary architecture. The similarities are further reinforced by the fact that Angela Gonad’s Terran partner is a gunslinger voiced by Steve Blum (aka Spike Spiegel.)


My rating for Expelled from Paradise is a four out of five. The film’s quality should come as no surprise given the pedigree of the creators who worked on it. Seiji Mizushima, who oversaw the original Full Metal Alchemist, is the movie’s director whilst Gen Urobuchi (the creative mind behind Psycho-Pass) is responsible for penning the script. The list of talented veterans affiliated with this animated flick also extends to the English language voice cast. As mentioned above Steven Blum voices a thrifty cowboy named Dingo and former Power Ranger Johnny Yong Bosch, who plays Frontier Setter, joins him on the cast list. Wendee Lee, whose acting credits include Haruhi Suzumiya and Faye Valentine, meanwhile handles the lead role of Angela Testicles.

Overall I really enjoyed Expelled from Paradise, even if it lacks the originality and depth found in other Urobuchi projects. In terms of tone and substance the movie is more Gargantia than Madoka Magica. The film won me over though, even if I am not generally a fan of CG films. On this occasion however I must concede that the special effects are impressive, especially during the final act’s lengthy mech battle. I also approve of how the character models retain an anime look, despite being computer generated. There are a few sequences were I feel that traditional animation techniques would have yielded more fluid movements, but for the most part I have no complaints. If CG can look this gorgeous I will not protest when mankind abandons flesh and blood in favour of electronic bodies. Sharing a server with buxom blondes like Angela Bollocks sounds swell to me!

11 thoughts on “Expelled from Paradise Review

  1. I’m kind of getting a Ultionus vibe from the description. I may just have to check this out. I did enjoy Fullmetal Alchemist. Plus Steven Blum, and Wendee Lee are two of the best actors around.

    • Ultionus the video game? Yes, I can see the similarity as they both star well endowed blondes haha. Cowboy Bebop is one of my fave anime shows so it was nice to see Blum and Lee trading banter once more.

  2. I had this pegged as a watch. I did kind of see the beginning where she was on the beach I think. But subsequently didn’t continue going on from there. Looked interesting (from the ever brief watch) though.

  3. Of course cloud technology does more than host nudies. They also host cat videos of course.

    Sometimes I feel like an old fogey with my “2D > CG” opinions. I miss a lot of the traditional animation. Surprised more anime hasn’t switched to CG actually.

  4. I’ve honestly only heard okay things about this movie, but it looks SO SOOO awesome!! I’m also a fan of Urobuchi’s work, so it should be a pretty solid film. While I’m also not a huge fan of entirely CG movies, if the story and characters are good, I can dismiss the rest pretty easily. I mean, it doesn’t look bad — heck no, the trailer alone looks sick! Thanks for providing your thoughts on this one, Judge!

  5. I’m always after anime featuring hacking in one way or another so I’ll be checking this one out ^^

  6. I saw this during the theater run, the fight scenes were especially cool there! It used the biggest advantage 3DCG has over 2D well. Those camera angles get me pumped every time~

  7. Expelled from Paradise sounds very cool from your description. I used to not like CGI in anime but these days it is everywhere. I eventually got used to it though I still prefer the more “hand-drawn” look. The manga I was reading today sort of shocked me though. There was an omake where they discussed editing it on the computer. Wow, I thought all of the mangaka and even their assistants were still using pen and ink on paper but apparently not!

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