Review of Sakura Dungeon


I have always wondered why adult games aren’t readily available to buy off the PSN Store or Steam. Sony’s console has age restriction features to prevent minors from playing mature titles and on the PC front you need a credit card to purchase software from Steam, which kiddies shouldn’t have access to. Deviants seeking smut have however been catered to in recent years. Developers are starting to sell all age versions of their products on Valve’s marketplace that can be uncensored through the wonders of patching. Thanks to this compromise under eighteens can safely enjoy Sakura Dungeon’s RPG gameplay whilst perverts get to ogle all the boobs they could ever desire by simply downloading a small patch.


Sakura Dungeon commences with a bashful adventurer named Ceri setting off on a quest to purge some catacombs of the monsters residing within its tunnels. Things don’t go well however when she awakens the dungeon’s former owner – a fox spirit named Yomi. After a brief tussle Yomi overpowers the knight, who interrupted her hibernation, before using sorcery to make Ceri her unwilling minion. With a new servant under her command, Yomi decides the time has come to venture underground and reclaim the lair she once ruled. Over the course of their travels Yomi and Ceri can bolster their ranks by recruiting defeated enemies to their cause. The well-endowed creatures guarding the dungeon won’t surrender willingly though, so violence (and garment stripping) may be required to humiliate the hostile monsters into submission.

Via the use of the capture command players can recruit an assortment of bunny girls, busty witches and anthropomorphic pandas to their group. By the time I finished the main campaign my party contained over forty voluptuous beauties, putting Tenchi Muyo’s harem well and truly to shame. In order to successfully capture a gal their health bar needs to be depleted first, which is accomplished by smacking them with special moves and magic spells. Every attack drains a character’s action points and has a chance of causing your target to suffer a wardrobe malfunction. With the adult patch enabled (which I only activated for the purposes of writing an accurate review) it’s possible to tear a cat girl’s attire so badly that her “pussy” will be exposed in more ways than one.


Anyone who has previously enjoyed Demon Master Chris should give Sakura Dungeon a download, as both games share many similarities. Providing that you aren’t prudish, Sakura Dungeon is a good title for players trying out a dungeon crawler for the first time because, when compared to other examples in the genre, its difficulty isn’t too taxing. That’s not to say that the game is devoid of strategy though. Clearing each maze will require that you manipulate switches, circumvent traps, exploit the elemental weaknesses of enemies and shrewdly manage your team’s action points. There are tough decisions to be made too; such as picking what embarrassing outfit Ceri should wear. Will you opt for the bikini, maid uniform or bondage suit?

My rating for Sakura Dungeon is a four out of five. It’s probably the best game Winged Cloud has ever developed, as the increased interactivity masks the mediocre writing found in their wordier visual novels. Although funny at times Sakura Dungeon’s script could be better, but it matters not as the onus is on exploring labyrinths, levelling up your characters and admiring the top-heavy character designs. My save file indicates that the story took me sixteen hours to complete, which compares favourably with the franchise’s other titles. The game’s duration is long enough to justify the current retail asking price and short enough that you shouldn’t strain your wrist too badly (if you know what I mean.)

8 thoughts on “Review of Sakura Dungeon

  1. LOL I had actually considered this because I love me a dungeon crawler. My wife wouldnt give a shit either. She plays VNs like I do 😛

  2. I knew the game was similar to another title and that one was Demon Master Chris as you pointed out. I am open to both romantic and sexual so this one having a bit of the former and plenty of the latter works for me. Also the gameplay’s solid.

  3. RE: “short enough that you shouldn’t strain your wrist too badly”

    Yes, some players use an ink pen to jot down cheat codes or crib notes on a wrist for quick access to reminders. Good that the game is less demanding for wrist writing.

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