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One of last year’s biggest video game surprises would have to be HuniePop, a Kickstarter funded project that is part puzzler and part dating sim. According to my Steam profile statistics, the game kept me entertained for an impressive forty hours. When the time came to review HuniePop I ended up awarding it five stars, earning it a honourable mention in my Top 5 Games of 2015. What can I say? I’m a sucker for addictive match three brainteasers… and the opportunity to bang attractive 2D women was rather stimulating too. After finding success with their raunchy Candy Crush clone, developer HuniePot next set their sights on injecting sexiness into the clicker/time management genre. The end result of their efforts is HunieCam Studio.


HunieCam Studio is the perfect title for anyone who has ever fantasized about making it rich within the adult entertainment industry. Players take control of a fledgling cam girl studio and are set the target of amassing a fortune within the space of three weeks. Starting your X-Rated empire begins with hiring some webcam models (whose ranks include familiar faces from HuniePop) and sending them to the studio, where they pose in front of online perverts. Once the show ends you get to bag the donations made by your sleazy patrons. In true clicker fashion, the process can be sped up by furiously tapping on the map’s studio icon. Alternatively you can accelerate things by pressing down on the studio portrait. I prefer the second method, as it is less strenuous on my finger. Enjoying HuniePop gave me a sprained wrist so I’d rather not suffer arthritis too.

The amount of income your contracted porn stars generate is dependent on their style and talent ratings. Style influences how many fans a cam girl can attract and is bolstered by visiting the nearby boutique. On the flip side talent determines how much cash a particular girl makes per recording session. If you wish to augment a girl’s skill in this field she will need to practice her techniques at the local strip club. Oh dear, her parents must be so ashamed… just like mine will be when they discover the type of games I am into! Other things worth considering, when living the life of a pornography mogul, are the happiness levels of your staff. Stockpiles of tobacco and booze need to be maintained to keep your workers happy. Paid trips to the spa are also mandatory to recover from fatigue… who knew that lying on your back all day could be so exhausting?


My rating for HunieCam Studio is three stars. It’s easily the best clicker game I have ever tried, as the twenty-one day deadline forces players to strategize rather than gormlessly watch numbers go up. Securing a big enough audience, to earn the game’s phallus shaped diamond trophy, will require that you aggressively expand your business. Mismanagement can however result in bankruptcy given that the cost of advertising and wages can quickly spiral out of control. When pursuing profit you’ll quickly have to assess the pros and cons of each revenue stream. Is turning one of your gals into an escort worth it? There’s good money to be made via prostitution, but be aware that you may lose a worker if your employee beds Charlie Sheen and ends up contracting AIDS.

Although I enjoyed playing HunieCam Studio it’s unlikely to keep my attention for the same amount of time that HuniePop did. Once you suss out a winning strategy the game begins to lose much of its appeal. Trying to beat your personal best score is fun for a while, but after finishing a few playthroughs (a three week campaign takes just two hours to complete) I did begin to tire of the constant repetition. On the visual side of things I must also say that I much prefer the art style of HuniePot’s previous release. Overall however I can still recommend this download to clicker fans and anyone who found HuniePop to be charming. Given that the title retails for a meagre seven euros I wouldn’t worry too much about HunieCam’s limited longevity. Needless to say I look forward to seeing what type of casual game HuniePot tackles next. If they are open to suggestions I vote for an erotic tower defence.

13 thoughts on “Review of HunieCam Studio

  1. Nice to read an honest review on this one – I’ve seen loads of people who literally praise it to the moon and say “It’s the greatest”… But a clicker game?! “Best” clicker I’ve ever played is AdVenture Capitalist, which I’d rate no higher than 3/5 personally because… It sort of ends up playing itself!

    I guess, clicker games are a metaphor for something, things playing with themselves… Hmm…

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