So, I Can’t Play H Review


So I Can’t Play H is a twelve-episode anime based on the light novels penned by Pan Tachibana. I’m surprised that the property isn’t an original animated series or at the very least a manga adaptation. Books are after all predominately made up of text. So I Can’t Play H’s main appeal however are the visuals on display… and by visuals I mean the bouncy boobies jiggling onscreen. Yes, this is another smut filled cartoon imported to the UK courtesy of MVM Entertainment. The release will feel right at home in MVM’s titillating catalogue, which includes the likes of Ikki Tousen and the company’s recently announced acquisition Monster Musume.


The H in So I Can’t Play H presumably stands for Hentai (the Japanese word for pervert) which is rather apt given that protagonist Ryosuke Kaga is a colossal perv. He isn’t shy about announcing to the world how much he adores the fairer sex; although to date he has made no attempt to court his childhood friend Mina Okura. Strange given that Mina possesses a huge pair of knockers that are just asking to be groped. Although I don’t condone molesting ladies you can’t blame guys for wanting to touch Mina’s melons – be it because they are so irresistible or because breasts that big surely produce a gravitational field, which will pull any roaming hands within orbit towards them.

One day Ryosuke returns home to find a crimson haired beauty standing outside his residence. Being the classy gentleman that he is Ryosuke invites the stranger into his abode, where she can shelter from the downpour responsible for drenching her tight white top. Once inside the redhead, named Lisara Restall, reveals to Ryosuke that she is a grim reaper seeking an elusive human known as The Singular Man. Desperate to complete her quest, but unable to remain on the mortal plain without a power source, she reluctantly makes a temporary contract with Ryosuke. The pact permits Lisara to replenish her dwindling energy reserves by draining Ryo’s life force. Don’t worry folks; Ryosuke’s vitality is fuelled by his unquenchable libido, so he has plenty of energy to spare!


So I Can’t Play H is a series that can roughly be divided into three parts. The first few episodes focus mainly on comedy. By harnessing the power of Ryosuke’s lust, Lisara is able to overcome tentacle monsters and fellow grim reapers – including her cousin Quele Zeria and a blonde rival named Iria Fukumune (who uses the magical equivalent of silicon to augment her modest bosom.) Around the halfway mark the series transitions into an action show that sees Ryosuke venture into Lisara’s dimension on a rescue mission. The concluding three episodes take a more romantic approach to storytelling, with Ryosuke being forced to pick between Mina and Lisara. The choice he makes literally ends up being a life or death decision.

My final rating for So I Can’t Play H is two stars. If this weren’t a new UK anime release, which I am obligated to review, I would have dropped the series after a few episodes. The combination of exposed nipples and busty beauties from the underworld make the show sound like High School DXD. Sadly however this imitator is inferior to DXD both in terms of gags and supernatural battles. Strip away the eye candy and there is little left to recommend. Unlike the chest size of the supporting cast, everyone’s characterisation is flat. The action sequences are equally unimpressive and just serve as an excuse to inflict wardrobe malfunctions on Lisara’s garments.

Needless to say, So I Can’t Play H won’t earn a spot in the guilty pleasure section of my anime DVD collection. There are far better ecchi shows out there for otakus to salivate over. If I were to adopt an A to F grading scale the series, much like Mina’s bra size, would be an F.

9 thoughts on “So, I Can’t Play H Review

  1. I also thoroughly loathed this series, but I see it’s pedigree a little differently… It is, from my perspective, the worst possible combination of Bleach, Shakugan no Shana and Girls Bravo.

    Then again, there is NO good combination that includes Girls Bravo.

    • Heh, in an earlier draft I did describe the part were they go to the underworld as Bleach with boobs.

      I’ll take your word on Girls Bravo, as I haven’t seen it. I liked the first season of Shana, but after that the series went downhill.

  2. I always thought that if a series was bad then boobs could always save it but this review has proven me wrong. The grading scale comment has still got me laughing as I’m writing this 😆 but I don’t think I’ll touch this series, not even with a ten foot pole.

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