Anita Lambasts Linkle & Other News


  1. There’s just no pleasing some people. Feminists everywhere should be celebrating the news that Hyrule Warriors is about to add a female version of Link to their roster, but not so Anita Sarkeesian. The vocal critic of video games isn’t satisfied with the announcement, dismissing the character as a non-canon wannabe modelled on Nintendo’s pointy-eared hero. Unless the option to play as a female Link is made available in mainline Zelda titles Anita will not be appeased. Linkle is apparently another sexist example of “male as default.” Huh? Link’s default gender is male because he has been a guy (all be it an effeminate one) ever since he made his debut back in the mid-eighties. Using the same logic Nintendo should be petitioned to tweak Samus’ sex because Metroid is sending the message of “female by default.”
  1. In other news, Idea Factory International has announced that Monster Monpiece is joining the growing catalogue of Japanese titles available to buy on Steam. The card/tower defence hybrid is scheduled for release sometime in spring 2016. The PC port will lack the Vita original’s multiplayer mode, but in an interesting twist of fate it will include the censored cards omitted from the handheld version. I guess the PC master race has more scruples than their console counterparts, who these days are guilty of regularly cutting controversial content. This whole situation reminds me a little of the South Park RPG, which was censored on European consoles but untouched on home computers.
  1. Bargain hunters be aware that Persona 4: Dancing All Night is cheap as chips over at Rice Digital. The site is presently having a £20 discount on the Disco Fever Edition, which includes a two-disc soundtrack, a pouch for your Vita and a beary nice Teddie keychain. Get it now or you will make Nanako cry!

5 thoughts on “Anita Lambasts Linkle & Other News

  1. I heard that Idea Factory has quite the reputation in Japan. It’s probably not one any sane person would want though, lest we forget that one of their titles was the hilariously awful Chaos Wars.

  2. First of all, I’m all for female equality and it does annoy me the way women are often portrayed in video games (bouncing bikinis and such) but I agree with you: there is just no pleasing some people. I think this is a good step, to have Linkle!

  3. I don’t think it’s ever possible to please feminists to be honest. Nintendo could announce that they’re turning Link into a female and someone would probably argue that Link should have been a female from the beginning :/

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