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A Certain Scientific Railgun is an anime series set in the same universe as A Certain Magical Index. The show takes place in the technologically advanced Academy City, which is predominately populated by students. It’s a bit like Cambridge then, with the only difference being that Academy City’s undergraduates are blessed with supernatural powers whilst Cambridgeshire is packed with bicycle riding tax dodgers. Protagonist Mikoto Misaka is a mighty esper who can turn loose change into a deadly weapon, courtesy of her ability to manipulate electrical currents. Despite being a pupil at Tokiwadai Middle School, Mikoto sometimes assists law enforcement with their criminal investigations.


One thing that shocked me (and I am not commenting on Mikoto’s aptitude for controlling electricity) about this series is the lack of action featured in season one’s twenty-four episodes. The storylines are more skewed towards slice of life comedy rather than Mikoto zapping evildoers, which is a little disappointing. Scientific Railgun excels when the heroine is allowed to unleash her might upon a worthy adversary – pity then that viewers have to wade through a lot of goofy filler to reach those moments. The adolescent antics of the cast can be amusing at times, but for the most part they pale in comparison to other funnier animes.

Perhaps the humour failed to make an impression on me, as I found the show’s characters to be a little bland. Writer Kazuma Kamachi’s idea of injecting personality into his creations is limited to giving each person one distinctive quirk. Mikoto for example is a generic tomboy who has an embarrassing admiration for anything cute (be it floral PJs or amphibian mascots.) The same applies to the likes of Ruiko Saten and Kuroko Shirai. Ruiko is little more than a plain schoolgirl. How can we spice her up? I know! Make her tease classmate Kazari Uiharu by lifting up her skirt at inopportune times! The sexual harassment doesn’t stop there however. Kuroko, the pigtailed teleporter, has an unhealthy infatuation on Mikoto. She gropes Mikoto’s breasts on several occasions and even tries drugging her with an aphrodisiac in one episode!


My rating for A Certain Scientific Railgun is three stars. It’s a mildly entertaining show that never manages to live up to its potential. The highlight of the series, for me, was the story arc that runs between episodes six to twelve. The tale revolves around an MP3 tune that can augment the power of any esper that listens to it. The catch? Prolonged use can put listeners into a coma (much like what happens to me when I hear Justin Bieber sing) The story did a good job of developing Ruiko’s character and concluded with an exhilarating showdown. When the scheme’s mastermind is eventually revealed I couldn’t help but sympathize with their motivations… so much so that I wanted them to triumph over Mikoto’s banal band of do-gooders.

It’s a shame that the series didn’t have more moments of brilliance like that. The best we get is a finale that recycles many ideas from the story arc I previously praised (they even copy the twist of Mikoto getting betrayed by an attractive female ally.) The highway-based battle we are treated to in episode twenty-four is visually impressive so kudos to JC Staff for their quality animation. What a pity then that the show’s high production values are mostly wasted on story light episodes that only register mild chortles. Humour is a subjective thing, but you know something is amiss when a lesbian turns me off. Seriously, Kuroko’s yuri desires get really tiresome. Her actions would earn most people jail time, yet we are expected to believe that she is an officer of the law. Mikoto probably wears shorts under her skirt to protect her nether regions from Kuroko’s amorous advances.

Supposedly A Certain Scientific Railgun is superior to the series it spawned from. Based on this mediocre showing, if anyone asks me to watch Railgun’s predecessor I will simply respond by waving my “index” finger at them.

26 thoughts on “Review of A Certain Scientific Railgun

  1. Love the pun on the “index” finger there Judge xDD. Haven’t seen railgun, though have seen 1st series of certain index which was just meandering, the 2nd series supposedly is hell of a lot better. Good review Judge.

    • Glad that my cheesy pun tickled your funny bone. Other people have told me that season two is better as well, but watching it isn’t high on my list as I already have a big backlog of stuff to play/watch.

  2. Haha loved that ending but you used lol I only have seen half way through this show and I can say it’s enjoyable I haven’t watched much slice of life shows so I was entertained with this series so far. Opening theme is my favorite currently to listen to its a very techno song in some sense.

  3. From your review I get the impression that this is an anime series that doesn’t quite know what genres it wants to inhabit. That’s a shame as it certainly looks great from the screenshots I’ve seen so far.

  4. One of the main things I liked about this show over Index is that Mikoto, unlike Touma, is an active main character. Touma is reactionary, and his only real motive is to protect his friends from their own problems and preserve the status quo. Mikoto’s motives are more personal, and is more apt to courageously put herself on the front lines rather than waiting for them to come to her. Touma, on the other hand, only acts when he has to.

    I will admit, though, the sexual harassment was really annoying, and I’m not a fan of Kuroko.

    • I haven’t wacthed Index, but based on your description (and the cameos he makes in this series) Mikoto does sound like a better protagonist than Touma. Both of them are preferable to Kuroko. She was a one note joke character who got irritating real fast.

  5. So basically the second arc felt like a revamped first arc and you hate Kuroko. Good enough reason for me to understand why you didn’t enjoy Railgun much.

  6. That’s a pretty fair review. I’d probably grade Railgun a touch higher because it did occasionally tackle the implications of the world building. Specifically the class structure based on power level, and which reminded me of Julian May’s Saga of the Exiles etc.

  7. Aww, my poor Railgun got berated, but it was done so very cleverly so I forgive you ^.^ I’m completely biased to this franchise, so I can’t effectively weigh in nor review the series properly. If you didn’t enjoy this fan servicey first season, then I hands down recommend the sequel Railgun S for its superior storytelling in all of the Raildex franchise, its peak animation, and its grim and tragic rebelling of the Sisters arc. You shouldn’t be disappointed at all.

  8. I read a review of this elsewhere which scored it 9/10. I realise that scores and opinion are purely subjective but this writer has a rep online (and writes for a print magazine) so I wondered if I missed something, so thanks for not making me feel alone. 😛

    This was better than “Index” but only marginally so, because the lead characters were consistently the focus and there were some decent mini-arcs to be enjoyed here; shame that the rest of it was frivolous, lowest common denominator nonsense… 😦

  9. I agree with some of what your review said and what some of other’s comments said. The first season is a bit slow at times and could be a bit more focused on a story instead of weaving back and forth to a slice of life half of the time. However the comment about the second season with the sister’s arc and Mikoto’s proactive stance in dealing with problems is really good. I’d give that one a watch.

  10. I’ve been reading this series since the beginning, was underwhelmed by the manga (still reading though for some reason) – the anime was mediocre in my opinion as well, season two isn’t any better (in fact I never finished it). There is a lot of potential here because some of the characters are great, the world and story are interesting, and a few plot points almost achieve greatness – but in the end, it’s probably about time I abandon this series. It seems Index got the better anime adaptation, at least I didn’t feel like it was ‘boring’ as I did slogging through many of the Railgun episodes.

    • The show showed glimpses on potential. I think if it was shorter it would have been stronger, as they would have had to trim a lot of the needless comedy. Perhaps the light novels are better than the anime and manga?

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