Sarkeesian Strikes Again!


Looks like Anita Sarkeesian does not approve of Persona pop idol Rise Kujikawa featuring prominently on the E3 passes. How sad that someone who derides the video game industry gets invited to the event, whilst genuine gamers who would gladly cover the E3 announcements get turned away. Once inside Sarkeesian proceeded to bash the Dark Souls stall and Capcom for hiring “booth babes” to promote their products. What’s wrong with models working to make an income? It’s nobler than being a shyster who profits under the guise of feminism.


14 thoughts on “Sarkeesian Strikes Again!

  1. Man, I love Anita Sarkeesian. Reading the silly bullshit she spouts is just like drinking coffee in the morning for me, especially now that it’s Ramadan and I’m going through severe caffeine withdrawal. I should send her a thank-you note.

    Seriously, though, who’s surprised by this. I don’t think I doubt Miss Sarkeesian’s sincerity, and she’s entitled to her opinion and to express it etc. But what bothers me about the views of Sarkeesian and her supporters/friends are how close they come to supporting a kind of censorship. And really, instead of pouring all her efforts into talking about how horrible it is that E3 put a picture of a girl in a short skirt on their passes, maybe she should be using all those efforts to promote actual social justice initiatives that actually help women. How about you join Planned Parenthood, or anti-human trafficking groups, Anita? There are lots of women who are actually suffering and having real problems in this country. You obviously care about women’s rights, so why are you wasting your time with this bullshit?

      • True enough. Well, she could make some money being a human rights lawyer or a social worker, but those people have to prepare actual arguments that make sense and occasionally even put themselves in harm’s way to do their jobs. It’s a lot easier just making Youtube videos.

      • I’d rather not, thanks. I’ve read that argument before.

        I’m not saying that Anita Sarkeesian, or anyone else for that matter, has to “solve atrocities in every corner of the globe.” That’s impossible, and it’s also a willful misunderstanding of what I said. What I mean is that the depiction of women in video games and in the industry seems to me a much smaller problem, if it is a problem at all, than these other, larger problems that threaten real people’s lives and livelihoods. And if you’re going to build your career around a goal, it seems to me that it should be a worthy one.

        It’s pointless talking about this, though, because obviously you and some other people think this is indeed a really important problem, and without agreement on that point we can’t go anywhere.

  2. As far as booth babes go, the problem is that they’re ALWAYS female, and ALWAYS chosen for reasons of objectification. It is entirely reasonable to be disappointed by such, especially as booth babes are on the same spectrum as holding promotional events in strip clubs or with cage dancers.

    Both of which I’ve seen reported in the past. Both of which are utterly inappropriate in my view.

      • Ha, that’s really cool. We don’t see these often! Booth hunks!

        … and really, we don’t see these men often. Companies objectify women’s bodies to promote their products far more than using a man’s body.

        I’d be more interested to see a man cosplaying while holding flyers to promote a shooter game with a male protagonist than seeing a booth babe standing next to it. It would be refreshing to see a different marketing strategy.

        I understand Sarkeesian’s point of view.
        And yes, there’s nothing wrong if someone wants to work as a booth babe.

        What she wants is a change of mindset among the industry/media, hoping that they’d some day stop objectifying women’s bodies in games and in real life situations, too. Have fun, Sarkeesian. Tough luck though, I gotta say. Women have always been regarded as eye candy and that view is so deeply rooted in our society that I don’t think her opinion can change anything. If she really wants to do something about it, I think it would be more effective if she actually worked in some of those notable companies and change things from within.

  3. I’m always so conflicted on things like this. On one hand I can agree with what she is saying, girls are portrayed as objects of lust way too often. But on the other hand I don’t think it’s just an issue for females. I just disagree in the way she is presenting the issue. I look around and find the same thing being done to men everywhere.Why is that I walk into Abercrombie and Fitch to see half naked male models in the window? Am I not good enough, if I don’t look like them? Why am I ridiculed if I cry or show emotion in public? It’s not an issue of male or female. Due to what is presented in our media, society has unrealistic expectations for men and women . For whether it is socially acceptable or not to have media that contains these demeaning content, I am not sure. I feel that it would limit what can be expressed through our media if we take these privileges away.

  4. She does realize these “booth babes” choose to do this right? Capcom didn’t march these ladies at gunpoint onto the show floor and make them stand there for hours on end posing for pictures, they choose to do this as a career and surely anyone should be free to do (within the confines of the law) anything they like.

    The same goes for the depiction of Rise, it’s the free will of her creator she looks this way as it’s in keeping with her character as opposed to some, all male conspiracy to keep the female form objectified.

    • Actually people who work in front of the camera don’t often have much of a choice with the work they can get, just because you’re not obviously physically forced into jobs that you may not feel comfortable with doesn’t mean you did it without pressure yet the observers only see the ‘happy bimbo’.

  5. I’ve never bothered to find out who this Anita Sarkeesian is and have only read about her in your posts but there wouldn’t be ‘booth babes’ male or female if people stopped salivating and expecting to see them they’d have more opportunity to get better jobs they don’t potentially have to hide or be embarrassed/ashamed of at some point.

  6. Lots of people dislike aspects of their job, ask for instance most store clerks and they’ll tell you their job would be perfect were it not for having to deal with customers so I don’t think doing something you might not particularly enjoy really compares to doing something you point blank don’t want to do.

    I’d also add that unless these ladies in question actually voice a dislike for what they’ve been asked to do we shouldn’t be interjecting generalizations on their behalf.
    We should just accept that they have chosen this type of work freely, they continue to participate in this type of work and no one should use these choices to further their own agenda in the way Miss. Sarkeesian clearly has here.

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