Hyperdevotion Noire Censored (Sort Of…)


Eagle eyed gamers have spotted that the box art for Compile Heart’s strategy RPG Hyperdevotion Noire has been censored. If you squint at the picture above (click on the screenshot to zoom in) you’ll notice that the Western release’s cover has been tweaked to conceal some of Lady Black Heart’s cleavage. The silly modification must rank up there with Nintendo needlessly giving Kirby angry eyes (because presumably Western players like angsty heroes.) Although the change doesn’t have any impact on the game itself I must say that I am a little disappointed. Out of the two images I personally prefer the one on the right breast… um best.

8 thoughts on “Hyperdevotion Noire Censored (Sort Of…)

  1. Here in America, at least, we’re okay with seeing the tops of breasts, but not the sides of them. I’m sure this is what Idea Factory was probably thinking when they decided to tweak Noire’s (?) costume. Yeah, it’s all pretty stupid.

  2. How pitiful. Westerners really need to get their priorities straight in regards to what is going too far and what is okay. Exploding heads are okay for either a T or barely an M rating but side boobs? CALL THE ESRB AND GIVE IT AN A.O. RATING!

    • The franchise is one of those things that you will either love or hate. As a fan of niche JRPGs and anime I like the series. Many people don’t like the games though due to the repetitive combat and the script’s humor. Feel free to read my reviews to get a better idea of what the games are like. If you like strategy RPGs I think Hyperdevotion Noire is a less risky purchase than the other games due to the more tactical combat.

  3. The same thing happened with Dead or Alive Dimensions on 3ds, same shot of Katsumi doing a kick but on the Japanese cover you can see more of her underwear. It’s still the angry Kirby covers that makes me laugh the most though!

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