Faults with Gurren Lagann Ultimate Edition


In news that should surprise no one, Gurren Lagann has become the latest Anime Limited release to be plagued with technical snafus. The hat-trick of complaints includes loose disc trays, frozen video during some episodes and delivery delays caused by Amazon not receiving sufficient stock.

Waiting a bit longer for your pre-order delivery to arrive is inconvenient, but not a big deal. Likewise a loose disc tray is embarrassing, as the Ultimate Edition was promoted heavily on its lush packaging, but no biggie as Anime Limited claim that they will replace the defective cases.

Harder to forgive is that three of the show’s episodes are affected with video glitches that cause the picture to freeze (for up to thirteen seconds) whilst the audio continues to run. Anime Limited has stated that these bugs were spotted during quality control, but they are unable to fix the issue. Nice of them not to reveal that titbit of information, when people were pre-ordering the set. In case you are wondering… no they won’t be replacing the faulty discs.

This latest hiccup follows on from subpar releases of Cowboy Bebop and Durarara, which both suffered from irritating anomalies. Anime Limited is presently replacing the Bebop discs in question although the Durarara replacements announced in January have yet to be honoured. It’s sad that such an unreliable distributor has premier titles like Kill La Kill on their catalogue. Mysteriously mainstream UK anime journalists continue to give Anime Limited products glowing reviews.

5 thoughts on “Faults with Gurren Lagann Ultimate Edition

    • I loved Kill La Kill so it is sad that this company is releasing it. The audio sync problem is apparently getting fixed once the DVD goes to retail. The only people affected should therefore be the poor sods who bought it early at the London Comic Con.

      Calling the Gurren Lagann set Ultimate Edition is rather cheeky when they are splicing DVD footage onto a Blu Ray for certain scenes. It’s also very pricey. You may be better off importing the US version.

      • I’m glad to hear the audio sync is being sorted out but I agree splicing DVD footage for a Blu Ray is rather cheeky. I’ll advise my wife against picking up the Ultimate Edition in that case and to look for a US import.

        Thanks for letting know about Kill La Kill being fixed though. I’ll keep my eyes on it to hopefully buy a fixed copy before Christmas.

    • When I heard of the Durarara issue I was tempted to return my copy, but as they said they were going to replace it I didn’t bother. Now so many months have past that I am stuck with it.

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