Review of Mysterious Girlfriend X


Mysterious Girlfriend X is a thirteen episode anime series about a high school couple that spend their days guzzling down each other’s bodily fluids. Where else but in Japan can we get such delightful stories? The title and premise make the show sound like a perverted hentai cartoon, but the series is in fact a romantic comedy based on the manga comic book Nazo no Kanojo Ekkusu. Aside from some tame fan service segments the show is safe to watch and carries a mere age rating of fifteen. UK viewers who are into slurping spit can purchase MVM Entertainment’s two-disc collection of the show, which is scheduled for release on the 18th of August.


The titular mysterious girlfriend is a shaggy haired transfer student named Mikoto Urabe, who has been branded a weirdo due to her eccentric quirks. To date Mikoto has declined all offers of friendship and during lunchtimes she favours napping at her desk over socialising with fellow students. During one of her bouts of extracurricular slumber, classmate Akira Tsubaki spots Mikoto dozing off at her desk. Mikoto’s face rests upon the school table in a pool of drool, which Akira cannot resist tasting (because everyone finds saliva to be just as savoury as a well-made soufflé.) Surprisingly Akira discovers that the slobber is deliciously sweet. He is hooked on the stuff and begins to suffer withdrawal symptoms after going several days without a taste of Mikoto’s honeyed dribble.

Fortunately for Akira he is not to be denied the slobber he craves, as Mikoto proposes that they begin dating. Apparently the voices in her head have revealed that Akira is the one destined to take Mikoto’s virginity, so starting a relationship with Akira seems like the logical thing to do. Every day after school Akira agrees to walk Mikoto home in exchange for one portion of finger coated drool. Ah, isn’t young love beautiful? Given that Akira is a horny teen he is naturally keen to take their courtship to the next level, but sadly for him Mikoto is not agreeable to the idea. She finds the concept of holding hands unnecessary and affectionate gestures, such as hugging, are promptly repelled via the brandishing of sharp scissors, which Mikoto carries within the confines of her panties. How will this unorthodox tale of love play out? You’ll have to watch the series to find out.


My rating for Mysterious Girlfriend X is a four out of five. After watching the first couple of episodes I figured this would be a three star series, but it gradually won me over. Initially I was repulsed by the slurping of saliva and was put off by Mikoto’s icy cold demeanour. Thankfully, after numerous scenes of drool drinking, I became desensitised to it and as the series progresses Mikoto begins to open up making her a more amiable character. Her eventual friendship with classmate Ayuko Oka helps in that regard, as it gives Mikoto someone to converse with when it comes to relationship advice. The supernatural properties of her drivel also play a part in revealing Mikoto’s true personality, given that it transfers her true emotions onto anyone who consumes it.

Story wise the series is light on plot with the first few episodes bordering on slice of life. Initially the script relies on its bizarre premise to captivate its viewers, but thankfully the story gets more substantive in the later episodes. A personal highlight was the two-part love triangle where Akira is seduced by a former middle school crush. I also enjoyed how the show used the drool drinking as an allegory to explore mature relationship themes, which are normally avoided by cartoons aimed at adolescents. Although I normally loathe romantic comedies I found Mysterious Girlfriend X to be surprisingly entertaining, partly due to its unique female lead and partly as it avoids recycling the same ideas seen in countless other animes. The show’s humour is amusing throughout and on the romance side of things the series succeeds in being as sweet as the liquid emanating from Mikoto’s lips.

6 thoughts on “Review of Mysterious Girlfriend X

  1. I read over that first sentence several times, trying to figure out if you were being serious or not. Guess there’s an anime for pretty much everything.

  2. Oh my gosh, this is hilarious because I produce a lot of saliva (it’s actually pretty awesome, because it helps keep my teeth and gums healthy, apparently), and the whole premise of this anime… XD I don’t know if I could watch this one…but damn, that’s unique.

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