NIS America to Censor Upcoming Game?


During the recent Anime Expo, NIS America announced a hat trick of releases that are due out in Europe next year. The titles in question include The Awakened Fate Ultimatum (sequel to the anime themed rogue like The Guided Fate Paradox) and the weirdly named puzzler htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary. I’m not sure what that second game is like, but given that it’s called Firefly Diary I presume it involves writing Nathan Fillion’s journal.

The final title on the list is Criminal Girls: Invite Only, which is an enhanced port of a PSP game that will be appearing on the Vita. This new edition boasts two new characters, but sadly looks like a prime candidate for censorship (particularly given that it features a kinky mini-game were you whip the delinquent gals in question.) When commenting on the game NIS America mentioned that certain aspects would be “edited” to bring the title to as many fans as possible.

Looks like Criminal Girls will be joining the likes of Monster Monpiece, Fire Emblem: Awakening and Bravely Default in falling victim to needless censorship. Why NIS America? You were doing so well, by opening an EU store to sell your lavish Limited Editions over here, only to then scupper that goodwill with this stunt. Why must we suffer these cuts? When Bioware games can get away with featuring sex scenes is spanking a cartoon girl really any worse? The logic of editing content to sell to as many fans as possible is daft. Grand Theft Auto seemed to shift plenty of copies without toning down the violence.

2 thoughts on “NIS America to Censor Upcoming Game?

  1. Bioware games and Grand Theft Auto are different. In America and Europe I think people are fine with sex and violence as long as it’s of a certain kind – definitely not the “cute anime girl” kind that you see in NIS games or in Fire Emblem to some extent. I think it creeps most people out, which must be the reason for NIS’ decision.

    Still, I don’t see how this helps NIS America, because it’s not like anybody is going to buy this game who has a problem with weird anime girl whipping games. Just look at the cover. They’re only going to piss off the fans they already have.

  2. I did a story on Criminal Girls when it was first announced for the PSP and said it was probably never going to be released outside of Japan because of its risky content. Looks like I was half right and I’m glad to see the game coming but shame NIS America haven’t had the guts to back it 100% instead of trying to protect us from it.

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