Review of High School DxD


High School DxD is a twelve episode anime series based on the light novels penned by Ichiei Ishibumi. The show follows the exploits of Issei Hyodo, a horny high school student, who has yet to find a girlfriend despite having the advantage of attending an institution were the gals greatly outnumber the guys. Issei’s search for putang seems to have finally borne fruit when Yuma Amano asks him out, but alas things don’t go as planned. During their inaugural date Yuma reveals herself to be a fallen angel and then proceeds to impale Issei in the torso with a magical lance. I feel for you bro. I’ve lost count of how many of my dates have ended in the exact same manner.

Thankfully for Issei he is saved from certain death by Rias Gremory, a beautiful redhead bestowed with some amazing gazongas. Rias, who is the president of the school’s occult club, is in actuality a powerful devil hailing from the underworld. Using her mystical gifts, Rias resurrects Issei by turning him into a devil servant who is tasked with serving his mistress by forging pacts with humans. Joining Issei in his endeavours are the other demonic minions of the occult club. The members in question include Akeno Himejima a sadistic spell caster who gets a thrill out of zapping people, Yuto Kiba the speedy pretty boy who is adept with a sword and Koneko Toujou a freakishly strong first year student who has zero tolerance for Issei’s perverted antics.

Manga Entertainment’s twelve episode DVD collection can effectively be split into two parts. The first story arc has Issei adapting to life as a devil, culminating in a showdown versus his ex. Aside from wanting payback, for being skewered during their date, Issei is confronting Yuma in order to save a captive nun who has been branded a heretic due to her unholy ability to heal devils. The second half of the series has Rias trying to weasel her way out of an arranged marriage. In order to sever her nuptials with the head of the Phoenix faction Rias must best her betrothed in a Rating Game (basically a Dragonball Z bout with lots of mammary jiggling.) Let’s hope she emerges victorious. It would be tragic if Rias were forced to wed the womanizing Riser Phoenix. Surely our heroine would be much happier with Issei… the perv who spies into women’s locker rooms.

I am giving High School DxD a rating of four stars. Be aware however that this is one of those marmite cartoons you’ll either love or hate. Anyone who finds the objectification of women distasteful should steer well clear of this release. Seconds into the show’s opening sequence, which features the main cast completely topless, the series sets itself up as a feast of fan service. There are panty shots aplenty, nipples protruding through tight tops and you can bet that every battle will involve the ladies’ clothes getting torn off (strangely the male characters have garments that never sustain damage.)

There is however more to High School DxD than mere eye candy. The show has a good sense of humour that mercifully avoids ever getting too goofy. Visually it’s also good-looking in terms of both character designs and animation. The action set pieces are enjoyable for anyone who appreciates battles featuring super powered combatants. It’s essentially what you would find in Bleach minus the pointless filler. Is High School DxD a contender for best anime of 2014? Hell no, but for viewers who enjoy shows like Sekirei it’s a worthy addition to the guilty pleasure section of their DVD collection.

3 thoughts on “Review of High School DxD

  1. Your spot on with this review. If you like Tits and action type shows then DxD is the best your going to get, but if you don’t like this type of show then you will hate it. I tend to be part of the latter group, as I like my fan service more sweet and innocent. I enjoyed the comedy in this more than I thought I would though.

  2. I wouldn’t have given Diablo 3 five stars at launch, but you’re right; $40 American is pretty damn expensive for 1 new act, 1 new playable character and an adventure mode that eventually gets boring. At least we don’t have to pay for it annually right? lol

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