Am I The Only Person Who Dislikes One Piece?


A few months ago Manga Entertainment started to release the phenomenon that is One Piece in the UK. Based on DVD sales the series is proving to be a smash hit in the British Isles, much like it has been in the States and its native Japan. I however cannot see why it gets so much attention over other better-crafted animes.

Years ago I gave the series a chance as my pals were constantly raving about it. It got to the stage that I would get embarrassed to be seen with them as they could not resist the urge to mimic the goofy catchphrases and character poses the series is renowned for. In my defence I have to say that I gave the show a fair crack. I watched one hundred and fifty episodes before calling it a day. That’s more episodes than any of my favourite animes of all time!

When the show is good it is really good. I especially liked the battles with Arlong and Crocodile, but in order to get to the good stuff you have to wade through a lot of boring or just plain silly story arcs. It’s a similar case with the show’s cast of characters. Zoro is a badass, Sanji’s womanizing is hilarious and even Usopp grew on me. Yes he’s obnoxious, but when crunch time comes he does overcome his fears and uses his ingenuity to win the day, which is a redeemable trait. Shame then that the show is fronted by a hyperactive buffoon I cannot stand. Why anyone would want to serve under Luffy is beyond me.

As you would expect from a series that has run for hundreds of episodes the artwork isn’t great. It’s not a deal breaker for me, but certainly a strike against it. I especially despise how a lot of the women look like the same person apart from them sporting a different outfit and hairstyle.

So am I alone on this one? Does anyone else share my misgivings on one of animes hottest properties? What about you fans of the show? Can you enlighten me as to what you find so appealing about it? As usual leave your thoughts on the comments section below.

9 thoughts on “Am I The Only Person Who Dislikes One Piece?

  1. I’ve never got into One Piece, in fairness I’ve never sat down and watched it, but from the trailers and from what people tell me about it, it never really clicks with me as something I’d really want to watch. But then again, maybe I should watch a few (hundred) episodes of it before denouncing it.

  2. I have tried One Piece. I got through 13 episodes, which is the most I ever give an anime. It was…fun at best and I don’t doubt that throughout it’s massive runtime, some swell stuff happens, but I just simply can’t get into it more than that.

  3. It just seemed…confusing to me. So I never jumped in. I was also under the assumption that it was primarily a kid show, more in the Saturday morning cartoons kind of vibe. just my impression from trailers ect

  4. I’ve watched a lot of One Piece and while it’s got it’s plus points for sure I agree that the series is very long winded and often a little boring. Why then it has such a strong following is beyond me but if I had to guess I’d say it must have something to do with Sanji who’s always good for a laugh.

  5. I couldn’t get into One Piece either. I was burned too many times by the super long running series, DBZ, Naruto, Bleach, to really have any interest in One Piece. At over 600 episodes I don’t see how it couldn’t suffer from the things that ail every other long series. From mediocre animation quality, including recycled animation, to filler that’s been farmed out to a 3rd rate company One Piece has all the signs of staying popular in name only. Meanwhile Fairy Tail is a long running series to check out. Season 1 was pretty much a pilot season but instead of resting on the laurels of it’s manga acclaim the studio continually increased it’s quality. The only reason why I stopped watching was because I marathoned for almost a week straight in my spare time and got burnt out. But, yea, One Piece is was over rated.

  6. like all Shounen manga adaptations of this type stick with the manga.
    less bullshit and censorship for one and you can take it at your own pace.
    unfortunately, for the most part, it is fairly generic, with Luffy being a typical Goku style ignorant powerhouse. surrounding characters are OK but it’s nothing special overall.

  7. It’s too bad to see that you don’t enjoy One Piece, I for one feel it’s one of the strongest long-running Shounen series out there and a very fulfilling story overall. However, those words of mine are for the manga. I have not watched through the anime and as a result, I cannot honestly speak for its quality. While it seems OP’s anime does do a good job with its best parts, I’ve heard that the pacing seriously ruins the mood for the story and that the adaptation just isn’t up to par. Add on the fact that it’s an intimidating 600+ episodes and clearly not everyone will be satisfied.

    As for the manga? I feel it’s a brilliant read. Sure, it does take time to build up and it’s slow at first, but the story very much has great payoff. The Arlong arc is where many fans (including me) say the series really gets going, and from then on the manga rarely loses steam for long. As you’ve seen, Alabasta is indeed a fantastic arc with great fights and an engaging story. However, I’d go as far as to say Alabasta isn’t even the best that One Piece has to offer. I personally enjoyed Skypiea (the major arc right after Alabasta) more and many fans hold Water 7 and Marineford to be some of the greatest parts of the series. While Alabasta is very much gripping, many of the great developments and instances of characterization are beyond and the story peaks even more than what you’ve seen.

    One thing I feel OP does a brilliant job with is characterization. From Nami’s backstory and on, the Straw Hat characters are given amazing backstories that really make you feel for the characters and connect with them in a way that really attaches you to them. In some instances I would even argue that the backstories are more gripping than the main story just because of how much they add to character depth. Water 7 in particular provides backstories for two major characters, both of which are powerful and among the best the entire series offers. It also helps that there’s a broad range of characters relevant to the story and seeing how they all connect really makes things interesting. Quite a few characters have also been mentioned yet have appeared very little or not even at all in person so it’s quite exciting thinking about how they influence the plot.

    I also feel OP does a pretty nice job with world building. One thing I feel that OP has an advantage in over other long-runnings like Naruto or Bleach is that it has the adventure element going for it. As such, OP can afford to show off its setting and take the audience for a long journey without things feeling too stale or the plot feeling unnecessarily dragged out to milk money. OP’s world is filled with a number of unusual locations with a lot of creativity to make for interesting material. The setup with various groups in the story (Marines, Revolutionary Army, Shichibukai, Yonkou, etc.) also means that a lot can happen with a lot of people and there’s no shortage of potential for plot developments.

    There’s probably a lot more I can say about OP but it’s been years since I actually read through the series (as opposed to keeping up weekly, where stuff constantly happens but it’s hard to connect everything back to the huge block of chapters prior) and it’s pretty late so I can’t exactly remember it all. But I do hope my rambling does explain a bit about why a lot of people out there (including me) love OP. It’s a story with a lot of heart and great potential, and even though it has slown down a bit following the timeskip, it’s still going strong and I feel is a successful example of a story going on so long yet still staying relevant and engaging. Like I said before though, that’s just about the manga, I’ve heard many complaints about the anime adaptation and it may or may not be that it just doesn’t do the manga justice, I really can’t say. But the manga truly is a worthy series in my eyes.

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