Oh Dear. More Video Game Censorship


Yesterday it was announced that Compile Heart’s digital card game Monster Monpiece will be getting a European release later this year. Vita owners can expect a tactical game with plenty of fan service, in the form of rubbing monster girl cards to get them to power up. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, as the title is made by the same company responsible for Hyperdimension Neptunia, which is known for its eye candy.

Publisher Idea Factory International has however warned that the game is the latest victim in a worrying trend of video game censorship. As a result a number of overly sexy cards will be removed from the European and North American versions of the game. Although Idea Factory assure fans that the game’s story remains untouched, from their statement it isn’t clear what is being done with the affected cards. Will their images be redrawn or will they be axed altogether, which I imagine would have a detrimental effect on the game’s strategy?

All this follows on from a number of other recent cases were notable video games have had their content modified, presumably to appease the sensibilities of local players. Previously an image of a bikini clad Tharja was altered in Fire Emblem Awakening along with reports that costumes in Bravely Default have been redesigned to showcase less flesh. Even the European version of the supposedly mature Beyond Two Souls had clips tweaked to avoid getting an eighteen-age rating. What a shame, had the edit not gone through some younger players would have been spared from experiencing that snore fest.

This sort of thing really irks me, as I cannot stand censorship. I don’t like having an outside force dictating what is and isn’t acceptable for me to watch. Never mind the hypocrisy of it all. Skimpy garments are unacceptable, but excessive violence is okay? Why should consumers be protected from provocatively dressed animated girls, but here in Europe it’s alright to have men’s magazines with actual topless girls? Is it because kids might play the games, even though they are more expensive to buy than a magazine and therefore harder to obtain?

So what do you guys think? Do you agree with my ramblings or do you think I am getting worked up over nothing, providing that the game remains essentially the same? Let me know your opinions in the comments section below.

2 thoughts on “Oh Dear. More Video Game Censorship

  1. Hello there! I support you on the hypocrisy of censorship as in regards to violence vs sex. I guess they could make the argument that by toning down the skimpy-ness of the women’s clothing they are making so women are not objectified as sex objects in the game, but then again men are constantly portrayed as butch muscle machines who probably have muscles on their muscles, yet we don’t do anything about that.

    • Yup, I get infuriated by the double standards when it comes to classifying games. Nudity, swearing and even smoking seem to be considered to be worse than violence. Trying to cease the objectification of women is indeed noble, but as you say it goes both ways. I don’t moan about the looks of pretty boys in JRPGs or beefcakes/rugged handsome chaps in western games.

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