Review of Demon Master Chris (PC)


Demon Master Chris is a Japanese dungeon crawler created by indie developer Nyaatrap. The game stars Saiga Chris a teenage sorceress who specialises in demon summoning. Her greatest triumph to date is summoning Bael, a powerful demonic cat girl, who she has since coerced into becoming her faithful servant. After that success Chris decides to add Overlord Leviathan to her growing demon collection, but her plan backfires in spectacular fashion. Leviathan resists the summoning attempt and counters it by transporting Chris to her own demonic realm. Trapped in a dimension populated with lesbian demons, Chris must fight her way through various mazes in order to defeat Leviathan and return home.

When the game begins Chris is forced to brave the mazes’ dangers alone as her companion Bael has had her powers sealed away, transforming her into a harmless kitty. Chris’ first order of business should therefore be to recruit additional demons to her cause. This can be accomplished in combat by landing critical hits on an opponent, which will tear off a portion of their clothing. If you are able to completely strip a demon off their garments you will be able to enlist the embarrassed fiend to your harem. During dungeon exploration Chris’ party can have a Ménage à trois of three characters on the front lines along with a trio in reserve, which you can swap between outside of battle.

Upon commencing a new level players can expect to see poor Chris get molested by the labyrinth’s guardian, forcing her to retreat back to her base of operations, an inn run by a friendly demon named Anna. Even though Anna would be content with Chris remaining at her establishment and becoming her “pet” she offers our heroine assistance with her quest to return home. Anna’s inn includes a bar where Chris can chat with her enslaved minions along with a store containing a stock of goodies. There’s a plethora of items to purchase such as health restorative potions and a selection of stat boosting clothing that Chris can don. In case you are curious, the wardrobe on offer includes lingerie, bikinis, a bunny girl outfit and even ice cream (please don’t lick it, you may get pubes stuck between your teeth.)

Perverted distractions aside, Demon Master Chris plays like a rudimentary first person dungeon crawler. Every level has you navigating mazes by clicking on the directional buttons or tapping on the keyboard’s cursor keys. Your goal is to reach the exit and defeat the boss that lies in wait there. During your travels you should try to avoid activating concealed traps as well as keeping a look out for secret passages and chests containing keys that allow you to bypass locked doors. Every time you take a step there’s a chance of triggering a random battle were combatants take it in turns to perform various actions such as attacking, dodging or casting spells. Every move you make depletes a character’s action points that are also used to determine the likely hood of evading an enemy strike. AP can be replenished by missing a turn and resting, but be aware that doing so leaves you prone to critical hits.

Demon Master Chris is currently retailing for just shy of seventeen dollars on the Manga Gamer website. If it is worth that asking price or not ultimately depends on whether you are in the niche market of players who appreciates ero-RPGs. If you have read this review smirking at the title’s adult situations this may not be the game for you. I can also imagine that many hardcore gamers will scoff at Chris’ simplistic combat system that pretty much boils down to grinding levels so you are powerful enough to steamroll over the opposition. Despite its faults I however enjoyed it and am awarding it four stars.

Gameplay wise the game reminds me a lot of Lightning Warrior Raidy, although nowhere near as frustrating as Nyaatrap had the common sense to include a map that saves the player from needless backtracking. I think what impressed me the most is that just one guy made the whole thing. The creator’s storytelling is sparse, but I can give him props for penning funny dialogue. Visually, despite a lack of animation, I was also impressed by the artwork and character designs. My only gripe with the graphics is that all the levels look the same. Surely changing the wall backgrounds wouldn’t have been too much to ask for? Ah well who cares. I doubt anyone will notice the scenery when there are so many delicious female anime demons to ogle over.

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