Prison time for watching anime?


I read over in Metro that the UK is set to introduce a law, carrying a three-year prison sentence, for anyone possessing images of rape. The kicker is that the ban includes simulated clips (e.g. scenes played out by actors.) This had me thinking, what impact would this legislation have on what anime shows get released? Off the top of my head I can say I have watched Berserk, Blood Plus and RIN – Daughters of Mnemosyne, which all contain content that theoretically would be outlawed now.

The thing with laws like these is that anyone opposing them will be branded as a heartless monster or pervert. If you analyse the reasoning behind the law however I cannot find any logic to it. Prime minister David Cameron argues that such images normalise sexual abuse. Why aren’t we banning all Hollywood action movies for normalizing violence then? One things for sure, we will need to build more prisons to house those sinners who purchase stuff off the Manga Gamer adult store!

7 thoughts on “Prison time for watching anime?

  1. It seems like a very reactionary, knee-jerk move that obviously wasn’t really researched. And you’re right, scenes of an extremely violent nature seem to have become perfectly acceptable for public consumption, yet anything at all of a sexual nature isn’t. Anything with nudity (consensual that is) or depicting same sex relationships, even if it doesn’t contain graphic sex scenes, is enough for the board to slap an 18 or R rate on it. Makes no sense to me personally.

  2. i know why he is doing this however, it’s still stupid.
    *high school students think rape is normal*
    HAY CAMERON! when i was in high school i thought public torture was normal.
    e.g. setting people of fire, giving the panic attacks and we can’t being pelted by rocks.

    should’t there be more enthesis on getting high schools proper counselors and not just random teachers .
    T_O But you all hired this one: “you should feel sorry for the bully, he has a harder life then you.” do you think we should apply that to real life.

    ^_^ 5 deaths and high school still got a good rating *including one teacher.*
    sorry for my little rant.

  3. I work at a library and we’re thinking of having comic-related programming this summer. I was gathering up a few (out of the children’s section, where theyre all kept regardless of theme or content) to share with my boss, and the children’s librarian says re: the programming being for all ages, “You want to be careful… comics attract a lot of creepy people.”

    I said, “A lot of things attract creepy people,” and she said “Well comics have a special appeal.”


    -______- oh people…..

    • Scapegoating is like the national pastime of this and every other British government since the 40’s and 50’s when rock music started “corrupting the kids.” Since then it’s been everything from adult magazines, comic books, video nasties, Disney, texting, the internet, page 3, video game and yada yada yada the list seems to go on forever and yet always seems to overlook personal and parental responsibilities. It’s a lot more fun to point fingers.

    • I’m not sure. Newspapers tend to report on planned new laws, but it’s tougher to find out if they got passed in the end. In the last elections the Tories won and one of their manifesto pledges was to ban online porn in the UK, unless sites verify a viewers age/identity. Nothing seems to have come from that. The thing with laws like this is that they make good headlines, for politicians who want to virtue signal, but in reality they are impossible to enforce. All that said we are getting to the stage were the net is getting hit with global scale censorship so who knows what will happen in the future.

      • Hello The Otaku Judge,

        Thank you for answering that, yeah, the news often fails to properly follow up on news stories.

        Wow, yeah, I am not liking that current trend.

        -John Jr

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