Persona 5 announced


Atlus have finally announced the release of the long awaited Persona 5, but despite being a fan of the series I am far from elated. The game is slated to come out in Japan at the tail end of 2014, so who knows how long western gamers will have to wait for a translated version. Perplexingly the game is scheduled to be a PS3 title, coming out a year into the PS4’s lifecycle. One can only imagine that consumers will have already transitioned over to Sony’s new machine by the time the game hits our stores.

Maybe I am just being paranoid, but this news has me worried. Given that Atlus’ new owners (Sega) are wary of releasing unprofitable games over here, I fear that releasing Persona on an obsolete system could deny us future instalments. Take Valkyria Chronicles 3 for example. The third game of Sega’s anime themed tactical RPG never got localised after sales were hurt by the decision to transfer the series over from the PS3 to the less popular PSP.

On the plus side Persona fans have a slew of other titles to look forward to. The cutesy dungeon crawler Persona Q, featuring characters from P3 and P4, is set to come out on the 3DS. There’s also an upcoming Persona dancing game for the Vita (yawn) along with a new Persona brawler, which looks like a minor Persona 4 Arena update featuring a few more characters. Persona adopting the Street Fighter model? I thought Atlus had been bought out by Sega not Capcom!

2 thoughts on “Persona 5 announced

  1. I heard about this game only recently and I’m now excited for it. I got excited after hearing other people talk about how much they love it. But I’ve never played any of the games before.

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