Review of Fix-it Felix Jr (iPad)


Fix-It Felix Jr is a free Ipad game based on the Disney animated movie Wreck it Ralph. Anyone who has seen said movie should be familiar with the game’s concept as it faithfully recreates the fictional arcade title, which Ralph, Felix and chums call home.

When the app loads up we see Ralph go on a rampage at the Niceworld high-rise building. It seems like the hulking brute has an aversion to glass because he is on a mission to smash all of Niceworld’s windows. Players take control of the nimble handyman Felix who is tasked with mending the shattered windowpanes with the aid of his platform skills and faithful magic hammer. Failure is not an option as it would be cruel to ask the estate’s residents to pay Auto Glass Repair’s exorbitant prices to rectify the damage.

The game is broken up into ten levels were the player is expected to patch up all the cracked windows within a sixty seconds time limit. Controls couldn’t be simpler, comprising of a virtual joystick at the bottom of the screen and one action button. Swiping your finger across the joystick commands Felix to hop left/right from windowsill to windowsill as well as ascend/descend the building’s floors. Once you reach a broken pane, in need of attention, bash the action button to make Felix swipe his mystical bludgeoning tool to fix it good as new.

In terms of difficulty the game isn’t too taxing. The opening stage is a cakewalk as all you have to worry about is avoiding the occasional brick that Ralph, situated at the top of the screen, hurls down at you. As you ascend the structure the game’s challenge does however gradually increase. Ralph begins to get more aggressive in targeting you, so dodging the bricks raining down on your head becomes more problematic, plus you have to contend with the odd projectile smashing windows you have previously repaired. Thank goodness that a kind Samaritan occasionally leaves invincibility pies on their window ledge which can be munched on to protect you from harm for a few seconds.

Other obstacles introduced in later levels include balconies and window shutters that you cannot traverse. You’ll have to keep an eye out on their position to work out the optimal path to take in order to fix all the windows before the clock runs out signaling a game over. Whilst you’re at it also be wary of deadly ducks that fly across the screen periodically. Clearly this game is set in America and not the UK, because our fine nation has royals with shotguns and hounds to keep those pests at bay.

As far as free licensed movie games go Fix-It Felix Jr is good fun whilst it lasts. Visually I dug the retro blocky art style that emulates 8 bit games along with the easy to learn gameplay that reminds me a little of the Game & Watch titles I played in my youth. Unfortunately it won’t take long for the average player to master it. Before you know it all ten levels are conquered, Felix is rewarded for his good deeds with a gold medal and the Niceworld tenants toss Ralph to the muddy streets below.

What to do then is up to you. If you are willing to cough up sixty-nine pence you can extend your Fix-It Felix Jr experience by purchasing the Wreck It Ralph collection. The bundle contains a version of the game that isn’t neutered via limited levels and a lack of high score table. For your money you also get some other Ralph themed mini-games including a Turbo Time racer, Hero’s Duty shooter and Sweet Climber; an endless jumping game with tilt controls. Not something I would personally buy, but sounds like decent value for younger gamers who enjoyed the movie and want some more Wreck It Ralph goodness.

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